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Taming Fear: Finding Better Balance In Your Business Adventure

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Start taking these millionaire wisdom steps to help you tame the fear of failure for better balance in your business and life if you’d like to make meaningful and lasting progress.

How the Fear Makes You Feel

Starting a new business can often make you feel like your heart's going to pop out of your chest…

And every time you think about everything that could go wrong, you feel a knot in your stomach that just won't unwind…

This fear of potential failure can be overwhelming. 

How to Challenge the Fear

Like a heavy shadow watching over every decision you make.


Imagine your comfort zone as a cozy, familiar cabin in the woods…

Inside this cabin, everything is just as you like it – safe, warm, and secure. 

It's your personal retreat from the world's chaos.

Stepping out of this cabin is like taking a step into the unknown…

It's thrilling to be out in the fresh air, a little bit away from the cabin, but not too far.

If you wander too far into the woods, you might find yourself lost in the dark, thick trees, feeling scared and unsure.


The trick is to venture just far enough that you can still see your cabin and feel secure.

This way, you're challenging yourself, but not losing sight of your safety.

And the same thing goes for your new business…

It's important to step out of your comfort zone to grow and learn, but not so far that fear takes over.

Being a little outside your comfort zone is good – it means you're growing.

Steps to Take for Taming Fear

Growing beyond your comfort zone sounds great…

But, how do you actually do this?

  1. Set Achievable Goals:
    Start with small steps.
    Set goals that are a bit challenging but still reachable.
  2. Learn Gradually:
    Take the time to learn new things about your business.
    Don't rush into everything all at once.
  3. Stay Close to Your “Cabin”:
    Keep your goals within a range where you feel a little challenged but not too overwhelmed, stressed, or frustrated.
  4. Take Breaks Regularly:
    If you feel too anxious, step back into your cabin for a break.
    It's okay to take a rest and regather your thoughts.
  5. Celebrate Small Wins:
    Every time you achieve a small goal, celebrate it.
    It's like marking a trail in the woods, showing how far you've come.

Fears are nothing more than a state of mind. –Napoleon Hill

Remember, it's about finding the balance between comfort and challenge.

How to Keep Building on Your Growth

Step out of your cabin, but keep it in sight.

Eventually, your cabin will start to expand and grow. 

So you go out a little bit further and further each time.

And that's how you can grow your business without letting fear hold you back.

Conclusion: Grow Bolder Than the Fear

Starting and growing your business should be an invigorating adventure, but it can be a real passion-killer when fear overrules you and stops you dead in your tracks.

Fears will arise in different versions and forms, as sure as there are multiple potential outcomes for every decision you make.

However, the secret to growth and success is to take action despite whatever seems impossible or what scares you.

And when you have a technique that can guide you to greater balance and higher triumph over fear, it makes the journey that much easier.

The key is to practice consistently, essentially training yourself through empowerment to become fearless.

Remember to breathe, take it step by step and you’ll soon realize that you’ve actually got this!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Achieving Better Balance

Has your Mind ever wondered…

How do entrepreneurs achieve balance?

Entrepreneurs learn to continually evolve, adjust and grow from their experiences.

Oftentimes the most challenging part is simply to get started on a venture.

However, when you realize that the fears you have can be managed, it becomes easier for you to take the first step.

And when you learn to embrace that being a little outside your comfort zone is good - it means you're growing - then you’re essentially empowering yourself for unstoppable progress.

Use the 5 steps in this post to tame the fear and help you prioritize your own wellness, discover and set boundaries, and create a supportive environment for your growth.

How important is balance in business?

Balance is all about distributing your resources, such as time, energy, money, and such, more efficiently and effectively to ensure your most favored outcomes.

This principle applies as much to life as it does to business.

The 5 steps in this post are designed to help you do so fearlessly and wisely.

How would you achieve balance?

By incorporating 5 simple steps meant to help you tame the fear and move forward, you can achieve better balance in your business and grow beyond the limitations you perceive.

Start by setting achievable goals, learn more gradually, challenge yourself just enough so you don’t feel discouraged or overwhelmed, take regular breaks and celebrate your small wins.

If living a fearless and empowered life appeals to you, then you’re ready to learn more about how to develop a millionaire mindset and make daily success a part of your character.

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Stacy Conner

It can be a gentle hike, not a Zipline!

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I felt this is good. I like the idea of the comfort zone as a cabin, and a hike | walk. It doesn't have to be a zip line...

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Tarinyo Prefegha

Taming Fear

Ease of Use
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What is fear? Fear is an instinct, inbuilt signal of impending threat, not perceivable. Most people pretend to accept that there are times everyone feels or is overwhelmed with Fear. The acceptance of the presence of fear is a step forward to overcome the challenges of fear and learn how to balance and stabilise our efforts to succeed in life. Thanks

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Comment [On taming fear]

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Good thoughts

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Feel your fear and still move forward

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It helps to know you are not the only one struggling with moving forward or starting a new venture. This article is a kindness. The fear is real but not insurmountable.

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Dave Chiputula

Thau ua [Translated from Hmong: It's done]

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This is great stuff!

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Great content

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Great advice! Just what i need. Experience comes with consistent action.

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Edduar Guerero

como superar el miedo al fracaso. [Translated from Spanish: How to overcome the fear of failure.]

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el miedo es la barrera mas grande que siempre tenemos para iniciar un negocio o dar ese primer paso en un nuevo emprendimiento. que buen articulo donde nos motiva y nos da ese empuje que necesitamos para salior de nuestra zona de confort y arriegarse por alcanzar las matas que nos hemos propuesto. porque como se dice no se gana si no se arriega.

[Translated from Spanish: Fear is the biggest barrier we always have to starting a business or taking that first step in a new venture. What a good article that motivates us and gives us that push we need to get out of our comfort zone and take risks to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves. because as they say you don't win if you don't take risks.]

Avatar for Kidada Owen-Browne
Kidada Owen-Browne

It's like being in a new territory and one trying to get acquainted with the environment. At the initial stage one is usually very cautious but as one familiarizes himself or herself with the environment one becomes bolder.

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This is a review about taming fear as a new business person. Fear is a natural human emotion that can be over come with taking gradual steps in the pursuit of achieving a business dream.

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Clear and simple to apply in life.

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Dangana Abu Anas

Thank God for this. Nice job

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You are really working to make the world a better place. May God help you and us to put these steps to action. I like it and will share with my friends

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Tracy H

Comfort Zone

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Simple and easily actionable tasks. Clear and concise.

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Great content

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Great advice, thank you, it gave me the boost I needed

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