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T. Harv Eker

A Comprehensive Public Review And Analysis

General Public Overview

T. Harv Eker, born in Canada in 1954, is the acclaimed author of "Secrets of the Millionaire Mind" and renowned for his Millionaire Mind Seminars on financial freedom around the world.

Eker’s journey from zero to multimillionaire in less than three years, forms the bedrock of his teachings and, according to public perspective, is fundamentally the experience that helped establish him as a prominent albeit polarizing figure in the personal development and wealth-building space.

As someone dubbed ‘the abundance advocate’ by admirers, Eker’s rise to prominence, methods, teachings and philosophies garner a wide range of reactions from the public. 

Here's an in-depth look at these opinions, incorporating both praise and criticisms, but before delving into public sentiment, here’s what Eker is most known for:

What T. Harv Eker Is Best Known For

Keynote Speaker:

  • Eker is renowned as a keynote speaker and industry expert who speaks on a wide range of topics such as Peak Performance, Authors, Finance, Success, Personal Growth, Motivational, Inspirational, Business and Teamwork & Teambuilding - which he also applies to his Tough Love way of dispensing street-smarts with heart.

Psychology of Wealth:

  • Eker's focus on the "financial blueprint" - a set of beliefs and attitudes about money including how one relates to it that shape one’s financial outcomes - and the idea that one's mindset plays a pivotal role in financial success is a distinctive aspect of his work as his approach combines elements of psychology and personal development with practical financial advice.

Focus on “The Blueprint”: 

  • Emphasizing that one’s financial and success in life are strongly influenced by their mindset and beliefs about money as well as themselves, by introducing the idea of a “wealth blueprint,” Eker encourages individuals to identify and change their limiting beliefs to achieve financial abundance by means of adopting supportive wealth principles and wealth files.

Wealth Principles: 

  • By outlining specific principles and strategies for accumulating holistic and honest affluence, such as the importance of saving, investing, and managing money wisely, Eker stresses the value of taking calculated risks in pursuit of financial goals.

Wealth Files of the Rich Mind vs. the Poor Mind: 

  • Through presenting extreme contrasting mindsets and behaviors of wealthy individuals versus those of people with limited financial success, Eker encourages readers to adopt the mindset and habits of the wealthy to empower individuals and improve their financial and personal situations.

Financial Freedom and Wealth Building Philosophy: 

  • Eker strongly advocates for financial independence and achieving a state of financial freedom, where individuals have passive income streams that cover their expenses, promoting the idea of not just earning a living but also creating wealth in all it’s forms

New York Times Bestselling Author: 

  • Eker authored the bestselling book "Secrets of the Millionaire Mind," which was published in 2005 - and also featured in New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal among others - that outlines principles, attitudes, actionable steps and wealth-affirming declarations to be repeated daily for achieving financial success by changing one's money mindset. 

Millionaire Mind Intensive Seminar and Training Material: 

  • Eker created the Millionaire Mind Intensive Seminar, a popular personal development program that focused on changing participants' “blueprint”, or mindset  and beliefs about money, wealth, success and happiness which has attracted a large global following, while his programs and literature are easily accessible.

Positive Feedback from the Public

Mindset Focus and The Book of Riches: 

  • Many attest to undergoing a significant shift in their perception of money and wealth after engaging with Eker's materials. 
  • The idea of a "money blueprint" - a set of subconscious beliefs about money that dictate financial outcomes - resonates with anyone with a sweet tooth for sweet success.

Training Programs: 

  • Aside from his book, Eker's seminars, webinars, and courses have been described as transformational and eye-opening. 
  • Many participants appreciate the actionable insights and strategies shared.

Relatable Teachings: 

  • Eker's way of breaking down complex financial concepts into relatable and easy-to-understand ideas has been appreciated. 
  • His blend of personal anecdotes and practical strategies makes his content accessible.

Dynamic Presentation: 

  • As a speaker, Eker's style is energetic and captivating. 
  • He engages his audience, keeps their attention, and drives home his points with a mix of humor, passion, and clarity.

Critiques from the Public

Overemphasis on Mindset and Oversimplification: 

  • The criticism here is twofold: firstly, that mindset, while essential, is just one piece of the puzzle and can't replace practical financial strategies. 
  • Secondly, some feel his teachings could inadvertently lead to victim-blaming, implying that if someone isn't wealthy, it's solely due to their mindset.

Repackaging Common Knowledge: 

  • Some critics argue that while Eker's teachings are valuable, they aren't necessarily revolutionary. 
  • They feel he repackages age-old wisdom and common knowledge in a modern, marketable format.
  • Eker's success has undoubtedly led to a vast array of products, courses, and seminars. 
  • While this in itself isn't a negative, some members of the public feel that the commercial aspect overshadows the educational value at times.

High-Pressure Upselling: 

  • A recurrent criticism is the manner in which Eker's seminars often lead to upselling more expensive courses. 
  • Attendees sometimes feel that free or low-cost seminars are teasers to lure them into pricier commitments.

One-Size-Fits-All Approach: 

  • Some customers have expressed dissatisfaction with his courses, citing a lack of customization and practical application for different individuals' situations.

Neutral Feedback from the Public

Balancing Act: 

  • While acknowledging the importance of a positive mindset, critics stress the necessity of having technical knowledge and skills, particularly in business and entrepreneurship.

Variability in Effectiveness: 

  • Public opinion is divided, with some finding his teachings transformational and others viewing them as overpriced and not particularly unique or insightful.

Legal and Ethical Concerns: 

  • Legal challenges and allegations of unethical business practices in his seminars have contributed to a nuanced view of his credibility and the effectiveness of his teachings.

Conclusions From the public perspective

T. Harv Eker’s impact as a personal development mentor is undeniable, with many crediting their financial turnaround to his works

Eker's reputation as an expert in the field of wealth creation and motivation is built on his personal success story, his distinctive theories on the psychology of wealth, and his impactful career as a speaker and author.

Eker’s teachings, with a core focus on the power of mindset in achieving financial success, have garnered a substantial following and "Secrets of the Millionaire Mind" remains a cornerstone for those seeking to unlock their financial potential.

Eker's career has not been without its share of controversy, including legal disputes that have added complexity to his public image.

In the context of today's rapidly evolving economy, the applicability of Eker's teachings is a subject of ongoing debate. 

The public perspective on T. Harv Eker as an expert embodies a spectrum of viewpoints, from ardent supporters to critical skeptics.

There's also a significant portion of the public with a more nuanced view that appreciates Eker's insights on wealth and mindset but also remain critical of the commercial elements of his seminars and courses.

Those interested in his teachings are often advised to approach them critically, extracting what resonates and aligns with their personal financial journey.

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FAQ: as answered by the Public

Can T. Harv Eker's teachings guarantee financial success?

There's no guarantee of financial success. 

His teachings focus on mindset, which is just one aspect of achieving wealth. 

Success depends on various factors, including individual effort and external circumstances.

Are Eker's courses worth the investment?

Opinions are divided. 

Some find them transformative, while others believe similar content is available at a lower cost or even for free through other resources.

Is Eker's approach applicable to everyone?

Feedback suggests his approach might not suit everyone's unique financial situation or learning style, with some criticism about the one-size-fits-all methodology.

Has Eker faced any legal or ethical issues in his career?

Yes, there have been legal challenges and allegations regarding high-pressure sales tactics and variable pricing in his seminars. 

These issues have impacted his reputation to some extent.

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Readers' Reviews

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4.4 out of 5 stars (based on 7 reviews)
Engaging Expert
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Quality of Knowledge
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Avatar for Matt La Placa
Matt La Placa

Better off [On T. Harv Eker]

Engaging Expert
Quality of Knowledge
Clarity Of Instruction

My name is Matt & I have learned so much from Harv. He is the greatest and now I have achieved financial success. No longer do I have to rely on welfare to pay the mortgage on my trailer.

Avatar for Dan Mcosh
Dan Mcosh

customer care? [On T. Harv Eker]

Engaging Expert
Quality of Knowledge
Clarity Of Instruction

I registered for a session of Millionaire Mind. When I arrived at the hotel the event was cancelled. I want my registration fees returned.

Avatar for Rustafer

Freedom [On T. Harv Eker]

Engaging Expert
Quality of Knowledge
Clarity Of Instruction

T. Harv Eker’s teachings gave me complete financial independence. Thanks Harv!


GRACIAS! [On T. Harv Eker] [Translated from Spanish: THANK YOU!]

Engaging Expert
Quality of Knowledge
Clarity Of Instruction

gracias por compartir todo este conocimiento y experiencia con el mundo,”me moviste el alma”, manifiesto Sr Harv, por su prospera y exitosa vida, una profunda admiracion y respeto, y nuevamente agradezco convertirce en un motivador constante para todo lo que estoy consiguiendo y lo muchisimo que voy a conseguir. FELICITACIONES,QUE DIOS LO BENDIGA.

[Translated from Spanish: Thank you for sharing all this knowledge and experience with the world, “You moved my soul,” said Mr. Harv, for his prosperous and successful life, a deep admiration and respect, and again I am grateful for becoming a constant motivator for everything I am achieving. and how much I'm going to get. CONGRATULATIONS, MAY GOD BLESS YOU.]

Avatar for Stephen

The 'Halo Effect'... [On T. Harv Eker]

Engaging Expert
Quality of Knowledge
Clarity Of Instruction

I attended the MM in L.A. after reading the MM book. The only thing I had to pay for was my hotel room, my airline ticket, and food.

The one thing I learned was that you can buy fame. If you make yourself famous and you can handle the money you will be rich.

One of the ways to be rich is to get “volunteers” to do your bidding. Some of these people will follow Mr. Eker all over the country just to serve him with no thought of reward.

Do your own advertising and use the “halo effect” to put yourself on a pedestal and you will become as rich a midas.

Find yourself a “mentor” who will teach you the skills needed to become this Guru, just like T. Eker did, and you will no longer be poor or even mediocre.

Write a book. Lots of people write books about self help. A book is simply a self promotional brochure. Lots of multi-millionaires have made most of their money writing books. Some write a book best selling book each year. The book is only for the purpose of getting you to pay attention to them long enough to buy tickets to their seminars.

Avatar for Joh McCauley
Joh McCauley

You decide [On T. Harv Eker]

Engaging Expert
Quality of Knowledge
Clarity Of Instruction

I have spent a lot of money over the years trying to change my “experience” of life. Isn’t that what we all want if we aren’t satisfied?

Anyway the Harv Eker trainings are just another way to learn how to change your experience of life so you can die happy lol. If it teaches you to do stuff better, have a better attitude and yes make more money even in a down economy then why not?

Some of the trainings are better value than others – you can get most of what you need from a good book imho. But I guess you have to make that call for yourself.

Avatar for Jane Adams
Jane Adams

Good but loud... [On T. Harv Eker]

Engaging Expert
Quality of Knowledge
Clarity Of Instruction

He’s a good speaker and I enjoy his teachings but he shouts a lot and so loud… I wish he could turn his voice down. 🙂

Avatar for Greg Chesney
Greg Chesney

Beneficial [On T. Harv Eker]

Engaging Expert
Quality of Knowledge
Clarity Of Instruction

Not only is the information life transforming, I got to hang around with some very interesting people too.

Seminars are great for networking and making new connections especially on this subject. I always come away with new business ideas and possible partners.

Have a great day.

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