Wealth File #12 - Think Both

Rich people think “both.”
Poor people think “either/or.”

If you're still broke, your beliefs have not been updated with secrets of the millionaire mind and your wealth mindset could use a boost.

You can have it all, and here's why you can start living it.

Rich people exist in a world of abundance. Poor people live in a world of boundaries. Of course, both are present in the same physical world, but the difference is in how they look at things.

Those who belong to the middle-class, as well as the poor, come from scarcity. They believe in sayings like “There’s only so much to go around, there’s never enough, and you can’t have everything.”

And even if the possibility to have “everything” is slim, as with all the things in the world, I do believe you can certainly have “everything you really want.”

What do you want to have? A great career or do you prefer a close connection with your family?
Do you want to make business your center of attention or have quality time for fun and play?
Do you want to make a good fortune or have the option to do the work that you love?

Most of the time, poor people only choose one while rich people choose to have both.

Rich people believe that it will only require a little imagination for you to find a way to gain the best of both worlds.

So, from this point on, if you have to deal with an either/or option, the ideal question to ask yourself is “How can I have both?”

This question will alter your life. It will take you from a model of insufficiency and restrictions to a universe filled with great promise and abundance.

This doesn’t just apply to things that you desire. It is relevant to all areas of life.

For instance, right now, I’m getting ready to deal with a discontent supplier that thinks my company, Peak Potentials, should be responsible and pay for some expenses they’ve had that weren’t agreed upon in the beginning.

As for me, I think he is responsible for estimating his costs, not me, and if he exceeded his budget, that’s something he has to solve on his own.

I am prepared to have a new agreement next time, but keeping agreements that were already made is important for me.

When I was “broke", I’d go into this conversation with the aim of making my point and making sure I don’t pay this guy even a single cent more than we agreed upon.

And even if I’d want to keep him as a supplier, this would probably lead to a big disagreement.
For me, it is either he wins or I win.

However, nowadays, I’ve taught myself to consider “both” terms, I’m going to have this conversation with the hope of creating a situation where I’m not going to pay him any more money and he’s going to be satisfied with the arrangements we do make.

Therefore, my objective is to have both! And throughout my journey, having both remained my intention.

Sure it was tough, and at times I had to work doing something I didn't love for a week or two but I never got stuck in a long-term business or job that I didn't like.

Eventually became rich doing what I loved.

Now that I know it's possible, I exclusively pursue the projects that I love.
And best of all, I have the privilege of teaching other people to do it too.

Nowhere is thinking "both" more important than in the field of money.

Having rationalized that a position that money's less important than other things, poor and many middle-class people believe they must choose between money and other facets of their lives.

People who view money with limited beliefs don't realize that the same money can be used over and over to create value for everyone.

If  you're determined to be a good person, then be "good" enough not to infect the next generation with disempowering limiting beliefs.

Live your life with the intention of having "both".

Source: Secrets of the Millionaire Mind T. Harv Eker © 2003


Frequently Asked Questions About Why Rich People Think “Both”

How do rich people think?

Among many secrets millionaires have, they definitely know they don’t need to settle, and therefore believe they don’t need to choose only one option - they think “both” will do nicely thank you.

This mindset is derived from a blueprint based on strong core values without limits.

How do rich and poor people think?

Rich people think “both” and poor people think “either/or”.

Rich people believe they are worthy of having what they want and poor people believe they’re not allowed to thrive.

Fortunately, there is a remedy for a poor mentality - it’s called a millionaire mindset.

How do millionaires think?

Millionaires allow their goal of abundance in every aspect of their lives to fill their minds with thoughts that support wealth creation.

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