Wealth File #6 – Admire Rich & Successful People

Rich people “admire other rich and successful people.”
Poor people “resent rich and successful people.”

Most of the time, poor people see other people’s success with resentment, jealousy, and envy. Or they would say, “They’re so lucky,” or whisper under their breath, “Those rich jerks.”

If you consider rich people as bad in any way, shape, or form, then you can never be rich especially if you want to be a good person. Why? How can you be something that you hate? It would be impossible.

It’s amazing to see the how poor people dislike the rich and even display anger towards rich people. It is as if they think that rich people are the ones who are making them poor. “Yup, that’s right, rich people took all the money so there’s none left for me.” Of course, this is a perfect line for those who look at themselves as victims.

There is a story that I would like to share, with no intent to complain, but simply to show the connection of this principle with a real-world experience. Long time ago, when I was, should I say, financially challenged, I used to drive a clunker. I never had problems with changing lanes during traffic. Almost everybody would let me in. But when I got wealthy and bought a gorgeous, new, black Jaguar, this changed and it was very hard not to notice. Suddenly, I began getting cut off and was given the finger at times for added measure. I even experienced having things thrown at me, all because: I drove a Jag.

One day, I was delivering turkeys for a charity at Christmastime. I was driving through a lower-end neighborhood in San Diego and left the sunroof open when I noticed four filthy guys perched in the back of a pickup truck behind me. Out of nowhere, as if they were playing basketball with my car, they tried shooting beer cans into my open sunroof.

Later on, the filthy guys drove past me screaming, “You rich bastard!” They left my car with five dents and a lot of scratches.

I took this as an incident that would only rarely occur. But, two weeks later, I was in a different lower-end neighborhood. I parked my car on the street and left it there for about ten minutes. I came back and there it was, the entire side of my car had been keyed.

I went to the same area a while later, but this time I rented a Ford Escort, and to my surprise, I had a smooth trip. I do not mean to say that people in poorer neighborhoods are bad, but based on my experience most of the people there resent the rich. Who knows, maybe it’s some kind of chicken and egg thing: Is it because they’re broke that they resent the rich, or because they resent rich people that they’re broke. As far as I’m concerned, who cares? Nothing changes, they’re still poor!

It’s easy to speak about not resenting the rich, but depending on how you feel, anyone could fall into the trap, even me. Recently, I was in my hotel room eating my dinner, an hour before I was about to go on stage to teach an evening session of the Millionaire Mind seminar. I switched on the tube to check the sports scores and saw that Oprah was on.

I’m not a huge fan of television, but I do love Oprah. Oprah has influenced more people in a positive way than any other person on the planet, and thus she deserves every penny she’s got… and more!

She’s interviewing Halle Berry, the actress, on the show. They were talking about how Halle got one of the biggest film contracts in history for an actress–$20 million. According to Halle, she didn’t care about the money, and that she struggled to get this huge contract. I heard myself say doubtfully, “Yeah, right! Do you think I and everyone else watching this show is an idiot? You should take a hunk of that dough and give your public relations agent a raise. That’s the best sound-bite writing I’ve ever heard.”

I felt the surge of negativity forming inside me, and just in the nick of time I caught myself, before I was overwhelmed with that negative energy. “Cancel, cancel, thank you for sharing,” I shouted out loud to my mind, to flush out that voice of resentment.

I couldn’t believe it. Here I was, Mr. Millionaire Mind himself, actually resenting Halle Berry for the money she had worked for. I quickly turned it around and began screaming at the top of my lungs, “Way to go, girl! You rock! You let ’em off too cheap, you should’ve got thirty million dollars! Good for you. You’re incredible and you deserve it.” I let out a sigh of relief afterwards and felt better.

It doesn’t matter what reason she has for wanting all that money, the problem wasn’t hers, it was mine. Bear in mind that my opinions do not make any difference to Halle’s happiness or wealth, but they do affect my happiness and wealth. In addition, having thoughts and opinions inside your mind is neither good nor bad or right nor wrong, but they can sure be empowering or dis-empowering to your happiness and success, as they enter your life.

The moment I felt the negative energy flow through me, my “observation” alarms went off, and as I’ve taught myself to do, I neutralized the negativity in my mind right away. Being perfect is not a necessity to becoming rich, but you need to keep in mind if your thoughts are no longer good for yourself as well as to others, then you must try to focus on more positive and encouraging ideas. You will greatly improve in a faster and easier way the more you study this book and even more if you attend the Millionaire Mind Intensive Seminar. I know I always bring up this Millionaire Mind course, but kindly understand, I wouldn’t be firm about this program if I haven’t observed the great results that have come to the lives of thousands of people.

Source: Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, T. Harv Eker © 2003

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