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The best-selling book Secrets of the Millionaire Mind is a ground-breaking book. As one of the foremost business and lifestyle coaches in North America, the author is able to share the insight and knowledge that has helped thousands of people get the financial rewards they seek in life.
As an instant best-seller, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind has gained critical acclaim amongst media and readers, ranking high in leading publications such as:
WALL STREET JOURNAL – Nonfiction Bestseller List
WALL STREET JOURNAL – Business Bestseller List
NEW YORK TIMES – Hardcover Advice, How-to, Miscellaneous List
NEW YORK TIMES – Business Bestseller List
USA TODAY – Bestseller List and top-selling nonfiction title
USA TODAY – Money Bestseller List
PUBLISHERS WEEKLY – Hardcover Nonfiction List
In this groundbreaking book, the author shares his concept of the ‘money and success blueprint’ and explains how these blueprints are ingrained starting from early childhood. This blueprint is what determines our financial success and happiness as adults. Imagine if you reprogram your blueprint and mindset to achieve your goals of becoming rich and successful – and not only acquiring wealth, but also keeping it.
This is what Secrets of the Millionaire Mind aims to do – giving 17 ways that will help to change your blueprint for good and achieve financial freedom and success. No matter how much you think you may know in the world of finance and business, no matter how good your business skills may be, you will still never be able to change your financial blueprint without the invaluable knowledge departed in this book.
Secrets of the Millionaire Mind features two key parts:
Part I explains the concept of your personal money and success blueprint. You will learn how your childhood conditioning shapes your financial destiny. Plus, you will learn how to identify your own money blueprint and how to change it in order to create and keep wealth for the long-term.
Part II introduces you to the concept of Wealth Files’, which shows you what it is that makes rich people different from poor or middle-class people. Throughout each Wealth File you will get given action steps and exercises that you can practice in order to increase your wealth.
The book also covers the 44 Wealth Principles, helping you to master the inner game of wealth and the important money and mindset affirmations; ‘Attitudes of Wealth‘.
This book is for anyone who wants more from life, and wants to do whatever they can to achieve their financial goals. Thanks to the author’s refreshing, engaging and inspiring method of teaching, you will learn how to “think rich to get rich” as you learn how to change your blueprint and learn the secrets of the millionaire mind!
If you are looking for more detailed and comprehensive guidance on what it really takes to take control of your financial destiny, then the Millionaire Mind Experience is the place to begin.


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