Wealth File #3 – Commit to Being Rich

Rich people “are committed to being rich”.
Poor people “want to be rich”.

Try asking anyone if they would want to become rich and they’d most likely look at you as if you were out of your mind. “Of course I want to be rich,” they’d say.

But, in reality, most people don’t really want to be rich. What’s the reason? It is because they have many negative wealth files stored in their subconscious mind. These thoughts let them think that there is something wrong with being rich.

One of the questions we ask people at our Millionaire Mind Intensive Seminar is “What are some of the possible negatives about being rich or trying to get rich?”

Here are some common answers to that question. See if you can relate to any of these:

“What if I make it and lose it? Then I’ll really be a failure.”

“I’ll never know if people like me for myself or for my money.”

“I’ll be at the highest tax bracket and have to give half my money to the government.”

“It’s too much work.”

“I could lose my health trying.”

“My friends and family will say, ‘Who do you think you are?’ and criticize me.”

“Everyone’s going to want a handout.”

“I could be robbed.”

“My kids could be kidnapped.”

“It’s too much responsibility. I’ll have to manage all that money. I’ll have to really understand investments. I’ll have to worry about tax strategies and asset protection and have to hire expensive accountants and lawyers. Yuck, what a hassle.” And on and on it goes….

As I pointed out earlier, each one of us has an existing wealth file in our minds. Within this file are our personal beliefs which includes our thoughts on why it would be amazing to be rich.

But, this wealth file also contains information as to why being rich may not be so incredibly great and these thoughts are present amongst most people. This means they impart mixed internal messages about wealth. One part would say, “Having more money will make life a lot more fun.” But then another part would scream, “Yeah, but I’m going to have to work like a dog! What fun is that?” Still another part would say, “I’ll be able to travel the world.” These mixed messages are sometimes considered as innocent thoughts, but in reality, they are one of the major reasons why most people fail to become rich.

Try to consider it this way. The universe, which is another way of saying “higher power,” is like a big mail-order department.

It is continuously sending people, events, and things to you. You are sending messages or “orders” to the universe and what you get of course is based on your prime beliefs. As stated earlier, regarding on the Law of Attraction, the universe will do whatever it can to say yes and provide and support you. But if your file is all mixed up, the universe will be confused on what you really want.

At first you would say that you want to be rich and the universe would react by sending you opportunities that would possibly make you rich. Then the universe would hear you say, “Rich people are greedy,” so it will begin to put you in a situation where you will not be having much money. But then you think, “Having a lot of money makes life so much more enjoyable,” so the poor universe, shocked and puzzled, would again start sending you opportunities for more money. The next day you’re in a dull mood which further made you think, “Money’s not that important.” The frustrated universe finally give up and screams, “Make up your frickin’ mind! I’ll get you what you want, just tell me what it is!”

Most people don’t usually get what they want because they actually have no clue of what it is that they want. It is clear that rich people truly want wealth. They are firm in their desire. They are fully dedicated to creating wealth. It doesn’t matter what it takes to be wealthy as long as it’s legal, moral, and ethical, they will do it. Rich people do not send mixed messages to the universe. Poor people do.

(By the way, as you read that last paragraph if you felt like there was a little voice inside your head that said something to the effect of “Rich people don’t care if it’s legal, moral, or ethical,” then reading this book is the right think to do. You’ll soon find out what a dangerous way of thinking that is.)

Source: Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, T. Harv Eker © 2003

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