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Creative Financing and Flexibility of the Millionaire Mind

Finding financing for your enterprise or any other cause close to your heart can be daunting.

If I told you that you don't need a fortune to make a fortune, how would you feel?

Creative financing is the key to unlocking the funding of your requirements, wants and needs and apparently it isn’t the most difficult thing to do either...

New York Times Bestselling Author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, T. Harv Eker, is as creative as he is exemplary in the matters of success and finances. 

Not only did he go from broke to millionaire in 2.5 years, but he has helped countless others do the same, which is why we are sharing the knowledge he shares with students and seekers all over the world with you. 

So how did he achieve big success and financial freedom? 

Harv would tell you himself that he found ways to always make money available by applying creative financing, and staying flexible, which is exactly what we’re exploring below.


No doubt that you’ve heard the expression, “It takes money to make money?” before...

Most people in the Millionaire Mind community know this to be untrue. 

Harv’s perspective on it is that it nurtures some confidence and reasonable security. 

And, it could expedite matters he admits, but if you ask yourself if money is really required to start a business, you’ll find the answer is NO.  

You must however learn to be more flexible Harv insists, and he adds that you have to know how to make use of creative financing to your advantage.

Use Creative Financing To Win Flexibility

A multitude of millionaires have lost everything, fallen into massive debt, and still managed to find a way to recover and Harv will share with you that he’s no exception to learning valueable and expensive lessons.

According to Harv, “It takes money to make money” is a phrase people use to create the illusion of safety and security to enable their inaction. 

They have no reason to leave their comfort zones then, nothing to push them to go out and get what they want, he says

Perhaps many people are simply unaware of other ways to finance their endeavors.

So let’s look at some of Harv’s fundamental ideas around finding capital, and believe it if you dare, that imagination is the hardest part, but creativity becomes easier once you realize and comprehend it.  

The wealthiest people in the world didn’t get to where they are by doing what everybody else does. Wealthy people use creative financing. -T. Harv Eker

Although time may be limited, Harv urges you to consider these basic options before you start:

Option 1: Don’t Start Yet.


Utilize your skill set and time productively on something that doesn’t require much money. 

It should be obvious but it had to be said. 

Don’t expect a home run on your first go. 

Gain confidence through smaller wins, some singles, perhaps a double, do it gradually.


Option 2: If It’s Not Working, Do Something Different.

We’ve all got our plans, some work, others don’t. 

What’s your response when the universe says, “Nope, this ain’t happening?” 

Become frustrated and self-loathing? 


You try another way!


Learn To Be Flexible With Your Plans

A vast many people will wait until they believe their plan is absolutely solid and perfect before taking action. 

These types of individuals, says Harv, are easily distracted and frazzled when their rock-solid plans start showing cracks.  

This is why Harv absolutely insists that you must be flexible and adapt to trying another way. 

Because flexibility is key.

Resources toward starting something are always required. 

But, Harv argues that you don’t need a foolproof plan immediately. 

He recommends that you start with what you have, where you are, and with what you can.  

As counter-intuitive as it may seem, one of the first rules of financing is: You don’t need the financing! Change the way you’re going about it. -T. Harv Eker


Common Sources Of Creative Financing

The more common ways to source financing are through loans, says Harv, such as from banks. 

He adds that finding someone who has collateral, and is willing to co-sign a loan, is another often overlooked standard method. 

Just about everyone started their financial history with a co-signed loan, whether it was for schooling, their first credit card, or their first car. 

Therefore Harv urges to let this remind you to keep good relations with your nearest and dearest.

Private lenders, he says, are yet another option, or you could partner with somebody who has the necessary collateral. 

Home equity is the easiest way to get money, according to Harv

When you have available equity in property, or another asset that can be taken, getting money is generally no problem.

Now, Harv’s asking you to go back to business basics, and entertain buying and selling in a way that could potentially revolutionize your business conduct…  

You simply reverse the order, Harv suggests.  

Pre-sell your services or products before you need to deliver or buy them.


Generate Cash Flow

Harv insists on doing just that, before as well as during his enterprises and he has never had cash flow problems in his life because of it.  

And it’s not just for the initial financing of a business, as the rule remains ongoing.  

It makes sense if you think about it, says Harv and he urges you to ask yourself“Why should I pay for the product?  If you want it, you pay for it.” 

The customer is simply paying sooner for the product, he says

Although typically people wish to see products before buying them, few realize all they often get to see is the packaging, not the actual product…

Remember Harv’s words: the mind of a millionaire can’t think like everyone else.

Who’s to say monies can’t come until customers get their product?  

People pre-order stuff every day. 

The key here is to take advantage of or create a demand, or a ‘perceived’ demand, says Harv

This is where we draw on marketing, which, if effectively executed, can be much more affordable than actual production.

Carrying costs are also reduced by reversing the buy/sell order, Harv continues

Not to mention mitigating the risk of overproduction that can’t be sold!

It makes sense to sell to a ‘high volume buyer’ from a prototype or sample instead. 

Harv cautions you to NOT mass produce something and then try to get it sold after the fact

That’s backward thinking and, according to Harv, the reason many people are no longer in business!

Make that shift now!

People don’t need to see the finished product.

Some people will however insist upon it. 


You too insist on upfront payment.


It’s entirely possible for you to jumpstart your enterprise with a little creative thinking and financing! 

It doesn’t have to cost you an arm, leg, or mortgage if you use Harv’s suggestions.


Conclusion: Finance Yourself Creatively, Independently, and Freely

Where there’s a will there’s a way. 

Going from broke to millions in the bank feels darn good, and you won't know unless you do it yourself.

Don’t let what’s in your mind about what you think you know, limit the decisions you make when it comes to generating cash flow or marketing your value proposition.

Reversing a common practice could well keep you out of debt, which is where you want to be, and in business, where you’d like to stay!

So monitor your money closely to make sure you can set yourself up for success.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Creative Financing

Has your Mind ever wondered...

What are the two methods of financing?

Who’s to say there can be only two?

Avoiding equity and debt financing for your startup can be as simple as accepting cash upfront for products and services.

Integrity is essential, so make sure you can deliver on promise if you want to stay in business.

How do you finance a product?

Presales and cash-on-order solutions work well to finance products, without running the risk of overproduction and dead stock lying around.

Not only does it reduce cost, but it also reduces the stress that comes along with not getting existing products sold.

What is bootstrap financing?

Using prior income from sales, personal savings, funding with the help of loved ones or borrowed cash for a startup are popular ways and often preferred to taking out traditional loans, the involvement of crowdfunding or seeking investors.

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