The 17 Wealth Files

17 Ways Rich People Think And Act Differently from Poor And Middle-Class People

An excerpt from T Harv Eker's Book - Secrets of the Millionaire Mind:

The Process of Manifestation was tackled in the first part of this book. It was said that we have thoughts that lead to feelings, feelings lead to actions, and actions lead to results. It is in your mind and in your thoughts where everything originates.

Let these Wealth Files guide you to a sound mindset of abundance.

Isn’t it great to have been blessed with a powerful mind?

This particular part of our body is an essential basis of our life. But, most of us don’t see the actual function of this tool. So, let’s start looking into how your mind works.

Figuratively, your mind can be compared to a large file cabinet that houses a lot of information that is individually labeled and organized in different folders.

It is made that way so it’s easy to retrieve and to help you survive. If you notice, I didn’t say thrive, I said survive.

In every situation that you face, you automatically seek help from those files of your mind in order to know how to react. You’re thinking about a financial opportunity for example.

Naturally, you browse the files that indicate money and see what you can do from that point.
The thoughts that you gain are only those that are saved in your money file.

Simply put, if you think about money, your mind will direct you to the thoughts under that particular aspect.

The decision that you make will be based on what you find reasonable, sensible, and suitable for you at that time. You do what you think is the right thing to do.

But, what you think is right may not be the same thing that will make you successful. In fact, what you think may more often produce extremely poor results.

Think of yourself having a wonderful time with your wife at the mall, when her eye spots this incredibly gorgeous green purse that is luckily on sale for 25 percent off.

Without delay, she seeks help from her mind files asking “Should I get this purse?” In an instant, her mind files will reply: “You’ve been looking for a green purse to go with those green shoes you bought last week.

Plus it’s just the right size. Buy it!” So, she excitedly grabs the purse, brings it to the checkout counter thinking that she’s so lucky that she’s going to have the purse she wanted, and flashes a bright smile, proud of herself for being able to purchase it 25 percent less.

For her, making that purchase is a wise decision, as that's what her mind lets her think. She wishes to have it, she thinks she needs it, and it is “such a deal.”

But, on the contrary, the thought “True, this is a really nice purse, and true, this is a great deal, but right now I’m three thousand dollars in debt, so I’d better hold off,” never crossed her mind.

It’s not possible for her to come up with that information because there is no file in her head containing that information. There is no file saying “When you’re in debt, don’t buy any more” saved in her mind therefore that particular choice is not an option.

Do you understand what I’m trying to point out? There are files stored in your cabinet that are non-supportive to financial success, so your choices are limited to those thoughts present.

You’ll find them natural, automatic, and they will make perfect sense to you.
But, in the end, they will still produce financial failure or mediocrity at best.

On the other hand, if you’ve got files that supports financial success, it naturally follows that you make decisions that produce success.

You no longer have to think about it.

The way you are thinking will result in success, kind of like Donald Trump. His standard way of thinking produces wealth.

With regards to money, wouldn’t it be great if you could naturally think exactly like rich people think? I hope you said “absolutely” or something like that to that question.

Well, you can!

As mentioned before, if you desire for change to occur in your life then you must create more awareness. In short, in order to think the way rich people do, you must first know how they think.

When it comes to way of thinking, rich people have a different way of seeing things than poor and middle-class people.
Rich people think differently especially when it comes to money, wealth, themselves, other people, and pretty much every other facet of life.

In the second part of this book, we’re going to look at some of these differences and, as part of your reconditioning we’re going to put in seventeen substitute “wealth files” into your mind.

Having new files will mean new options. You can then catch yourself thinking like poor and middle-class people and intentionally change your focus to how rich people think.

Keep in mind, you have a choice to think in ways that will enable you to achieve happiness and success instead of ways that don’t.

Here are a few warnings to start with. First, I do not intend to humiliate poor people in any way, shape, or form or be regarded as someone who does not have compassion for their situation.

For me, rich people are not superior to poor people. They’re only richer.
Also, I want to make sure that you understand what I’m trying to impart, so I’m going to establish a line indicating the difference between rich and poor people in as an extreme way as possible.

Second, every time I mention rich, poor, and middle-class people, I am not referring to how rich or how important they are in the society instead I am trying to focus on their mentality or how various types of people think and act.

Third, I will be generalizing “big time.” I am fully aware that not all rich and not all poor people are exactly the way I’m describing them to be. Again, my intention is to make sure that you grasp each principle and apply it.

Fourth, I will not always be talking about the middle class in particular. I think middle-class people usually have a combination of rich and poor mentalities. Again, my goal is for you to find out your place on the scale and to think more like the rich if you desire to have more wealth.

Fifth, most principles are more associated to habits and actions than with ways of thinking. As mentioned before, our actions come from our feelings, which are from our thoughts. So, every rich action will result from a rich way of thinking.

Lastly, I’m going to request you to be willing to let go of being right! In short, I’m asking you to be willing to stop doing things your way. You know why? Because your way of doing things has provided you with everything that you’ve got at the present.

If you want to have more of the same, then continue with what you’re doing.
But, if you’re not rich even after doing it your way then it’s probably time to think of another way, or try to consider something that is offered by someone who has tremendous wealth and has caused thousands of others to be rich too.

Everything is actually up to you.

The concepts you are about to learn are simple but profound. They can make real changes for real people in the real world. How do I know?
At my company, Peak Potentials Training, we get thousands of letters and e-mails sent our way every year letting us know how each wealth file changed people’s lives.

If you learn them and make use of them, I am confident they will create change in your life too.

Each section ends with a declaration and a physical movement with which to “anchor” it into your body. You will also find actions to take to support you in accepting this wealth file.

It is very important that you make use of each wealth file in your life immediately so that the knowledge can go to a physical, cellular level and form lasting and permanent change.

We are individuals that create habits, most people are aware of that.
But, they don’t have an idea that there are two kinds of habits: doing habits and non-doing habits.

Non-doing habits are everything that you are not doing at present.

In order to change these non-doing habits to doing habits you simply have to do them. Yes, reading will help you, but when you go from reading to doing, then everything will be different. If you truly desire success, prove it by doing the actions suggested.

Source: Secrets of the Millionaire Mind T. Harv Eker © 2003


Frequently Asked Questions About Secrets of the Millionaire Mind Wealth Files

What is a wealth file?

Principles of wealth creation that are simple enough to interpret, understand and apply in the real world for real results, that help reprogram the subconscious mind to think in supportive terms and eliminate limitations.

How did Harv Eker make his money?

After two decades of hard lessons, Eker embarked on a quest to unearth the relationships high net worth individuals have with their resources and after applying what he had learned about the mindset, mentality and habits that result in wealth, he helped may people help themselves to become millionaires, which resulted in a healthy net worth of his own as well. 

What is the secret of wealth creation?

Programming your blueprint with supportive language & beliefs and practicing millionaire habits of excellence daily.

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