Wealth File #8 - Willingly Promote Yourself And Your Value

Rich people willingly “promote themselves and their value.” 

Poor people are pessimistic about “selling and promotion.”

It should come as no surprise that one of the most exciting secrets of the millionaire mind is self promotion of the value one has to offer.

With your wealth mindset in place, self promotion is a natural occurrence during conversation.

Peak Potentials Training offers various programs, which we usually make mention of during the initial seminar such as the Millionaire Mind Intensive.

We then provide our participants with special bonuses and “at seminar” tuition rates, to which there are very interesting reactions.

Most people are delighted to hear about what more they can learn, receive more specific details about these courses and of course, the special pricing.

However, a portion of people are not so moved, resenting any promotion despite the benefits to them.  If this sounds even remotely like you, please observe this very important characteristic about yourself. 

One of the biggest barriers to achieving success is to resent promotion and people who are not in favor of promoting and selling are generally broke.

Obviously you can’t generate a substantial income, whether for your own business or as a representative of someone else’s, if you’re unwilling to let people know that you, the product or the services exist.

And if you’re employed but unwilling to promote your excellence, there will be someone else climbing that corporate ladder way before you do. 

There are several reasons why some people have an issue with sales and promotions - even if those who do, have money now, they won’t sustain success and wealth for long.

Whether it was a pushy experience by someone who couldn’t respect ‘no’ as your answer, or you being rejected when you were trying to persuade a potential buyer of value but they couldn’t see it, you can’t remain a prisoner of your past and can’t go back and change it either.

Perhaps your nearest and dearest discouraged you from ‘blowing your own bugle’, or you might believe that you’re somehow superior to most and that people will discover you by virtue of the fact that you breathe.

Either way, understand when your confidence is misaligned and you’re either hiding away or too arrogant to reach out, nobody will blow your bugle for you or want to interact with a snob.

If you’ve ever heard the saying “Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door”, please add five words to it to make it true: “if they know about it.”

Rich people are mostly willing, excellent, passionate, and enthusiastic promoters of all of their value offerings, and highly skillful at attractively wrapping the package in a beautiful bow to add appeal.
Oh, don’t like that much?

Then how about banning women’s make-up and since we’re on a roll, let’s get rid of businessmen’s suits.
Afterall, it's only “packaging.”

Best-selling author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad (a book I highly recommend), Robert Kiyosaki, highlights that every business, including the writing of books, depends on selling.

He expresses that he’s recognized as a best-selling author, not a best-writing author. One pays far more than the other.

Normally, rich people are leaders, and all amazing leaders are amazing promoters.
Being a leader means to have supporters and a following.

This in turn relies on your promotional prowess and extraordinary ability to sell, inspire and motivate others to share in your vision.   

Even the US President must sell his ideas to Congress, to the people, as well to his own political party to ensure implementation.

And even before this can happen, the first thing he must sell is himself, in order to be elected.

Then it stands to reason that any leader unwilling or incapable of promoting, will not be in leadership for long, whether in business, sport, politics or in a parental role. 

I’m reiterating this because leaders earn tons more money than followers.

The point however, is not whether or not you like to promote, but it is your ‘why’, the reason you promote.
At the core of this is your beliefs. 

You must consider whether you truly believe in  your value, the services or the products you’re promoting and the benefit others would gain if they buy into what you promote, or not.

If you do believe in your own value, does it make sense to hide it from those who need it? 

Let’s say you have an arthritis cure, and you meet a person who has to live with the pain caused by this condition.
Would you rather hide your cure from them?
Would you wait for their mind reading gift to kick in, or gamble a lucky guess on their part to unearth that you have a product that could help them? 

What would you believe about someone who didn’t offer pain alleviation to a sufferer because they were too cool, shy or afraid to promote the solution? 

Commonly, people who disapprove of promotion don’t believe in either their product or themselves completely. 

Therefore they struggle to understand the conviction others have in  their value which prompts them to share it at every opportunity they get.

If your belief is that your value offering could truly help people, you have a responsibility to introduce it to as many people as possible.  The result?  You get to solve their problems and get rich!

Source: Secrets of the Millionaire Mind T. Harv Eker © 2003

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