Wealth File #3 - Commit to Being Rich: Public Feedback Review

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According to Eker's book: Rich people "are committed to being rich".
Also according to Eker's book: Poor people "want to be rich".

Public Perspective Overview on Eker's Wealth File #3 – "Commit to Being Rich"

T. Harv Eker's third wealth file, “Commit to Being Rich," delves deep into the psyche of financial success by distinguishing between mere desire and genuine commitment.

From the public's perspective, this wealth file resonates as an exploration of intentionality, determination, and the depth of one's dedication to achieving prosperity.

Eker's assertion that rich people are "committed to being rich" drives home the idea that mere aspiration isn't sufficient.

The public perceives this as emphasizing the active steps, sacrifices, and strategic choices that commitment entails.

It's not about a fleeting wish or a passive hope for wealth; it's about setting clear goals, having a plan, and being resolute in pursuing that plan despite challenges and setbacks.

In the public eye, this principle becomes a reflection of the proactive measures one undertakes, such as educating oneself about finances, seeking mentorship, or investing wisely.

Conversely, the notion that poor people merely "want to be rich" strikes a chord with those who recognize the pitfalls of passivity.

To the broader public, this distinction captures the essence of wishful thinking without concrete action.

Wanting without commitment might result in missed opportunities, procrastination, or getting swayed by short-term distractions.

It's the difference between daydreaming about winning the lottery and actively pursuing avenues of wealth creation.

The public discourse around this wealth file also brings up the societal and systemic challenges that can impact one's ability to commit.

While Eker's message emphasizes personal responsibility and agency, there's an acknowledgment in public conversations that external factors, such as socioeconomic background, education, and opportunities, play a significant role in shaping one's financial journey.

Yet, the overarching message remains: commitment, more than mere desire, is key to navigating the path to wealth with purpose and intention.

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Public Review & Commentary Report on Eker's Wealth File #3: "Commit to Being Rich"

The third wealth file from Eker's Secrets of the Millionaire Mind delivers a potent message: it's not enough to merely desire wealth, one must commit to it.

This file revolves around the distinction between wanting riches and fully committing to achieving them. 

As with Eker’s other principles, the reception among the public is varied and layered.

Public Unpacking of this Wealth File:

Of all the secrets of the millionaire mind, to commit to being rich is the greatest wealth-building attitude you can adopt to achieve fulfillment in your efforts.

Try asking anyone if they would want to become rich and they’d most likely look at you as if you were out of your mind.

"Of course I want to be rich,” they’d say.

But, in reality, most people don’t really want to be rich.

In "Wealth File #03," T. Harv Eker explores the crucial difference between simply wanting to be rich and being committed to achieving wealth. 

This wealth file emphasizes that when you genuinely commit to being rich, you have a fundamental characteristic of those who attain significant wealth.

Eker points out that while most people might express a desire to be rich, in reality, many do not genuinely want it. 

The reason, he suggests, lies in the subconscious negative beliefs about wealth that many people harbor - how likely the are to commit to being rich will depend on their willingness to upgrade their mindset. 

These beliefs often paint wealth in a negative light, creating internal conflicts about the pursuit of wealth.

To illustrate this, Eker shares common fears and reservations people express about becoming rich, such as fear of failure, losing one’s health, increased responsibility, and concerns about how others perceive them. 

These fears represent the mixed messages people send to the universe about their desire for wealth.

Eker likens the universe to a mail-order system, responding to the messages or ‘orders’ it receives from individuals. 

When these messages are mixed – simultaneously desiring wealth but also harboring negative beliefs about it – the result is often a failure to achieve wealth as they won’t commit to being rich. 

The universe, confused by these mixed signals, fails to provide clear opportunities for wealth accumulation.

In contrast, rich people have a clear, unwavering duty to becoming wealthy. 

They do not send mixed messages to the universe and they commit to being rich. 

Their desire for wealth is strong, and they are willing to take the necessary steps to achieve it, as long as they are legal, moral, and ethical.

Eker challenges the reader to consider their own subconscious beliefs about wealth and urges anyone wanting to improve their financial situation to commit to being rich. 

He suggests that if one harbors negative thoughts about the rich – such as questioning their ethics – it’s time to reevaluate those beliefs. 

He argues that being rich is not just about personal gain; it also allows for helping others, having more free time, and overall happiness.

In summary, Wealth File #03 from Eker’s teachings is about the importance of a true commitment to achieving wealth. 

It’s not enough to merely want to be rich; one must be committed to the process of becoming rich. 

This wealth file serves as a reminder that the path to wealth begins with a clear and unequivocal desire to achieve it, free from conflicting negative beliefs.

Therefore Eker insists that if you commit to being rich, you more than likely will achieve such a desire.

Positive Feedback from the Public

Reviewed from the public perspective, here's what is said in praise of this Wealth File:

Empowerment through Action: 

A significant portion of Eker's readership appreciates the motivational undertone. 

They perceive it as a wake-up call, urging them to turn passive wishes into actionable commitments.

Differentiating Desire from Commitment:

Many commend Eker for highlighting the difference between mere wishful thinking and true dedication. 

This distinction urges individuals to go beyond daydreams and work towards their financial goals.

Clarity of Purpose: 

By focusing on commitment, Eker drives home the idea that clarity and decisiveness are prerequisites for financial success, which resonates with those seeking direction in their financial journey.

Areas of Contention from the Public

Reviewed from the public perspective, here's what is said in criticism of this Wealth File:


Some critics believe Eker oversimplifies the path to riches. 

They argue that commitment alone, while crucial, is not the sole determinant of financial success, given the myriad external factors in play.

Elitist Undertone: 

There's a segment of the public that feels the principle might inadvertently marginalize those who, despite their strong commitment, face systemic challenges in their pursuit of wealth.

Pressure to Succeed: 

The emphasis on commitment raises concerns about the potential pressure and unrealistic expectations it might impose on individuals, leading to unnecessary stress or feelings of inadequacy.

Nuanced Feedback from the Public

Reviewed from the public perspective, here's what is said in subtle consideration of this Wealth File:

Defining "Rich": 

The discourse around this wealth file has spurred discussions on what it means to be "rich." 

Is it mere financial accumulation, or does it include intangibles like happiness, peace, and personal growth?

Balancing Commitment with Adaptability: 

While commitment is paramount, some discussions revolve around the importance of being adaptable in one's financial journey, considering the unpredictable nature of markets and life circumstances.

Psychological Aspects: 

Delving deeper into the psychological undertones, there's intrigue around the balance between commitment to wealth and ensuring mental well-being, ensuring one's self-worth isn't solely tied to financial success.

Conclusion from the Public

Wealth File #3, "Commit to Being Rich," from Eker's teachings, pushes readers to introspect on their dedication to their financial aspirations.

Celebrated for its galvanizing essence, it also stands as a testament to the multifaceted nature of the discourse on wealth, commitment, and success. 

The principle beckons individuals to re-evaluate their financial intentions, while also emphasizing the manifold dimensions of wealth in the broader context of life's journey.

Source: Secrets of the Millionaire Mind T. Harv Eker © 2003

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Frequently Asked Questions About How to Commit to Being Rich

Has your Mind ever wondered...

What are things to sacrifice to become rich?

Limiting belief systems, unsupportive language, a poor mentality, bad habits - doesn’t sound as much like sacrifice as it does liberation.

What is the mentality of a rich person?

With fearless self control, a frugal mentality and intent on being rich through focused commitment of deliberate action of planning their savings and spending, rich people sustain excellent habits, excellent management and have passive income streams that they keep funding.

What are the signs of becoming rich?

Reduced stress levels, improved cash flow, generally happier, all financial commitments being met, no debt needs.

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