Wealth File #9 – Be Bigger Than Your Problems

Rich people “are bigger than their problems.”
Poor people “are smaller than their problems.”

As I have mentioned already, becoming wealthy is not easy. Along the way, you will encounter twists, turns, detours, and obstacles. The passage towards wealth is filled with traps and pitfalls and because of this many people refuse to take it. They want to avoid hassles, headaches, and responsibilities. Simply put, they don’t want any problems.

Therein lays the greatest distinction between the rich and poor people. The rich and successful people are bigger than their problems, the poor and unsuccessful people on the other hand are smaller than their problems.

Poor people are willing to do almost anything just to avoid having problems.

Once they encounter a challenge, they run. The irony is that as they try to avoid problems, they end up having the greatest problems of all. They become broke and have a miserable life. You know what the secret to success is? Face your problems and stop avoiding them. Try to learn from them so that you can grow bigger than any problem you have and will have.

If you make use of a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is the lowest, think of yourself as someone having level 2 strength of character and attitude, then you are facing a level 5 problem, would you consider this problem a big one or a small one? Of course, from a level 2 point of view, a level 5 problem is a huge problem.

Now see yourself as someone who have grown and attained level 8. Will you still see the same level 5 problem big or small? Surprisingly, that problem is now seen as a little problem.

Lastly, let’s say you have worked really hard and become a level 10 person. Is the same level 5 problem big or small? Being at level 10, a level 5 problem will no longer be considered a problem anymore. Your brain will probably not even recognize it as a problem. There is no negative force around it. It would seem like a daily activity that is very easy to handle, similar to brushing your teeth and getting dressed.

It doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor, playing big or playing small, problems will still be present. As long as you are still breathing, your life will be associated with problems. Let me tell you this briefly. It has nothing to do with how big the problem is, what actually matter is the size of you!

Source: Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, T. Harv Eker © 2003

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