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Rated 3.8 out of 5
Live Event
General Public Overview

One of the most talked-about aspects of the MMI is its focus on the psychological aspect of wealth creation. While many attendees praise the seminars for providing actionable strategies for wealth management, a few have expressed reservations about the upselling of other programs and services. The real impact of the MMI depends largely on how you apply the learned principles in your daily life and below you'll find how different people experienced these events. So let's dive into public sentiment about T. Harv Eker's Millionaire Mind Intensive Seminar:

Positive Feedback from the Public

A Deep Dive into Financial Psychology:
  • A common appreciation thread that runs through public testimonials is MMI's unique approach to addressing the psychological aspect of wealth and abundance.
  • Rather than just throwing out financial strategies, attendees frequently highlight their newly gained insights into their own money mindsets.
  • They speak of those "aha!" moments where they recognize and confront long-held beliefs and habits, often inherited or absorbed during their formative years, that have held them back from achieving their financial dreams.

Eker's Charismatic Delivery:

  • T. Harv Eker's dynamic and captivating presentation style is frequently a subject of praise.
  • Many attendees note that Eker has an innate ability to simplify complex financial concepts, making them digestible and actionable.
  • His blend of humor, real-life anecdotes, and engaging activities keeps the energy in the room high, ensuring that the learning experience is as entertaining as it is enlightening.

Actionable Strategies:

  • While the seminars delve deep into the psychology of wealth, they also provide practical, actionable strategies.
  • Attendees often share their excitement about leaving the seminar with a clear game plan, from managing debts to investing wisely.
  • The MMI isn't just about inspiration; it's about action, and many attendees are quick to highlight the concrete steps they've been given to kickstart or rejuvenate their financial journeys.
Community and Networking:
  • Another recurring positive sentiment revolves around the sense of community that the seminars foster.
  • Being in a room filled with like-minded individuals, all eager to elevate their financial statuses, creates an environment of mutual motivation and support.
  • Several attendees have mentioned forming lasting connections, partnerships, and even friendships at these seminars.
Global Reach, Consistent Quality:
  • The MMI seminars have been conducted in various cities across North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.
  • Despite the geographical spread, a consistent theme in feedback is the high-quality content and delivery, tailored to resonate with diverse audiences while maintaining the core MMI teachings.

Critiques from the Public

Upselling and Marketing Tactics:
  • A frequent point of contention mentioned by some attendees is the aggressive upselling of other programs and courses during the seminar.
  • They feel that the MMI, while being marketed as a standalone transformative experience, at times seems to be a gateway to higher-priced offerings.
  • The feeling of being "pitched to" rather than educated can create discomfort for some, who believe that the event's value gets overshadowed by these upselling efforts.

Depth versus Breadth:

  • Some attendees feel that while the seminar covers a wide range of topics, it doesn't dive deep enough into any single area.
  • The result, for these individuals, is a surface-level understanding without the depth required to enact real change.
  • They would prefer a more focused approach that provides a deeper dive into fewer topics, ensuring thorough comprehension and actionable insights.

High Energy, Low Substance?:

  • Eker's dynamic and passionate presentation style, while a hit with many, has been a point of contention for others.
  • There's a segment of attendees who feel that beneath the high energy and charisma, the actual content may be lacking in substance.
  • They would prefer less showmanship and more tangible, evidence-backed strategies.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All:

  • A critique that occasionally surfaces is the perception that MMI teachings are generalized and not adaptable to individual circumstances.
  • Some attendees, particularly those from unique financial backgrounds or from regions with distinct economic landscapes, feel that the strategies and mindsets promoted don't necessarily align with their personal situations.

Cost vs. Value:

  • The investment required to attend MMI, both in terms of money and time, has been a talking point.
  • Some attendees question the cost-to-value ratio, especially if they walk away feeling that they didn't receive the transformation they were expecting.
  • This sentiment is particularly strong among those who felt the seminar was more about promoting other programs than delivering on the MMI's core promises.

Neutral Feedback from the public

Engaging Presentation with Potential Upsells:
  • Eker's dynamic delivery style is frequently praised for its ability to captivate and maintain audience engagement.
  • However, this enthusiasm is sometimes tempered by feelings that the seminar has moments of veering into promotional territory.
  • These attendees often express that while they value the content and the energy, they're wary of moments that feel like upselling tactics.

Broad Overview with Varied Depth:

  • The MMI is recognized for its broad coverage of topics related to wealth mindset and financial strategies.
  • Yet, this expansive approach has its double-edged nature. Some attendees appreciate the wide scope, feeling it offers a holistic view, while others wish for a deeper dive into certain topics.
  • It's seen as a great introduction, but perhaps not the comprehensive masterclass some were hoping for.

Applicable Strategies, but Not Always One-Size-Fits-All:

  • Many attendees value the actionable insights and strategies shared during the seminar.
  • However, there's an acknowledgment that while many of these strategies are universally applicable, not all resonate or are feasible for everyone.
  • The recognition here is that personal financial journeys are diverse, and what works for one may not necessarily work for another.

Community Aspect – Both a Pro and a Con:

  • The sense of community, of being amidst like-minded individuals, is often mentioned as a positive.
  • Yet, this communal experience also has its critics.
  • Some attendees feel that the group exercises or interactions can sometimes overshadow individual learning.
  • For them, while networking and group activities are valuable, they prefer more time devoted to content delivery.

Value Proposition – Dependent on Individual Expectations:

  • The seminar's value-for-money is a frequently discussed topic with nuanced feedback.
  • Some attendees feel they received more than their money's worth, gleaning insights that they believe will significantly impact their financial futures.
  • Others, while not feeling regretful about attending, ponder if the cost matches the depth and breadth of insights gained.

Conclusions from the public perspective

The public sentiment, at least from those who've experienced positive transformations, portrays T. Harv Eker's Millionaire Mind Intensive seminars as a potentially life-altering experience.

Attendees often emerge from the seminar not just with a changed perspective on wealth but with a renewed zest to achieve their financial aspirations.

While Eker's Millionaire Mind Intensive seminars have positively impacted numerous individuals, they are not without their criticisms.

The points of contention vary, but center primarily around marketing tactics, content depth, and the applicability of Eker's teachings.

Potential attendees would do well to weigh these critiques against the positives to make an informed decision.

The public's nuanced perspective on Eker's Millionaire Mind Intensive seminars underscores its multifaceted nature.

It's a seminar that offers much but is also shaped heavily by individual expectations and experiences.

For those on the fence, the neutral views offer a balanced lens through which to consider attending.

In summary, T. Harv Eker's Millionaire Mind Intensive seminars have been a subject of varied public opinion.

They are appreciated for their focus on the psychological aspects of wealth, the engaging delivery of content, and the practical strategies they offer.

While some skepticism exists around the marketing of additional services, the seminars continue to attract a global audience, eager to transform their financial destinies.

On the whole, the Millionaire Mind Intensive seminar promises more than financial advice; it offers a journey into the psyche of wealth.

Through this experience, Eker has impacted numerous lives, guiding many towards the path of financial enlightenment.

If you're considering attending, go in with an open heart and mind, ready to challenge and reshape your financial beliefs.

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FAQ: As Answered By The Public

What is the Millionaire Mind Intensive (MMI) seminar?
MMI is a multi-day seminar created by T. Harv Eker. It is designed to address one's money mindset, beliefs about wealth, and the patterns that dictate financial behavior.
The program emphasizes altering these mindsets to achieve financial success.

How long is the seminar?

The MMI typically spans a weekend, so it's usually three days long, starting on a Friday and ending on a Sunday.

Is the seminar just about making money?

While wealth-building strategies are a significant component, the seminar delves deeper, addressing one's relationship with money, core beliefs, and ingrained habits that affect financial decisions.

Is there a sales pitch for other programs during the MMI?

Some attendees have mentioned that there are upsells for other courses or programs during the seminar.

This is typical for many such events where advanced or specialized courses are introduced.

How much does it cost to attend?

The pricing for MMI can vary.

There are often promotions or special deals that allow individuals to attend for free or at a reduced cost, with the understanding that there might be offers for other paid programs during the event.

Can I bring a guest?

Historically, MMI has had promotions where ticket purchasers could bring a guest for free or at a reduced rate. It's best to check current offerings.

What should I expect during the seminar?
Expect a mix of lectures, interactive activities, and exercises designed to challenge and change your beliefs and behaviors around money.

Some attendees find certain activities, like the "playful" money games, particularly impactful.

Will I become a millionaire after attending the seminar?
MMI provides tools and insights to change one's mindset and offers some strategies for wealth-building.

However, becoming a millionaire depends on numerous factors, including how one applies the knowledge and the decisions made post-seminar.

What do others say about MMI?

The public perspective is mixed.

Many participants find value in the mindset shifts and report positive changes in their financial behaviors.
Others feel it's more motivational than practical.
A subset also mentions the upselling of other programs as a downside.

Readers' Reviews

Rated 3.8 out of 5
3.8 out of 5 stars (based on 11 reviews)
Engaging Event
Rated 3.9 out of 5
Quality of Knowledge
Rated 3.8 out of 5
Clarity of Instruction
Rated 3.8 out of 5
Avatar for Alina

Powerful event! Just do it!

Engaging Event
Quality of Knowledge
Clarity of Instruction

While I'm surprised to see people complaining about the pitch and the sales happening at MMI I would like to share my experience. First of all you won't get rich by attending a 3 day seminar. So yes if you want to succeed go work with people who know how to do it. If you are already afraid and comfortable to be pitched, the problem is yours and that's called scarcity. Nobody will give you their time and provide intense value for a couple of bucks. So yes you will be offered different amazing opportunities to change your life. And yes you will receive lots of value. And yes you get to leave the broke skeptical I don't like this and that mentality at home.

Avatar for Jym

Decide for yourself!

Engaging Event
Quality of Knowledge
Clarity of Instruction

I attended one of Harv’s first MMi seminars, having gained a lot from reading his Millionaire Mind book.

The mans content is brilliant, his system and teaching is of the highest quality, and of course he knows how to make money out of it. There is some serious ‘hard sell’ in there as well as a huge amount of value that will help just about anyone improve their financial life if they are willing to let it.

Harv makes his money on the upsell to other courses he runs, some will be uncomfortable with that, and I’ve seen a few people criticizing him based on this. However, his courses produce results, so I don’t support the argument that there’s any kind of ’scam’ going on.

I recommend anyone with the remotest interest to go along and see for themselves…



Avatar for Sarah Thomson
Sarah Thomson

Was life changing

Engaging Event
Quality of Knowledge
Clarity of Instruction

I attended this seminar and i have to say it was life changing… I was very sceptical at first because why would anyone give away seminar tickets so cheap. Yes they do recommend other courses but heck, i got so much out of it it didnt bother me the least… Im better off financially now than i was last year only due to a few vital changes i made in my life – and that i am truly grateful for. If i didnt go i would never have known how to implement these changes… so all in all no complaints really – definitely worth the money. 🙂

Avatar for Mike Hall
Mike Hall

Great event, You will be sold too but will get a lot

Engaging Event
Quality of Knowledge
Clarity of Instruction

Great event. You will be sold to (as you may expect) but you get a lot of content as well.

I am really good with my finances now, in fact we have paid an extra 30k off our mortgage in the past year and we plan to be mortgage free. This is solely due to going to the programme.

I was completely useless before, I used to never open bank statements, bills, etc.

The course gave me the motivation and some great skills to actually start to make a difference. I am not saying I’m a millionaire, but financially I’m in a better position than before the programme!

I went with the mind set of – I will not be sold to! But to be honest we got massive value and we ended up booking a course as a result of attending.

Success resources who host the training in the UK are a pretty good company.

Hope this helps!

Avatar for Jyane

I am surprised!

Engaging Event
Quality of Knowledge
Clarity of Instruction

Positive comments here. Am surprised.

I attended the MMI. Was so excited about travelling 3000km to attend, after first reading Harv’s book. All I can say is….it was utter crap.

Firstly, I went to see Harv, and Harv wasnt even running it!!!

Not sure if it was a load of crap because it wasnt Harv or whether its the pathetic repetition and dumbing down of the delivery, but it was embarrassingly condescending. We lasted until 11.30am the first day. About 10.45 on the second day and didnt bother going on the third day.

Perhaps this is a good intro to wealth creation for newbies? but if you have been in this for awhile – do yourself a favour and skip this one. Go UPW with Anthony Robbins or the 21st Century events with Jamie McIntyre for a quality event!

Avatar for Ivan Lovric
Ivan Lovric

Has changed my life

Engaging Event
Quality of Knowledge
Clarity of Instruction

I am proudly declaring the fact;

T. Harve Eker & Success Resources

Have changed my life!

I don’t know how they did it, nevertheless they did it!

I am a different man now, than I was only few days ago, wow, totally blown away and I am still riding high, because of this experience they have aloud me to have, I now want to help change life of thousands even millions of people, same way they do, every day.

I want to be part of EVOLUTION, do you!?

Ivan Lovric

Avatar for Maddy

Poor administration by Success Resources

Engaging Event
Quality of Knowledge
Clarity of Instruction

Well – I’m sorry to throw a damp squid into this but….

I paid for two VIP seats to the London event and I cancelled them – in line with their Terms and Conditions. The reasons are not important.

Since that time I have been trying to get my money back from Success Resources and have been fobbed off with, “We’re looking into it, I’m checking with the finance department and latterly – it has been sent to Singapore.!”

At NO TIME has anyone ever actively returned my telephone call in spite of saying they would, and it is now over a week since my last contact with them!

That doesn’t say anything about the quality of the training, nor is it a comment about Harv Eker who I’m sure has absolutely nothing to do with the administration, but it does say a lot about Success Resources that organises the event!

The lack of integrity of this organisation in my view reflects badly and unfairly on Harv and his event.

Avatar for Gabi

Thank you Harv Eker

Engaging Event
Quality of Knowledge
Clarity of Instruction

I just loved T. Harv Eker’s book. It is AMAZING! I learned a lot and I am sure my financial life is changing for the better, since I am a millionaire in making.

It is a shame I cannot go to the Millionaire Mind Intensive because I live too far from there, in South America.

Anyway, I just would like to say an special thanks for Eker. His kind words have become important pieces of my financial freedom!

Avatar for RPM

Skeptical? give it a try!

Engaging Event
Quality of Knowledge
Clarity of Instruction

Hi All,

To all those who are still skeptical, have read Eker’s book on Secrets of the Millionaire Mind I would say that try your best to attend the MMI seminar. Believe me, it is worth attending. Attending the seminar is far, far, far, better than just reading the book several times. There are so many exercises in the seminar that you cannot find in the book. Even if you live far away from the seminar venue it would be worth travelling to attend the 3-day live seminar. It will definitely change your life and your thinking just like what happens to me. When you finish the seminar you will be a totally new person.

Avatar for Debbie

Really enjoyed it despite the hard selling

Engaging Event
Quality of Knowledge
Clarity of Instruction

hi, I attended the Millionaire Mind Intensive as well. Whilst I thoroughly enjoyed it as a refresher for all the other personal development courses/seminars I attended I did think the hard sell was hard core and delivered in his best evangelist American preacher style (you can take the course or you can rot in hell for another 67 years doing same old same old – you choose! ) .

I could not help but think the positive mindset (our new millionaire minds) were being conditioned to believe and accept the fact that anything is possible including spending several thousands of dollars on a variety of courses that we didn’t know we needed. After all weren’t we there to be fixed in the first place, wasn’t 3 days going to do it?

The delivery was very professional and I warmed to the lead trainer when I realised it was not T Herv Eker,(whom I had never heard of before anyway so who cares) the format had elements of Landmark (which, by comparison is much better value for personal development if you can resist being forced to ring everyone you ever knew to convince them to come to a seminar!) NLP, hypnotherapy, regression therapy, good old fashioned counselling mixed with teamwork, camaraderie, breaking through fear and old beliefs, exercises ((think back when you first felt alone, angry, who are you angry with etc,)… I am keen to know what business opportunities are available…so I guess I have to pay the course fee to find out. Is it Ostrich eggs? Woodchips (nah I got those already) or what? Jamie McIntyre does a similar thing but with Forex, trading , property, EFT’s etc….. I must not be a smart investor because I don’t make $1,500 per week..OR PERHAPS its just all too good to be true.

Anyone every made any money from a seminar get rich quick scheme. I have’nt yet…still chasing break even or given up…. does my head in trying to find the Passive Income golden goose..

Avatar for Drew Fraser
Drew Fraser

Getting to grips with managing your money

Engaging Event
Quality of Knowledge
Clarity of Instruction

Millionaire Mind Intensive is simply awesome for getting to grips with managing your money, learning about how to create money in order to invest and lastly knowing what to invest in

Avatar for Lulu

Will Harv be teaching?

Engaging Event
Quality of Knowledge
Clarity of Instruction

I attended the MMI. It was not run by Harv himself as I thought . But the other trainer did a great job. I was doing ok with some similar philosophy in life and money, but hey, it was such an amazing course that lifted me to a new level! only I wish the people who matters in my life attended the course as well. So thank u. Will definitely recommend to others. By the way, it won’t work for half way runners. U just missed too much.

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