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8 Effective Marketing Tools that are Inexpensive & Exciting

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Effective marketing is essential for your business to succeed.

If you can turn marketing into an exciting adventure, all the better, and when it costs you next to nothing to make a huge impact in the market... who would say no to that?

Trainer, Speaker, and Author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, T Harv Eker didn’t wait before putting himself out there.  

In fact, with multiple businesses over 12 years, he’s had to try everything imaginable to market his products and services, whether his marketing budget was flush or not.  

As a result of what he has learned, Harv put together a Signature Class called ‘The 500 Million Dollar Secret’ that took him 2½ years to refine so you can make the most of your marketing and networking opportunities.

Here we share 8 ways, derived from one of T. Harv Eker's Signature Classes that are bound to get you excited about putting your name forward to the public. 


Cash strapped with minimum moolah to spend on your marketing?  

Unsure of where your focus should be to grow your business?

No stress – many effective marketing maneuvers won’t max out your humble marketing budget.

Let’s see how thin we can spread those dollars! 


8 Effective Marketing Ideas For Small Business Budgets

Marketing should be fun and to remove the complication out of this very important business strategy, Harv's providing 8 effective marketing ideas that will suit your business whether you can afford to splurge or are working on a budget.


Courtesy infographic from Harv Eker International

1. Publish Valuable Content

It goes without saying, and stating the obvious ensures we neglect nothing here, the sheer significance of making valuable content available is helpful.

Create social media content, a newsletter, or start blogging.

What you can create yourself, do so. (Free is always better!)


2. Create Instructional Videos

Video content provides excellent value and although getting it professionally produced is costly, nothing stops you from giving it a go yourself. No film crew is required.

If your cell phone is fairly new, you’ve got a tool that can produce great quality video content which will help you to help others understand better what problems your business solves.


3. Develop a Customer Referral Program

Whether it’s a free product or month of service or a different reward, offer something to your existing customers for referring new clients.

Word-of-mouth is extremely powerful, and your friends sharing your business solutions with their friends is invaluable!


Customer referrals will help spread the word about your business.

4. Email Marketing

Email marketing can be excellent for encouraging visitor engagement with your business in addition to maintaining relations with existing customers.

Promote signing up for your newsletters by offering bonus content for new visitors who subscribe (e.g. get your free e-book on using the farmer’s almanac to plant when you sign up for our Farming Favorites newsletter). 

Gently nurture your subscribers via email until they are ready to emerge as paying customers. 


5. Business Partnerships

Endeavor teaming up with other local businesses. 

Promoting each other’s businesses is a win for you both. 

As an example, give your customer a coupon to the other business, and vice versa.

Promoting each other on your email lists is another avenue — it’s termed affiliate marketing.


6. Look for Complementary Businesses

Naturally, you would not likely partner with a competitor, therefore, find a business that offers related products or services.

For instance, a flower shop might partner with a personalized gift store.


Find another local business to partner with, and you can help each other.

7. Link Up with Local Media

You could network with local reporters and distribute press releases to provide your business with local media coverage. 

Be mindful though, as reporters don’t cover sales and promotional things. 

You must buy advertising space for those.

However, free publicity is possible if your business offers something newsworthy or unique.


8. Contests & Giveaways

You’ll have to conjure up some cash for a prize, although the traffic you’ll lure will be worth every penny spent. 

And if the money-well is just about dried up, there’s no need to be extravagant with the prize to attract participants.  Something limited edition, a few fancy backpacks, or exclusive water bottles might just do the trick.

Better still would be to give away your own service or product as the prize! 

Not only will people experience greater value, but prize winners instantly convert to becoming marketers for your business as they’ll share their prize victory with their friends!


Marketing can be fun, easy, and doesn’t have to cost a lot.

Conclusion:  No budget, no problem

Get creative with what you have, be it connections, friends, unique products, or services, and showcase your business interactively. 

Get out there, do demos, provide free samples, do workshops, and introduce people to what you love! 

Don’t allow a budget constraint to prevent you from inviting traffic.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Effective Marketing

Has your Mind ever wondered...

What makes effective marketing?

Using what you already have, from resources to data, and getting creative with ideas, offers, deals, prizes, and promotions without having to incur unnecessary expenses.

What is the most effective marketing?

The problem solving kind that has mutual benefit and true value at the core.

Consider the value of a resource that contains an abundance of facts, information, and 'how to' answers, with tutorials, self-help material, exercises, and a results feedback section for improvement in a single piece of content that can be referred back to at the reader's leisure.

This is but one example of effective content marketing where putting in the hard work once helps you reap benefits repeatedly.

What does effective marketing look like?

The proof of your marketing efforts will be evident in your results, not only in sales figures but in the levels of customer satisfaction and repeat business.

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