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If you're looking to learn the Secret Psychology of Wealth then watch this 2-minute video...

Learn the Secret Psychology of Wealth. Watch this 2-minute video...

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Los Angeles, CA Speedwealth

01 - 01, JAN 2020

Learn How To Think Like A Millionaire…Stop Earning A Living And Create A SpeedWealth Mindset In
Los Angeles, CA

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168 S Los Robles Ave, Pasadena, CA 91101, USA

200 Attenders


Develop A SpeedWealth Mindset in Los Angeles, CA Speedwealth

Change Brings Opportunity! Quick Change Brings Quick Opportunity!

In the first lesson, we explain why you have to develop a “SpeedWealth” mindset…

And from there, we take you down a rabbit hole of personal and business transformation that has been trekked by millionaires who were once where you are now.

Winning the Money Game

By claiming your copy of this e-book, it will reveal the timeless strategies to create wealth in any economy.

Along with the e-book you will also receive a free, 8-part mini SpeedWealth course to support the e-books 8 actionable SpeedWealth Principles.

Here’s just a part of what is covered in the ebook:

  • 8 power principles to create a dynamic business system to create lasting wealth.
  • The law of income and how it’s either working for you or against you
  • A common mistake that most people make that could be preventing you from achieving the type of wealth you desire
  • The 8 letter word that will help you work smarter instead of harder (if you’re not using this you’re working too hard and earning too little)

What Leaders Are Saying

“Study T. Harv Eker as if your life depended on it … financially it may!”

Tony Robbins


#1 Coach, Peak Performance

“Whether you are reclaiming your optimal health, reinventing yourself or rediscovering your passions and joy this seminar does a brilliant job of converging all of its wisdom and genius into a magnificent body of work that we all can benefit from.”

Lisa Nichols



“I urge you to read the book – I believe that this is the most powerful and practical book on becoming wealthy you will ever read. It is loaded with ideas, insights and strategies that will change your life forever.”

Brian Tracy



“A MASTERFUL teacher and visionary who provides practical hope with essential real-life skills.”

Marcia Wieder



An Effective, Simple System for Money Management

The Millionaire Mind Intensive Seminar was developed to help you rethink the way you have always approached money. Using the seminars tried-and-tested methods, this money management system teaches you how to repair and improve your current financial life, no matter how little, or how much capital you may have to begin with.

The seminar also uncovers the missing link between wanting success and actually accomplishing it – helping people switch their prior money habits for far more effectual ones.

Intense Breakthrough Learning

During the 3 day seminar, a series of ground-breaking exercises and workshops will be conducted that are specifically designed to teach you about the money game. Other things that will be covered include your outer world and how it reflects your inner world – helping you to re-think your attitude towards money.

The first 2 days focuses on your “roots,” your inner game, and shows how to reset your money thermostat for a new level of wealth. The 3rd day is a special day called the Financial Freedom Intensive. This day is specifically designed to provide real-world advice on what to do and how to do it, to become financially free. Included in this module are examples of business and income vehicles that are suitable in today’s economy.

What Leaders Are Saying

“I have admired T. Harv Eker for years. I highly recommend this work for anyone seeking to increase their financial, mental, and emotional wealth.”

Jack Canfield



“Incredible wisdom on taking charge of your life and realizing your potential.”

Sharon Lechter



“T. Harv Eker gives you a blueprint and the tools to build your house of wealth, from the inside out, so it will stand the test of time and circumstance.”

Dennis Waitley



“I was inspired to more courageously embrace my own reinvention story and trust that I’m on the right track – even when it doesn’t feel that way.”

Karen Leland



You Have a Personal Money and Success Blueprint

The Secret Psychology of Wealth is one of the key elements of the Millionaire Mind Seminar. This holds the key that could help you unlock your personal money and success blueprint, learn how to change your blueprint to help you improve your finances and even how to change your habits and attitude towards money and success.

Not quite sure how it works? It’s fairly simple really – in essence, blueprints are the patterns that each of us possess. It comes from our past programming—things we learned in childhood in three 3 primary ways: Verbal Conditioning – what we heard; Modeling – what we saw; and, Specific Incidents – what we experienced. These blueprints have been set during our formative childhood years, and go on to shape our financial futures as adults.

But here’s the thing…

Your Financial Blueprint Can Be Changed!

The good news is that we can change our blueprint with the right training and know-how. The effective money management skills that are taught during the seminar help to provide a better idea on how you can reprogram yourself for wealth – even if your blueprint had you on a course for bad financial decisions and lack of wealth.

One of the main objectives of the Millionaire Mind Intensive is to show you:

  • How to recognize your “money personality” and learn to build on your strengths and overcome your weaknesses.
  • How rich people think and how to adopt their ingrained blueprint for abundance.
  • How to break through obstacles, fear, beliefs and habits.
  • How to alleviate and change the negativity you have around wealth and money.
  • Why you have the right to succeed in life, and how resenting other rich people lessen your chances of achieving riches.

You’ll Receive Free Lessons, Tools and Resources

After going through the SpeedWealth ebook and supporting mini course, you’ll receive ongoing ‘Million Dollar Lessons’. These lessons are filled with relevant updates, important tips, advice and information on what it really takes to be a millionaire.


We’ll help you develop a millionaire mindset to think, feel and act differently about money, wealth, and most importantly… yourself!


We’ll help you figure out what has to happen to start a business or grow a business in order to work part-time or full-time for yourself.


For many, figuring out where to start or how to take your mindset and business to the next level is tough. What if I don’t get leads/customers/clients? What if I’m not good enough? How do I turn my skills into a business? What are the best tools and resources to use? What if I’m procrastinating?


Limited Promotional Offer: FREE

What Leaders Are Saying

“The Creator of Secrets of The Millionaire Mind is one of the most extraordinary speakers and trainers in the world today! The experiential techniques taught are transformational and creates amazing results!”

Mark V. Hansen



“If you are fighting about money it’s probably because your financial blueprint doesn’t match. Learn from T. Harv Eker and watch your relationships transform.”

John Gray



“Secrets of The Millionaire Mind demystifies why some people are destined to be rich while others are destined for a life of struggle. If you want to learn about the root cause of success, learn from the book.”

Robert G. Allen



“T. Harv Eker shows you how just a tiny change in your thinking will create a massive transformation in your career and life.”

Phil Town



You’ll Receive Free Lessons, Tools and Resources


Limited Promotional Offer: FREE

Claiming Your Copy Is As Easy as 1-2-3

1. Click the orange button above or below & then ‘DOWNLOAD FOR FREE’ button on next page.
2. Fill in your first name and email in the priority form.
3. Click ‘Download My Book Now’

You’ll then receive an email confirming your download along with a welcome email of what to do next.


Best Seller List


Best Seller List

Hilton Pasadena
168 South Los Robles Avenue
Pasadena, Ca 91101
United States
Tel: +1 626-577-1000

Friday 21st February; 09:00am – 11:00pm
Saturday 22nd February; 09:00am – 11:00pm
Sunday 23rd February; 08:00am – 7:00pm

The speaker is committed to the highest standard of presentation and insists that all materials are covered. Therefore the times may vary. Friday and Saturday are expected to finish between 9pm and 11pm and Sunday between 6pm and 7pm.

Currently tuition to the Millionaire Mind Experience is free. If you see and click on the special ‘Click Here To Register’ button above, your tuition will be paid for. Free scholarships are available on a first-come, first-served basis and the offer will end as soon as the limited number of scholarships are taken for any given seminar.

Should you wish to take advantage of front row seating and some bonus materials offered at the seminar there is an option of upgrading your free ticket to a VIP or Premium seat for an additional fee.

Friday 21st February. Starts at 08:00am. Every participant MUST register.

The program will start promptly at 9am. The Millionaire Mind Experience is an extremely popular course, and a full house is anticipated. Ensure you arrive early to check in and get a good seat. Latecomers will be admitted at the first suitable break in the program.

Admission to the seminar is strictly upon presentation of Entry ticket/E-Admission ticket only. Kindly present your entry ticket/e-admission ticket and exchange with a pass for admission purpose.

The Seating Category (VIP/Premium/General) printed on top of your tickets indicates your seating section. Free seating applies only within your seating category.

Business wear or smart casual. Please dress comfortably, making sure you bring a sweater to each session, as the temperature in the conference facilities can fluctuate.

Catering will not be provided at the event. However, there are surrounding food outlets. The trainer is always committed to the highest level of his presentation, therefore, the timing for all breaks may be irregular. You are advised to bring along your own snacks.

Writing pads and pens
A warm sweater or jacket
Some snacks as the timing for all breaks may be irregular
A capped, refillable water bottle
Necessary travel documents (for overseas delegates)
Business Cards

Hilton Pasadena
168 South Los Robles Avenue
Pasadena, Ca 91101
United States
Tel: +1 626-577-1000

Sheraton Pasadena Hotel
303 Cordova St
Pasadena, CA 91101
United States
Tel: +1 626-449-4000

Hyatt Place Pasadena
399 E Green St
Pasadena, CA 91101
United States
Tel: +1 626-788-9108

As the course days will be long and demanding, we highly recommend you allow yourself the most convenient and comfortable night’s sleep possible by booking a room close to the venue. A proper evening’s rest will ensure you get the most out of your educational investment.

Special room rates for seminar attendees will be available at one or more hotels close to the seminar venue; you will receive additional information about this once you’ve been confirmed for the event. These reserved block of rooms are known however to fill up very quickly, so book as soon as possible once you’ve registered to ensure that you can take advantage of the special group rate. When booking your room, ask the hotel about their no-show, late-arrival and early-departure policies to ensure that you are not penalized for any reason.

By Air:
The closest international airports are John Wayne Airport and Los Angeles International Airport. The nearest major airport for domestic flights is Long Beach Airport.

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