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The Key to Success is to Ask "How To"

The key to anything starts with a need to unlock answers.

The key to success in anything is therefore to ask how to do, or how to be.

There are steps to follow and you can't let anything stop you.

But first, you must know How to do What and for this, it's best to learn from great examples, and take action.

Super successful Multi-Millionaire and Author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, T. Harv Eker learned the secret psychology behind productivity, success, happiness, leadership, and wealth.

The pursuit of excellence in these fields has one question in common... HOW to...?

The more times the mind inquires, the more ingrained the habit becomes, and this is where the magic happens.

It is almost too simple to be true and expedited the results Harv had been working towards for decades.

Here’s what we can learn from what Harv shares with his students about the key to success.


The answer to a how-question always triggers you into explosive action. -T. Harv Eker

Harv insists that very successful person asks “HOW to” get things done, as those with a millionaire mindset don’t allow the ‘impossible’ to stop them from achieving their goals. 
Being proactive, they’re naturally action-oriented, to which the ‘how’ is hitting the launch button on their rocket.

Ask 'How To' and Get the Answers You Need

Harv believes that you simply cannot ask “HOW” you will solve a problem, achieve an outcome, get anywhere, or overcome anything without feeling triggered into action. 

That’s the eruptive power of HOW, at least for him!


The Questions Asked by Unsuccessful People

If prosperous individuals occupy their thinking with how to get what they want, what then do unsuccessful and unhappy people primarily think of?

Harv deduces that their thoughts are consumed by what they don’t want and who’s to blame, which forms the basis of abnormal psychology.  

Thinking of what they don’t want makes them unhappy.  

Then thinking of who’s to blame makes them angry.


If you want to achieve anything meaningful, you must move beyond this mindset. 

You have to mature into the space where you understand that only you are responsible for your life. 

Harv reminds you that you’re the one in charge.

You’re making things happen.

You are not a victim.

That was back then, this is right now.

Don’t you ever again let your past determine your future!

If you wish to find the key to success that unlocks all the answers, rather think of what you’re wanting and how best to get it.


The Questions Asked by Successful People

Once you face the sun and ponder on your desire and how to achieve it, the somber shadow settles behind you. 

You realize the past can’t be changed and the sorrow doesn’t serve you.

You're in control, says Harv.

You can now ask HOW.

It’s a waste of life to stay perturbed about something which happened in a time you can’t go back to and change. 

Instead, think about the things you want in your future and how you will get them. 

Focus your mind so fully on your future and let all that other stuff fly like dust in the wind.

Don’t grant a resurgence of past unhappy experiences in your present-day life.

Harv insists that this holds you back.

This prevents people from finding the key to success.

how shadow

So, perhaps things happened that you couldn’t control, and those things might have caused you to choose other alternatives.

Perhaps it sabotaged your goals and you might still be living with the consequences today but you’re still here! 

You’re responsible for your own life now.  

It’s also your responsibility to ask the right questions, understand what you want and how to get it.

No one is better or smarter than you and the only reason anyone else might be doing better is that they’ve figured out their HOW. 

And so can YOU!

What questions are you asking yourself? How are you able to use basic, simple psychology to turn your situation around from lethargy to activity? -T. Harv Eker


Conclusion: If You Don’t Ask How, You’ll Never Know How to Craft Your Key to Success

The choice is yours. 

Ask how to become successful in every area you know you still need knowledge on.

You can stay where you are and keep reaping the rewards of your current thoughts, or you can learn how to sow seeds of success by gearing your mindset to identify what you truly want.

Let the past be where it is… way back there where you can’t change a thing.  

You’re not a victim of circumstance nor should you be a prisoner of your past. 

Be the embodiment of the achievements you admire and learn HOW to get there.


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Frequently Asked Questions About the Key to Success

Has your Mind ever wondered...

What is a good key to success?

Acknowledging that there is always something to learn from others, your greatest key to success is asking how, whether you wish to learn about something for your own  business, out of curiosity, support or passion or whether you’re building relationships and are interested in expanding your industry insights.

What makes a successful life?

Your mindset determines the course of your life.

Regardless of your beginnings, challenges, privileges and educational background, when your mindset is aligned with value, wealth, happiness and success, that is what you will achieve, because how you do anything is how you do everything.

What makes a person successful?

When you plunge yourself into your passion and you’re willing to focus, commit and choose to be unstoppable even in the face of fear, you have a millionaire mindset and can be nothing other than successful.

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