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Q&A: 4 Great Questions On How To Achieve Financial Freedom

Today’s Q&A is different from others, as Harv addresses multiple questions from people asking about resources, what to do and where to go which, at the core all relate to freedom in life and ultimately, to financial freedom.

You’ll find 3 questions, each with a reference to an insightful post to read if you like, before getting to Question 4 that sums up the heart of today’s mentoring message.

Ready to break free?

Question 1 from Reader:

“How do I lead a balanced life?

What’s the first step in finding that direction?

I’m a business owner… I find it difficult to turn the business off, so it’s impossible to do all the things I’d like to do if I’m always feeling overwhelmed and stressed.”

Harv’s Answer:

I take it that you’re new to the millionaire mind community because if you weren’t, you would know that what we do is constantly work on balancing life for happiness and success.

It is for this reason that we offer the Mentoring Q&A so we can learn from each other, help one another and ultimately find what works for us in the real world.

You can read this post for a great starting point.

Question 2 from Reader:

“At age 55 when I look back now , there are many things I should have done differently with my money because I’m nowhere near where I could have been with different choices.

I have a teen daughter.

I would like to jump start her financial life with the knowledge that I now wish I had.

Is there a program we can do together?”

Harv’s answer:

Yes, there’s a program you can do together.

And in fact, the more we speak about personal finance with our kids, and teach them how to manage their money responsibly (okay I mean like a millionaire), the greater success lies ahead for them.

Here’s an excellent post on exactly that!

Question 3 from Reader:

“I would love some advice on how to manage money in order to stay perfectly in the flow of money in and money out.

Is there a program for this?”

Harv’s Answer:

Yes absolutely, because what good would money do you if you’re unable to manage it, right?

How you do anything is how you do everything!

You’ll find a very descriptive infographic on the JARS Money Management System in this post.

Question 4 from Reader:

“What would be a good investment vehicle for beginners?

I’ve saved up a bit of money and I’d like to put it to work and I have no idea where to go from that point.

I don’t know anything about stocks and real estate is too big for me at this point.

I guess the next step would be education but there’s just too much confusing information.

What should I do next?”

Harv’s Answer:

Thank you for a beautiful question because it speaks to the heart of what our training is all about and also, it encapsulates the core of all the questions you’ve read so far!

I can’t continue though, without saying this first… you’re wrong about real estate.

We recently completed what I believe to be the absolute predominant work in financial freedom on planet earth.

I got very very tired and very disappointed in looking at people who are such wonderful people, and have such struggle financially.

It bothers me, it really really bothers me and you know I come from a spiritual space.

So many people wish to balance their lives…

They desire love in their life, they crave happiness in their life and this is what I’m all about…

And they just have so much stress and struggle around money it just kills everything.

And it’s such a drag… I know it’s a drag because I was there in my life at one point.

So I know what a drag it is and so, for me, the number one thing in the world on a financial level is not to be rich…

I mean that’s great, but it’s not to be rich, it’s to be financially free.

That’s winning the money game.

And you know we teach this.

But the question was… How do you do it?

And so, I’ve taken an enormous amount of time and I put together what I would have needed to hear more than 30 years ago…

What would have ‘done it’ for me, were I to save myself literally 30 years of struggle, stress, worrying and problems, to really become financially free quickly?

Because those of you who know me, will know that I’ve said this many times…

My highest value in life is freedom.

That got passed down to me…

It’s freedom and so, my mission in life is to help people become free in every way, shape and form but especially financially…

Because it just drags everything down when we’re not free.

So I created this product called “Five Years to Freedom” and it contains everything you need to become totally financially free in 3 easy steps within 5 years or less!

I boiled it down to some very specific steps and principles, and in my humble opinion, if you follow these steps, and implement them in your life, you will be free and you will be free quickly.

And if you miss any one of these steps, it will be hard.

I literally have dozens of steps, everybody’s got steps right?

But when I looked at my life, identifying the biggest difference makers, what really worked in the real world for me…

I don’t care about any books or anything else, just about what worked for me in my life…

It came down to these critical elements that must be in place for you to become financially free quickly.

The course is in ebook format, and when I wrote it, I knew from the grace of Spirit, that this is IT!

If people get this knowledge, holy freakin’ moly, they will be happier than they ever imagined possible.

They will realize they’ve got the necessary steps to become financially free at a crazy level.

There’s nothing else you’re required to do except for these 3 steps okay.

They’re very pertinent and although they’re very simple, they are profound… Powerful… They work!

And I realized that this is what worked for everybody who finally made it to their financial freedom, because it worked for me too.

Now the question is…

A… Will you ever become financially free… and

B… How long will it take you… and

C… How much stress and struggle will be involved?

Now I’m saying this to you because in my humble experience, if you implement these 3 steps in your life, you will be free in short order.

And if you don’t… If you EVER get free it will take you a while.

I believe this program is going to solve so many problems for so many people and their families because there’s no frickin’ bigger drag in the world than financial issues!.

Except for one.. And that’s health issues.

You totally got me on that okay, money issues don’t compare to health issues!

And to consider how many people with health issues don’t get better because of money issues…

Let’s not go there right now, because I’m talking to you about YOU and YOUR FREEDOM now so let’s assume that all of us here are reasonably healthy okay…

Understand that earning or having a lot of money does not necessarily make you free.

You see, you could be earning megabucks or inherit millions and still not be free.

I was in that position myself for goodness sakes!

I was earning a ton of money, but working 15 hours a day every day of the week to keep it up.

I was in a situation where, if I didn’t keep it up, not only would I lose the money I was earning, I would lose a fortune elsewhere too!

That’s the situation I put myself in… I don’t know if anybody realizes this.

So we work our A$$E$ off and even if we have a lot of money coming in we’re not free at all!!

We’re freakin’ slaves still… OBLIGATIONS!

And thank God that I learned my way out of that and that it worked for me.

Because I create through analysis, I know what I’m doing when I’m doing it, and I know what works and doesn’t work because I watch that…

I go… “Well, that didn’t work… That didn’t work… Hmm, this works… This works… This works!” and I dissect what works and what doesn’t work very carefully…

It’s one of the things I’m decent at… I have a lot of things that I’m not so good at but I‘m what’s called an ‘Analytical Creative’ so before I create something I’ve analyzed it in my life!

And I’ve made some serious mistakes…

So these are the result of both the mistakes that I made, and the ‘thank goodness I’m appreciative for the massive success I’ve had and how I became financially free’

And what actually worked vs.what didn’t work, that I thought would work.

If this resonates with you whatsoever, and you feel like freedom is important to you…

And if you’d like more CHOICE in your life such as choosing if, when and whether you work or not… because let’s face it, the goal is to never have to work again

And if you value freedom as a gift to yourself and to your family and to your loved ones…

And if you realize you’re a good person who deserves to have a wonderful life because you appreciate what’s in front of you which raises the value of what you’re looking at…

And if you don’t have decades to work towards your financial freedom and you don’t have time to figure out for yourself what works and what doesn’t…

And if taking action to put financial freedom in place in your life right now is a priority for you…

And if you are ready to make one radical change in your habits to change your life for the better…

And if you’d like freedom to be your reality by taking the smallest step in the right direction today…

Then trading what you’d pay for a pair of socks for a ‘FIVE YEARS TO FREEDOM eBook’ to have the tools to change your financial situation forever is a no-brainer!

If you’re reading this, I know you desire to have the power to choose IF and WHEN you want to work, no matter where you're starting from.

Next Steps

Financial Freedom should be your first priority and if you’d like 3 easy steps to follow in a specific order to achieve financial freedom in 5 years or less, then download Harv’s eBook + 9 additional bonuses below:


Frequently Asked Questions About Financial Freedom

Has your Mind ever wondered…

What is meant by financial freedom?

Financial freedom is the very first place you should focus your energy, whether you’d like to become a millionaire or not.

Being financially free means that you have passive income sufficient to cover your ‘needs’, giving you the freedom to work only IF and WHEN you so desire.

It takes far less time, money and effort to become financially free, than it does to become rich. 

How do you get financial freedom?

What sets rich people apart from poor people is how they manage their money.

Using the 6 Jars Money Management System can help you create the habit of excellent money management and by investing the funds in your FFA (Financial Freedom Account) into passive income streams, your money will work for you so you can become financially free.

How much money do you need for financial freedom?

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be rich to be financially free.

It’s quite the opposite.

But if you’d like to be really rich, you have to become financially free first.

Having the freedom to choose whether or not you work wil give you the time you require to focus on building your wealth producing business.

Learning proven strategies from someone who has succeeded before you is the fastest way to achieve your goal of financial freedom and millionaire expert T. Harv Eker is a great example to model.

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