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Steve Jobs

A Comprehensive Public Review And Analysis

General Public Overview

Steve Jobs, born in California USA in 1955, and co-founder of Apple Inc. is widely recognized as a visionary and a revolutionary figure in the technology industry.

Jobs, who sadly passed away in 2011, was known for his charismatic and persuasive presentation style - often referred to as the "reality distortion field" -  and his passion for innovation and excellence left an indelible mark on the technology world and consumer culture.

While celebrated by admirers for his extraordinary contributions to modern computing, consumer electronics, and digital publishing, Jobs is also notorious for his management style, characterized by some as demanding and abrasive, reflecting a persona as complex as the public opinions about him.

Before venturing into these public sentiments about him, let’s first see what Steve Jobs is known for:

What Steve Jobs is Best Known For

Innovation and Simplicity: 

  • Jobs is renowned for his focus on innovation, particularly in creating products that are not only technologically advanced but also simple and intuitive to use as he believed that true innovation lies in making complex technologies accessible and user-friendly.

Passion and Perseverance: 

  • Jobs often spoke about the importance of loving what you do based on his conviction that passion is crucial for enduring the inevitable challenges and setbacks one faces in any ambitious endeavor.

Thinking Differently: 

  • The famous Apple slogan "Think Different" is closely associated with Jobs - he encouraged thinking outside the box and challenging the status quo, which he asserted was essential for groundbreaking creativity and progress.

Quality over Quantity: 

  • Jobs emphasized the importance of excellence over mass production as he believed in creating a few great products rather than a multitude of mediocre ones, a philosophy that guided Apple's product strategy.

Connecting the Dots: 

  • Jobs talked about the importance of trusting that the dots in your life will somehow connect in the future, reflecting his faith in following one's intuition and inner voice, even without seeing the entire path ahead.

The Intersection of Arts and Technology: 

  • Jobs uniquely combined aesthetics with technology as he reckoned that the intersection of technology and the humanities yields results that ‘make our hearts sing’.

“Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish”: 

  • Taken from the final edition of ‘The Whole Earth Catalog’, this quote was highlighted in Jobs' famous Stanford commencement speech and it encapsulates his philosophy of never settling, and always pursuing new ideas and challenges.

Positive Feedback from the Public

Visionary Leadership: 

  • Jobs is celebrated for his visionary approach to technology and business. 
  • He foresaw the potential of personal computing, mobile devices, and digital media, leading Apple to innovate in these spaces.

Focus on Design and User Experience: 

  • He is admired for his emphasis on elegant design and intuitive user interfaces. 
  • Jobs believed that technology should not only be functional but also enjoyable and accessible to use.

Impact on Everyday Life: 

  • The public often acknowledges the profound impact of Jobs' work on their daily lives. 
  • The products he helped develop have become integral to how people communicate, work, and entertain themselves.

Cultural Influence: 

  • Beyond technology, Jobs is seen as a cultural icon who influenced fashion, design, and lifestyle. 
  • The aesthetic and functional qualities of Apple products under his leadership have set new standards and trends.

Entrepreneurial Spirit: 

  • Jobs is admired for his entrepreneurial mindset and his ability to start and grow businesses. 
  • He is often seen as a role model for entrepreneurs and innovators.

Inspiration and Motivation: 

  • Jobs' speeches, particularly his Stanford commencement address in 2005, have inspired countless individuals. 
  • His messages about following one's passion, perseverance, and making a dent in the universe resonate with many.

Critiques from the Public

Demanding and  Authoritarian Leadership Style: 

  • Many accounts from former Apple employees and colleagues describe Jobs as an exceptionally demanding and intense leader with high standards, often creating stress for those who worked with him. 
  • While some admired Jobs for his leadership and ability to achieve extraordinary results, others criticized his management style as harsh and unyielding. 
  • Jobs' leadership style was sometimes described as authoritarian, with decision-making highly centralized around him, which some believe stifled dissenting opinions and ideas within Apple.

Employee Treatment: 

  • Jobs could be very critical and direct, which some former employees and colleagues found ruthless or demeaning.
  • His approach sometimes sparked debate about the balance between creative genius and the human cost of achieving excellence.

Product Secrecy and Litigation: 

  • The extreme secrecy surrounding new Apple products and aggressive litigation against perceived infringements on Apple's intellectual property, both hallmarks of Jobs' tenure, have been criticized in some quarters.

Environmental and Labor Concerns: 

  • Under Jobs, Apple faced criticism regarding environmental issues and the working conditions in factories of its suppliers, particularly in China. 
  • Although Apple made efforts to address these issues, they remain points of concern for some.

Emphasis on Profitability over Affordability: 

  • Some critics argue that under Jobs, Apple focused on high-margin, premium products, making them less accessible to lower-income consumers.

Work-Life Balance and Health & Wellness Choices: 

  • Jobs' initial decision to pursue alternative treatments for his pancreatic cancer, rather than immediately opting for conventional medical intervention, has been a subject of controversy and debate regarding health and wellness choices.
  • Jobs' intense focus on his work and Apple's success is sometimes seen as coming at the expense of a balanced personal life, which has led to discussions about work-life balance, particularly in the tech industry.

Neutral Feedback from the Public

Intense Focus on Detail: 

  • Jobs was known for his meticulous attention to detail. 
  • This trait was central to the design and functionality of Apple products, reflecting a deep commitment to quality.

Distinctive Leadership Style: 

  • His leadership style was unique and easily distinguishable from other corporate leaders. 
  • Jobs combined elements of visionary thinking, hands-on product development, and marketing genius.

Cult of Personality: 

  • Jobs developed a significant personal following, akin to a "cult of personality." 
  • This phenomenon speaks to his impact on customers and the tech industry, irrespective of one's personal opinion about him.

Private Life: 

  • Jobs was known for being highly private about his personal life, which has been a point of interest for the public and biographers. 
  • His inclination towards privacy in an age of increasing celebrity openness is a neutral trait that sets him apart.

Iconic Public Image: 

  • Jobs' public image, characterized by his trademark black turtleneck, jeans, and sneakers, became iconic. 
  • This consistent personal branding contributed to his recognizability and was a neutral but integral part of his persona.

Mixed Legacy in Innovation: 

  • While Jobs is credited with many innovations, some argue that he was more skilled at refining and marketing existing technologies than in inventing new ones. 
  • This perspective views him as an exceptional improver and presenter of ideas.

Conclusions From the public perspective

Overall, the public perception of Steve Jobs is that of a complex, driven individual who played a key role in multiple revolutions across the tech world, with a lasting impact on how we interact with technology today.

The criticisms that exist alongside the recognition of Jobs' significant positive contributions to technology and business reflect both his achievements and the more controversial aspects of his leadership and personal life.

The neutral aspects offered by the public on Steve Jobs' life contribute to a balanced understanding of his intricate personality and the varied impact he had on the technology industry and popular culture.

The principles that Jobs is known for have not only shaped Apple's success but have also inspired many in various fields of work and creative endeavors. 

Jobs' legacy is seen as a blend of technological innovation, creative design, and philosophical insights into the nature of work and success.

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FAQ: as answered by the Public

Did Steve Jobs have a formal education in technology?

Steve Jobs did not have a formal education in technology or engineering. 

He attended Reed College but dropped out; however, he continued to audit classes that interested him, like calligraphy, which later influenced Apple’s emphasis on typography and design.

How did Steve Jobs impact the computer industry?

Jobs had a significant impact on the computer industry by pioneering the concept of the personal computer and making it accessible and user-friendly. 

He also played a key role in developing graphical user interfaces, which are now standard in personal computing.

How did Steve Jobs change the world?

Jobs changed the world by revolutionizing multiple industries, including computing, music, film animation, and telecommunications. 

His emphasis on design, user experience, and innovation in products like the iPhone and iPad has had a lasting impact on technology and culture.

What were Steve Jobs' views on philanthropy?

Steve Jobs was known for being relatively private about his philanthropic efforts. 

Unlike some of his contemporaries, he did not publicly engage in large-scale philanthropy, though Apple under his leadership did contribute to various causes.

How did Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak meet?

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak met in 1971 through a mutual friend. 

Wozniak was attending the University of California, Berkeley, and Jobs was in high school. 

They shared a love for electronics and computer technology, leading to their eventual partnership in founding Apple.

Did Steve Jobs have any influences from Eastern philosophies or practices?

Yes, Steve Jobs was significantly influenced by Eastern philosophies and practices. 

He practiced Zen Buddhism, which influenced his minimalist design aesthetic and his approach to life and work.

What role did Steve Jobs play in Pixar Animation Studios?

Steve Jobs purchased The Graphics Group, later renamed Pixar, from Lucasfilm in 1986. 

He initially invested in Pixar as a high-end graphics hardware company, but it eventually pivoted to become a leading animation studio. 

Jobs played a crucial role in securing a deal with Disney, which led to the creation of 'Toy Story', the first fully computer-animated feature film.

How did Steve Jobs' interest in calligraphy influence Apple products?

Jobs' interest in calligraphy, cultivated during his time at Reed College, significantly influenced the typographic design of Apple products. 

He insisted on high-quality typography in the Macintosh, which was one of the first computers to focus on beautiful typography and a wide range of fonts.

What was one of Steve Jobs' favorite books and how did it influence him?

One of Steve Jobs' favorite books was "Autobiography of a Yogi" by Paramahansa Yogananda. 

This book, which he read in his teens, influenced his philosophy of life and his interest in Eastern spiritualism and simplicity.

Did Steve Jobs have any involvement in education initiatives?

Steve Jobs had an interest in reforming education. He believed that technology could greatly enhance education. 

Apple has been involved in various educational initiatives, providing computers and technology to schools.

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Early life and Education

Engaging Expert
Quality of Knowledge
Clarity Of Instruction

Steve Jobs's contributions to technology and media are unparalleled. His vision and relentless pursuit of excellence drove innovations that have shaped modern computing and digital media. While his leadership style was controversial, the results of his work have left an indelible mark on the world.

Avatar for Manuel

Awesome Advice [On Steve Jobs]

Engaging Expert
Quality of Knowledge
Clarity Of Instruction

Steve Jobs had some awesome advice on finding your passion. Here’s the gist:

- Tune Out the Noise: Ignore what everyone else is saying and listen to yourself.

- Keep It Real: Do what makes you happy, not what others want.

- Break the Mold: Be open to trying new things and ditch others' expectations.

- Bounce Back: Treat failures as lessons that point you toward your passion.

- Check Yourself: Regularly ask if you’re doing what you love.

- Stay Hungry: Keep pushing and always explore new stuff.

Follow these tips, and you’ll be on your way to finding what truly lights you up.

Avatar for Roku Callendar-Menchaca
Roku Callendar-Menchaca


Engaging Expert
Quality of Knowledge
Clarity Of Instruction

Prior to reading this, it has been apart of my philosophy, self-reflection, resilience, curiosity, and a constant thirst for growth.

A man with a 'Why' can bear any 'How'

Avatar for David Wilder
David Wilder

If today was my last day on earth, what decisions would I make? [On Steve Jobs]

Engaging Expert
Quality of Knowledge
Clarity Of Instruction

I have so much respect for the late Steve Jobs. I have always been impressed with his philosophy on living, working, creating, and having the right mindset. I am a strong believer and supporter of living life on ones own terms, which Steve believed in strongly. I love Steve's daily approach to living: If today was my last day, how would I live, what decisions would I make?

Adopting that mindset really calls to mind the decisions that we make, and their value. I've piggy-backed on that saying, and adopted the phrase, "If today was the first day of my life, how appreciated, eager, and thankful would I be to be alive. '

I read a quote by Steve Jobs everyday, which helps me continue to maintain the mindset of being able to achieve whatever I desire, here it is:

"When you grow up, you tend to get told that the world is the way it is. Life can be much broader once you discover one simple fact: Everything around you that you call life was made up of people that were no smarter than you. And you C A N change it, you C A N influence it. Once you learned that, you’ll never be the same again!"

- Steve Jobs

Avatar for Rosa Rodriguez
Rosa Rodriguez

He was great in innovation and the world [On Steve Jobs]

Engaging Expert
Quality of Knowledge
Clarity Of Instruction

Having passion and love for what leads you to be great

Avatar for Mercè Hol
Mercè Hol

Seguir tu pàsión con seguridad. [On Steve Jobs] [Translated from Spanish: Follow your passion safely.]

Engaging Expert
Quality of Knowledge
Clarity Of Instruction

Verdaderas palabras las de Steve Jobs. Aunque todo ello no será factible si la persona (tu) es inseguro. Una vez superado este factor, sí¡. Sigue los puntos mencionados por Jobs. Únicamente deja que hablen tus sentimientos, ten seguridad en tí mismo y encontrarás tu verdadera pasión. Así, cuando tengas contratiempos los podras superar porque ella misma te guiará hacia la respuesta. Creeme, si solo trabajas por un salario, no las econtrarás¡

[Translated from Spanish: True words from Steve Jobs. Although all of this will not be feasible if the person (you) is insecure. Once this factor is overcome, yes! Follow the points mentioned by Jobs. Just let your feelings speak, be confident in yourself and you will find your true passion. Thus, when you have setbacks you will be able to overcome them because it will guide you to the answer. Believe me, if you only work for a salary, you won't find them!]

Avatar for Jaden

So inspirational [On Steve Jobs]

Engaging Expert
Quality of Knowledge
Clarity Of Instruction

Very impactful. Rest in peace Steve Jobs.

Avatar for R.L.D

Great Man of Science [On Steve Jobs]

Engaging Expert
Quality of Knowledge
Clarity Of Instruction

Jobs knew the molecular structure of success. Therefore, he knew the measurements, data, and methodology of conquering prosperity. Ultimately making him a great man of science.



Engaging Expert
Quality of Knowledge
Clarity Of Instruction

Steve jobs taught and showed me How to Find My Passion and Why, Embrace Setbacks something new for me,

Staying Eager and Open, Quality over Quantity, Connecting the Dots Listening to My Inner Voice,

Exploring Uncharted Territory (I love Research, this is Good for me)

Setting a time Each Day, Every Day Looking in the Mirror, Facing Myself, to Listen to my Inner Voice,

Separately, on paper at my desk I have written out my review so I can go over it daily

as I Face Myself Looking Into The Mirror.

Avatar for Peter Kimweri
Peter Kimweri

The great innovator and visionary of all time [On Steve Jobs]

Engaging Expert
Quality of Knowledge
Clarity Of Instruction

Through listening to his inner core, Jobs full filled his passion and purpose of his life. Through connecting the dots he made the world sing to us.

Avatar for Noemí Gilda
Noemí Gilda

Me impresiona su capacidad de confianza en si mismo y en los demás [On Steve Jobs] [Translated from Spanish: I am impressed by his ability to trust in himself and in others.]

Engaging Expert
Quality of Knowledge
Clarity Of Instruction

Es un claro ejemplo a seguir. Su capacidad, su aprendizaje es impactante

[Translated from Spanish: It is a clear example to follow. His capacity, his learning is impressive]

Avatar for David Khisa Sichangi
David Khisa Sichangi

A great leader is a great reader

Engaging Expert
Quality of Knowledge
Clarity Of Instruction

Fantastic ideas and insights

Have made me change my perspectives on wealth and design new strategies on how to create wealth in Africa despite the challenging situation facing the continent

Avatar for Chinedu Onyediala
Chinedu Onyediala

Following your passion by Steve Jobs

Engaging Expert
Quality of Knowledge
Clarity Of Instruction

Mind-blowing and enlightening

Avatar for Adeyemi Dare
Adeyemi Dare

Epitome of knowledge [On Steve Jobs]

Engaging Expert
Quality of Knowledge
Clarity Of Instruction

It’s helpful and worth reading

Avatar for Chiamaka

Finding your passion

Engaging Expert
Quality of Knowledge
Clarity Of Instruction

I would love to drop the last sentence as my review. Which says that "in order to find your core WHY…

You need self-reflection, resilience, curiosity, and a constant thirst for growth."

Avatar for Beauty Ebifemi
Beauty Ebifemi

Killing dogma [On Steve Jobs]

Engaging Expert
Quality of Knowledge
Clarity Of Instruction

Stopping dogma practice that ties us down from fulfilling our dreams need to be killed. And his emphasis on constant thirst for growth is never going to be a forgettable one.

Avatar for Roger Porco Marcos
Roger Porco Marcos

Ama lo que haces [On Steve Jobs] [Translated from Spanish: Love what you do]

Engaging Expert
Quality of Knowledge
Clarity Of Instruction

Tener pasión y amor por lo que haces por muchas veces te llevará a la grandesa

[Translated from Spanish: Having passion and love for what you do will often lead you to greatness.]

Avatar for Adesola Tope
Adesola Tope

Impactful [On Steve Jobs]

Engaging Expert
Quality of Knowledge
Clarity Of Instruction

Great Job

Avatar for Vir

Maravilloso [Translated from Spanish: Marvelous] [On Steve Jobs]

Engaging Expert
Quality of Knowledge
Clarity Of Instruction

Escucharle, leer sus libros y volver a leerlos, es un gran ejemplo en todos los sentidos, sinceramente uno de los mas grandes para mí, mucho que aprender de personas tan extraordinarias como este maravilloso hombre que nos ha hecho y sigue con sus libros, videos... aprender.

Todos sus libros son potentes y una inversión.

[Translated from Spanish: Listening to him, reading his books and re-reading them, is a great example in every way, honestly one of the greatest for me, a lot to learn from people as extraordinary as this wonderful man who has made us and continues with his books, videos ... learn.

All of his books are powerful and an investment.]

Avatar for Othmane

Comment [On Steve Jobs]

Engaging Expert
Quality of Knowledge
Clarity Of Instruction

Inspiring thoughts

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