Wealth File #16 – Act In Spite Of Fear

Rich people “act in spite of fear.”
Poor people “let fear stop them.”

In the previous chapters of this book we talked about the Process of Manifestation. Let’s recall the formula: thoughts produces feelings, feelings will then lead to actions, and these actions will lead to results.

Millions of people “think” about being rich. Also, there are thousands and thousands of other people who do affirmations, visualizations and meditations for getting rich. I meditate nearly every day. But, it never happened that a bag of money came out of nowhere while I sat there and was meditating and thinking of getting rich. Perhaps I am just like on of those unfortunate ones who need to work to attain success.

Affirmations, meditations, and visualizations are all amazing instruments in order to be successful, but I do believe that none of these things can actually provide you with money in the real world. In the real world where we exist, “action” is needed to succeed. Why is action vital?

If we look back to the Process of Manifestation, consider thoughts and feelings. Where do they belong, the inner world or outer world? If you think they are part of the Inner world, take a look at the results. How about if they are part of the Outer world? What this means is that the action is actually the “bridge” which connects the inner and the outer world.

If action is such an essential role in achieving success then what is keeping us from taking these actions, that we so well know we have to take?


Fear, doubt, and worry are the most common barriers, not only to success, but also to happiness. One of the biggest differences observed between rich and poor people is that the rich are still willing to act even if they feel fear. Poor people on the other hand, allow fear to stop them.

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway is a wonderful book on this topic written by Susan Jeffers. The biggest mistake people make is waiting for the feeling of fear to subside and disappear before they take action, something that will usually take them forever.

Source: Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, T. Harv Eker © 2003

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