Wealth File #1 - I Create My Life

Rich people believe "I create my life."
Poor people believe "Life happens to me."

Are you ready to adopt the secrets of the millionaire mind, and make it yours?

You can learn how to create what you want in life by sewing seeds into a fertile mindset.

If you want to be rich, then it is essential that you are in control of the steering wheel of your life, especially on the financial aspect.

If you don’t think this way, then you probably have little or no control of your life which also means that you have little or no control of your financial success.

That is not a well-off attitude.

Did you ever notice that it’s usually the poor people who spend a lot of money in playing the lottery?
They actually have high hopes that someone will simply try picking their name out of a hat and provide them with money and eventually will cause them to become rich.

During Saturdays, they are usually seen watching TV, patiently waiting for the result of the draw, hoping that wealth is going to “land” on them this week.

Of course, everyone wants to win the lottery, and even rich people play for fun every now and again.
But, rich people don’t spend half of their income on buying tickets and also, winning is not their primary “strategy” for making lots of money.

It is important that you believe that you are capable of creating your success, that you are the one who creates your weakness, and also the one creating your troubles about money and success.

Either you are aware of this or you’re not, it’s still you.
Poor people like to be considered as the victim instead of taking the blame on what is going on in their lives.

A victim always thinks “poor me.”
Therefore, as based on the law of intention, that’s exactly what victims get: they get to be “poor.”

Remember that I said they play the role of victim but I didn’t say they are victims.
I don’t think anyone can be considered a victim.

I think that most people play the role of a victim because they are hoping that they will get something out of it.
Are there ways to recognize people who are playing the role of a victim?  Of course there are. 

They leave very obvious clues, however, before we discuss them, please understand that I know, these ways of being have nothing to do with anyone reading this book.

But, perhaps you might know someone who can relate.
And also, you probably know that person very well!

Either way, I suggest you pay enough attention to this part.

Here are three clues that betray a victim mindset.

They Blame…  It’s always someone else’s fault that they are not rich.
Whether it's because of the economy, the government, stock markets, their brokers, the type of business they’re in, their employer, their employees, their managers, head office, customer service, the shipping department, or because of their spouse, their parents, God… somebody has it out for them and they have nothing to do with the reason they’re unhappy and broke!

What this blame game does is get them attention, any kind will do.   

They Justify…  If they’re not blaming someone else for their poverty, they’ll justify their lack of wealth by saying things like “Money’s not really that important'' or “Money’s not as important as love” and what do I interrupt with when they regurgitate these justifications?  “Let me guess…
You’re Broke!” and the answer is always “YES” even when they try and argue and justify that broke might have a different definition to them!

If you told your significant other or your prospective bride or groom they are not important, would they be around for long?  No, and neither will money! 

Have you ever tried paying your mortgage installment with love?
The bank manager will have you dragged out of there in a straight jacket!  

Would you have a motorcycle or a pet if such have no importance? 

And what is the importance of an arm or a leg?
Don’t you need both? 

Can you build hospitals, churches and homes, or feed anyone with love?
Come on people! 

Money is very very important, and money is extremely important in the areas in which it works, and extremely unimportant in the areas in which it doesn’t work. 

Delete this limiting ‘money is not important’ file from your blueprint, now!

They Complain…  Why is complaining the absolute worst thing you could do for both your health and your wealth?
Because what you focus on expands, that’s why!

When you’re complaining, where is your focus?
On what’s right, or what’s wrong in your life? 

Clearly you’re focused on what’s wrong in your life, and if what you focus on expands, then naturally you’ll be getting more of what’s wrong.

You’re priming yourself to be a first class “crap magnet”.

Notice the audience drawn to people who complain.
Why are they there? 

To wait for their turn to complain!
Stay away from this caliber of person and in fact, to help you understand the value of not being a complainer, just in case you might have been one at any stage of your life, I challenge you to a mind(set) altering exercise. 

It’ll change your life!

For the next seven days, consistently and deliberately, don’t complain at all - not out loud and not silently in your head.  Why for seven days you wonder?

Simply because, while you’re reprogramming your mind to replace the habit of complaining - which continuously attracts crap into your life -  with the habit of observing and shifting your focus from whining to winning, there’s still some residual crap that may surface and crap doesn’t travel at the speed of light, it travels at the sluggish speed of crap.

So you understand that it takes some time to, at the very least, get your mind to a state of neutrality, which is already a 100% improvement.

Blame, justification, and complaining are like drugs which only relieve the symptoms caused by the stress of failure.
Consider this - if someone’s not failing in some way, shape, or form, would they need to blame, justify, or complain?

The obvious answer is no.
From here on out, if you hear yourself woefully blaming, justifying, or complaining, cease and desist immediately.

Remind yourself that you alone create your life and each moment you’re attracting either success or crap into your world. 

Keeping these three characteristics can be likened to financial suicide as they will never ever improve your wealth.
It’s therefore crucial to choose your thoughts and words wisely.

Here’s a Million Dollar Secret for you.  Are you ready for it?

Read this carefully: There is no such thing as a really rich victim!

Let this repeat in your head - I am creating the life of my dreams...

Source: Secrets of the Millionaire Mind T. Harv Eker © 2003


Frequently Asked Questions About I Create My Life

How can I make my life?

By realizing you own and are responsible for your life and everything that does and doesn't happen in it.

How can I live my dream life?

By knowing what you want and committing to not allowing anything standing in your way to achieve it.

What is the meaning of creating a life I love?

Taking responsibility and committing to becoming the person you must become to have the things you want.

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