Wealth File #2 - Play the Money Game to Win

Rich people "play the money game to win."
Poor people "play the money game to not lose."

How to win the money game is one of the secrets of the millionaire mind that, not only produces financial wealth but develops a winning attitude, helping you to win in all aspects of life.

Do you realize you're playing a money game every day?

Poor people play the money game defensively rather than offensively.
What do you think are your chances of winning if you were to play any sport or game in a strictly defensive position?

Most people would probably say that there is only a slim chance or no chance at all.
Even with a low chance of winning, this is still how most people play the money game.

Survival and security are usually their main concern instead of focusing on creating wealth and abundance.
So, what are your goals, objectives, and real intentions?

Rich people’s goals usually involve immense wealth and abundance which means having lots of money.
How about the goals of poor people?

Perhaps longing for something like to “have enough to pay the bills...and on time would be a miracle!”

Let me remind you of the impact of intention.
If your intention is to have enough to pay the bills, that is exactly how much you will get - just enough to pay the bills and nothing more.

Compared to poor people, the middle-class goes a step further but not too far.
Their big purpose in life is also their most loved word, that is “comfortable” and they aim to have a life like that but that is just it.

Experiencing comfort is very far from becoming rich.
I have to admit, I didn’t always know that.

But one of the reasons I think I have the right to even write this book is that I’ve had the experience of being on all three sides of the proverbial fence.

I have experienced being extremely broke, to the extent that I have to borrow a dollar for gas for my car.
But let me tell you the details.

First, I didn’t own the car. Second, the dollar I spoke about came in the form of four quarters.
Do you know how humiliating it is for an adult to pay for gas with four quarters?

The kid at the pump probably thought that I was a vending-machine robber and maybe it was the reason why he shook his head and laughed.

I am not sure if you can relate to my experience but I would say that it was, in fact, one of my financial low points and unfortunately I had a lot more of them.

Then I was able to get my feet together and before I knew it, I adjusted to the level of being comfortable.
It was a nice feeling. I had the opportunity to go to decent restaurants for a change.

But, all I kept on having was chicken.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with chicken especially if that is what you really want to eat.
But, for me, it’s often not.

In fact, people who are financially comfortable don’t usually look at the type of food that they want, they decide what to eat based on price. That is why most of the time they look at the right-hand side of the menu – the price side.

“What would you like for dinner tonight, dear?” “I’ll have this $7.95 dish. Let’s see what it is.
Surprise, surprise, it’s the chicken,” for the nineteenth time this week!

When you are comfortable, you don’t let your eyes wander to the bottom of the menu because if you did then perhaps you would realize the meaning of one of the most forbidden words in the middle-class dictionary: market price!
You will probably get curious but you will never dare to ask what the actual price is.

First, because you know you can’t afford it. Second, it’s downright embarrassing when you know the waiter doesn’t believe you when he tells you the dish is $49 with side dishes extra and you say, “You know what, for some reason, I have a real craving for chicken tonight!”

I have to say that for me, not having to look at the prices on the menu is one of the most wonderful things you are able to experience when you are rich. I can eat anything I want without minding the price.

Believe me when I say that I was not able to do that when I was broke or comfortable.

In conclusion, if you desire to be comfortable, then you may never get rich.
But, if you aim to be rich, chances are you’ll end up impressively comfortable.

Master your habits, and you'll master the money game.

Source: Secrets of the Millionaire Mind T. Harv Eker © 2003


Frequently Asked Questions About The Money Game

What is the money game?

The money game is your daily participation in the economy, either as someone who thrives, or somebody who survives with your choice of limitations. 

Your habits determine how you play this game. 

Even with a little bit of money, you can play and win the money game, especially when you understand that you have to be financially free before you can be financially rich.

How you earn, manage, plan, save, invest and spend your income and whether you make your money work for you is what sets your relationship with money apart from others, and predicts whether or not you play the money game to win, or play the money game not to lose.

How do you play the money game?

By managing your money with excellence, which you would if you have a millionaire mindset (and if you don’t yet, learn how to develop one here) and sticking to your budget or money management system (the sooner you start, the better), making sure to keep feeding planned funds into your passive income streams, you’re not only playing, but winning the money game.

What are the 3 rules of money?

Stick to your budget - learn this habit early and set an example for your children

Don’t make more debt

Invest in passive income streams

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