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Serving Up Success: The True Essence Of Marketing Simplified

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The true essence of anything is the spark that gives life to its unfolding, and knowing what that spark is can set you on a road to success.

Many people think marketing is all about convincing everyone to buy what you're selling…

But in reality, it's more like hosting a dinner party with a diverse menu.

Not everyone will want every dish, and that's perfectly fine.

The art of marketing lies in connecting with those who are already interested and making it easy for them to choose your offering.

What Are You Serving?

Think about it this way…

Imagine you've prepared a spread of dishes for your guests.

Each guest has their own tastes and preferences.

Your role is NOT to persuade someone who dislikes mushrooms to try your mushroom risotto.

Instead, it's about highlighting the dishes that align with what your guests are looking for.

For those who are intrigued by the risotto but have some reservations, your job is to describe its flavors and ingredients enticingly…

So that they get the chance to try it out and enjoy it.

This is the same thing you’d do when selling your products or services…

You’d address the prospect's objections and show them how your product or service can satisfy their needs.

What is the Exact Essence of Marketing?

So at its core, marketing is all about three key ingredients:

  1. Filtering:
    Just as you wouldn't serve a meat dish to a vegetarian, don't focus your marketing efforts on people who will never be interested in your product.
    Identify your target audience - those who are already at the table, considering what you have to offer. 
  2. Motivation:
    Enhance their desire to try the dish by emphasizing its appealing aspects.
    In marketing, this means highlighting the benefits and features of your product that resonate with your customers' desires. 
  3. Reducing Friction:
    If a guest is hesitant about trying something new, you might offer a small sample to alleviate their concerns.
    Similarly, in marketing, providing a free trial or a satisfaction guarantee can help overcome barriers to purchase.

Don't find customers for your product. Find products for your customers. -Seth Godin

Remember, marketing is not about coercing everyone to buy your product…

It's about understanding your guests' preferences, presenting your dishes in the most appealing way, and making it easy for them to enjoy what they're already inclined to try.

By focusing on filtering, motivation, and reducing friction, you can create a marketing strategy that not only attracts the right customers but also satisfies their appetite for what you have to offer.

So, set the table, showcase your best dishes, and watch as your guests savor the experience you've created.

Conclusion: Connecting to The Core

Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or just starting out on your journey of promotion, it is essential to know how to connect with your audience.

Understanding the core of marketing can enable you to achieve significant success in any business as well as all areas of life.

For example…

In the same way that you’ll apply the element of Filtering by identifying your target audience, consider how you’ll filter potential partnerships for growth, opportunities for expansion, and experiences to add value to the various relationships you entertain in your life.

Where the element of Motivation applies, consider ways to bring out the best in what you’re promoting by actively showcasing the top qualities of the product, person, or service so that potentially interested parties can have clarity on what you’re offering.

By employing the element of Reducing Friction, which again applies in all areas of life, do what you can to make it easy for prospects to experience the benefits of your value offer and maintain your relationships in such a way as to keep the mutual flow of energy of value effortless.

Remember, you don’t achieve success from only one sale, and closing the deal is only the end of the road if you’re in it for the short term.

So focus on the long term by making these 3 core elements of marketing part of your strategy and see how your success rates improve.

After all, growth is over the longer term and if you cut the growth short, you will never realize the full potential of your endeavor.

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Frequently Asked Questions About the True Essence of Marketing

Has your Mind ever wondered…

What is the essence of business?

In business, exchanging value and achieving lasting mutual benefits are considered the essence of trade and industry.

Although not everyone in business possesses the same levels of integrity and desire for mutual success, those who embrace a customer-centric approach to their marketing, product development, and service delivery tend to outlive the rest.

What is the essence of success?

People generally measure success differently and that yardstick has less to do with material wealth than with richness of character.

It’s not what you have, it’s what you do with what you have that matters.

When you have a millionaire mindset, your measure of success will be more holistic, encompassing a state of being fueled by happiness, fulfillment, and continual improvement, on a business level as much as on a personal one.

What is the key essence of marketing?

The vital essence of marketing success rests in being customer-centric.

Creating win-win scenarios, satisfying customer requirements, and building lasting relationships are the ultimate goals that can be achieved through the elements of filtering, motivation, and reducing friction.

Much like with effective leadership, effective marketing is a skill that can be learned.

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Le marketing comme un objet à appréhender [Translated from French: Marketing as an object to be understood]

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Je trouve cet article vraiment très bon en ce sens qu'il permet d'éviter les erreurs du marketing et de se focaliser sur le client pour le satisfaire.

[Translated from French: I find this article really very good in the sense that it allows us to avoid marketing mistakes and focus on the customer to satisfy them.]

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Essence of marketing

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Good and educative

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Wabwiire Edrick

Elements of Successful marketing

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Thank you for these elements of marketing, I have learnt, you don't have to target everyone to buy your product or service, but get those that are interested and put your emphasis on them

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Nchia Godwill Tegha


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This is incredible. I have learned something today. I had always thought marketing was all about convincing someone. I really appreciate sir

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Great Marketing Insights

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This article described marketing from a different perspective that I didn't think about.


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Liben ndayizeye

Knowing more

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I see it's all clear but I wanna more about marketing! How to start a business

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