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3 Bad Habits That Are Preventing You From Becoming Rich

Many people feel that a lack of money is what is holding them back when they are not doing as well as they want financially. Harv Eker, well known speaker, trainer, and author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, believes a lack of money is just a symptom and not the real cause of financial struggles. 

The real cause is usually one of 3 bad habits he sees.

If you can break these habits, you will see your chances of becoming wealthy skyrocket. 

He advises that you:

  • Stop Blaming

  • Stop Maiming

  • Stop Complaining

Whether you are being held back by one or all of these unhealthy habits, if you truly want to become wealthy, you need to begin working on breaking them. Today.

1. Stop Blaming

You must accept that nobody is holding you back other than yourself.

The universe doesn’t have it out for you.

The economy is not to blame.

It’s not your parents.

It’s you.

This is not to say you are lazy or incapable in any way.

It’s about understanding that it is you who are responsible for working with whatever it is you have to get out of the position you are currently in.

Do you want to experience real success?

Then you must believe deep down inside that you are the one in control.

It is you behind the wheel. 

You are the one that creates your success or your mediocrity. 

Replacing your bad money habits with better money habits will influence pretty much every other decision you make in life.

Most people that you will encounter in life would rather play the role of victim and shift responsibility for their circumstances.

They blame their luck, fate, the market, or anything else they can point their finger at as long as it is pointed away from themselves.

Instead, take responsibility.

Understand that you are in control, whether it is in regards to money or relationships the same applies. 

It is the blueprint that you create for yourself and your Mindset that will determine your financial life.

2. Stop Maiming

Many people harm their own financial potential by clinging to beliefs like, “Money is not really important.” 

As Harv says, people who say things like that usually do not have a lot of it. 

This is pretty simple.

If you disavow the importance of something, chances are you will never have an abundance of it.

Don’t maim your chances of financial success and happiness by downplaying the importance of what will lead you to it.

3. Stop Complaining

The last bad habit you want to rid yourself of is complaining.

It is the worst thing you can do for both your physical and financial health.

Here is why complaining will hurt you. 

What you focus on expands.

When you are complaining, what are you focusing on?

If you are complaining, you are inviting more of those problems into your life.

As Harv says, you become a “giant crap-magnet.”

Next Steps

What can you do to break these habits?

Here is an assignment for you: no blaming, maiming, or complaining for seven full days. 

Start living by the motto, “If it is to be, it’s up to me.”

Repeat that motto aloud.

Repeat it every morning.

Change your attitude towards your money and soon enough you'll find yourself with more money making habits than good spending habits.