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Mike Dillard

A Comprehensive Public Review And Analysis

General Public Overview

Mike Dillard, born in September of 1977 in Austin Texas, is a high net worth CEO, founder, and lifetime entrepreneur who by age 27 built his first 7-figure business, bootstrapped 3 online businesses to more than $60 million in combined revenue, and triumphed over a significant brain injury caused by a common household toxin.

Widely recognized for his philanthropy as well as his self-made success and contributions to the field of personal finance, investments, and business strategies, Dillard’s seen as a multi-faceted influencer in the entrepreneurial community through his work on multiple platforms such as “The Mike Dillard Show”, “Mike Dillard Mentoring”, “ToVictory.com”, and “Richer Every Day”.

Dillard’s unconventional insights, methods, and psychological approach to successful wealth-creation give rise to a broad range of public opinion, some of praise for his knowledge on regular yielding investment options, and some of prejudice around the universal applicability of his strategies, which is as diverse as his portfolio of expertise. 

Before diving into public sentiment about the man who many refer to as a ‘financial freedom advocate’, let’s look at what Dillard is primarily known for:

What Mike Dillard is Best Known For

Mind | Body | Soul | Money:

  • Dillard’s approach to wealth and success is perceived as holistic, emerging from his belief that using mere strategies is not enough - he asserts that it is important to change your neurochemistry and emotional relationship with money in order to sustainably and consistently build wealth.

Transition from Network Marketing to Online Marketing (2005-2010):

  • The book “Magnetic Sponsoring” achieved bestseller status and was originally a training manual on a concept called “attraction marketing” that Dillard was using at the time to become the #1 distributor in the network marketing company he represented - this resulted in Dillard creating his first 8-figure business, after which it was time to move on.

Educational Platform - “The Elevation Group” (2010 - 2014):

  • Dillard launched the EVG platform focused on financial literacy and wealth-building strategies, hosting monthly interviews with top experts in investing, finance, and asset protection to impart wisdom on real estate cash flow, living trusts, advanced tax reduction strategies, and such, thus creating his second 8-figure company.

Innovation and surrender of “EverGrow” (2015 - 2017):

  • Shifting focus to self-sustainability, Dillard personally funded development of a hydroponic system that could grow $4,000 worth of produce per annum which, although it didn’t make it to market - and despite having to hand the reins over to a competitor - “EverGrow” is something he considers to be his proudest entrepreneurial achievement. 

Podcast - “The Mike Dillard Show” (2015 and still running):

  • With the aim to learn from the best minds in business, investing, and personal development, Dillard releases weekly interviews with some of the highest performing figures in the world on his podcast - featuring guests like Patrick Donohoe, Daymond John, John Assaraf, and Tony Robbins - bringing quality content to his online community.

Dillard’s Brain Injury (2018):

  • After an emergency event - a brain injury caused by an autoimmune response triggered by mold which impacted his ability to work and function normally - Dillard was prompted to pursue financial freedom in the form of generating true passive income, and making life changes to heal and stay alive, ultimately birthing his next venture below...

“Richer Every Day” Training (2018 and still running):

  • Richer Every Day is a revolutionary approach to making money and investing as the first and only program of its kind in the world that addresses the invisible requirements to building wealth, in addition to the passive income investment strategies used by the rich.

Wellness Certification and “$REWIRE Your Mind for Wealth” (2022 and still running):

  • No longer partaking in alcohol, caffeine, or any form of indulgence, Dillard embarked on a journey to heal his life completely through alternative therapies to rewire the hidden mind - so as to offer qualified guidance, he acquired certification in NLP, Hypnotherapy, and Timeline Therapy, thus helping his online community develop their full potential.

Positive Feedback from the Public

Personal Development and Health Focus: 

  • Dillard's emphasis on personal health and development, especially following his recovery from a brain injury, has resonated with many. 
  • His journey to wellness and his advocacy for holistic living are often cited as inspirational.
  • Dillard's ambition to innovate in the agriculture industry with EverGrow is seen as a commendable venture, highlighting his willingness to tackle significant challenges

Getting Richer Every Day:

  • Public opinion highly appreciates the unique approach of "Richer Every Day," focusing on building passive income through investments in crypto, affiliate marketing, stock options, and real estate, while also addressing subconscious barriers to wealth. 
  • Dillard's integration of neuro-chemical habits and subconscious programming in financial strategies is seen as innovative and insightful.

Rewiring the Brain for Success:

  • Dillard's focus on personal transformation, including overcoming emotional wounds and adopting healthier lifestyle choices, is lauded for its comprehensive approach to personal and financial well-being.

Podcasting Prowess: 

  • The Mike Dillard Show podcast is highly regarded for its depth of conversation and the caliber of guests, providing a wide range of insights into business, marketing, and personal development.

Impactful Business Education: 

  • Dillard’s Elevation Group venture is often praised for its educational role in finance and investment, seen as providing valuable knowledge to its members.
  • Dillard's early work in "Magnetic Sponsoring" is often cited as groundbreaking in the network marketing industry for revolutionizing market strategies, introducing a new strategy that shifted the traditional marketing paradigm.

Critiques from the Public

Approach to Passive Income: 

  • Some critiques center on the approach of Dillard’s “Richer Every Day” program being somewhat abstract, with concerns about the practical applicability of addressing neuro-chemical habits in the context of wealth building.

Context of $REWIRE Your Mind for Wealth: 

  • Skepticism exists about the extent to which these personal changes directly translate to financial success.

Podcast Diversification & Unrealized Potential: 

  • Critiques around “The Mike Dillard Show” are minimal but occasionally focus on the desire for more varied content or different perspectives in interviews.
  • Some view the cessation of Dillard’s Evergrow project, and the shift of investment to a competitor as a setback or a sign of unrealized potential.

Limited Practicality: 

  • A few voices express that while Dillard’s concepts are intriguing, their practical application in diverse financial and business scenarios can be limited.

Neutral Feedback from the Public

Dependent on Individual Effort: 

  • There's a consensus that the effectiveness of Dillard's strategies largely depends on the individual's effort and application. 
  • The acknowledgment is that while his teachings offer guidance, actual results vary based on personal implementation and context.

Mixed Reviews on Business Strategies: 

  • The public acknowledges that while Dillard's business strategies are innovative and forward-thinking, their applicability and success may not be universal. 
  • This varies based on different business models and individual circumstances.

Passive Income and Rewiring the Brain: 

  • The public acknowledges the Richer Every Day program's holistic approach to wealth but notes that the effectiveness can vary based on individual financial situations and psychological predispositions.
  • Observers note that while personal development is essential, its direct correlation to wealth creation may not be universally experienced.
  • Dillard’s focus on rewiring the subconscious mind and addressing neuro-chemical habits is seen as a novel approach to wealth building, however, opinions vary on its overall impact and effectiveness in different life scenarios.

The Mike Dillard Show niche: 

  • There's a general acknowledgment of the show's value in providing diverse insights, though its impact is seen as dependent on the listener's interests and business focus.

Evergrow and The EVG: 

  • The public recognizes EverGrow as an example of Dillard's entrepreneurial spirit and risk-taking, regardless of the project's ultimate outcome.
  • The Elevation Group program is acknowledged as a useful resource for financial education, with the caveat that similar information might be available through other channels.

Relevance of Magnetic Sponsoring: 

  • Observers note that while the book was influential, its principles need adaptation to remain relevant in the evolving marketing landscape.

Conclusions From the public perspective

Mike Dillard's career is marked by triumph, innovation, transformation, and a commitment to both personal and professional development. 

His ventures, spanning from network marketing to holistic living, reflect a multifaceted approach to entrepreneurship that fuelled his pursuit of passive income for financial freedom. 

While he garners respect and admiration for his successes and educational contributions, there are critiques regarding the accessibility and applicability of his teachings. 

Nonetheless, his influence in the entrepreneurial space, particularly in online marketing, personal development, and financial freedom is significant, providing valuable insights and learning opportunities for many.

Dillard's journey is a testament to the dynamic nature of entrepreneurship and the importance of adapting to new challenges and opportunities.

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FAQ: as answered by the Public

What role did copywriting play in Mike Dillard's career?

Copywriting was a pivotal skill for Dillard, especially in crafting compelling marketing messages. 

His ability to write persuasive copy played a crucial role in his success, particularly in creating engaging content and sales pitches that resonated with his audience.

When did Mike Dillard transition to online marketing?

Dillard's transition to online marketing began around the mid-2000s. 

This shift was marked by his realization of the potential of online platforms to reach a broader audience and achieve greater marketing efficiency.

What impact did this transition have on Dillard's career?

The transition was a turning point in Dillard's career, establishing him as a leader in online marketing and entrepreneurship. 

It led to the creation of various online courses, educational materials, and a significant online presence, expanding his influence in the industry.

What lessons did Dillard share from his transition experience?

Dillard often shares lessons about the importance of adapting to market changes, the power of digital marketing, and the value of continuous learning and personal development in achieving business success.

What value do people find in Dillard's recent educational content?

Many find value in the practical insights and real-life applicability of Dillard's teachings. 

His focus on passive income, financial freedom, and integrating personal development into business strategies is seen as a significant contribution to entrepreneurial education.

What is Mike Dillard’s life like after his brain injury?

In retrospect, Dillard feels that his brain injury was the best thing that could have happened to him.

Living a peaceful life with his wife and children in Texas on a self-sustainable ranch where they produce their own power, grow their own organic food, and teach other people how they can do it too, free from financial worry and stress is the quality life he would like everyone to have, which is why his work continues. 

What investment strategies does Mike Dillard advocate?

Dillard is known for advocating a variety of investment strategies that focus on building wealth through passive income streams which include investments in real estate, stock options, crypto markets, and affilliate marketing that can generate income without active involvement.

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Peter Kimweri

Mind, body, soul and money

Engaging Expert
Quality of Knowledge
Clarity Of Instruction

Mike advocates the synergy of mind, body, soul and money. This combination builds wealth automatically.

And as an entrepreneur, you need to live your business, you need to think, breath your business. Your business should be a natural extension of who you are.

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Mike Dillard

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Lo mejor que me pudo haber pasado

[Translated from Spanish: The best thing that could have happened to me]

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Entrepreneur [On Mike Dillard]

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Be a good entrepreneur

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Noemí Gilda

Es un experto que nos muestra mucha motivación [On Mike Dillard] [Translated from Spanish: He is an expert who shows us a lot of motivation]

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Excelente enseñanzas de su desempeño, realmente me motivo a enfrentar a las decisiones que tengo que tomar.

[Translated from Spanish: Excellent lessons from your performance, it really motivated me to face the decisions I have to make.]

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Modèle économique [On Mike Dillard] [Translated from French: Economic model]

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Le modèle de Mike pour réussir l'entrepreneuriat est super. Cela permet de mieux les choses

[Translated from French: Mike's model for successful entrepreneurship is great. This makes things better]

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Comment [On Mike Dillard]

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Inspiring thoughts

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