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How To Ace Networking & Make the Most Meaningful Connections

To ace networking, trust, integrity & meaningful connections are crucial in building lasting relationships.

New York Times bestselling Author T. Harv Eker is no novice when it comes to the ‘HOW TO’ of making the best of business.  

He knows a thing or two about creating wealth, considering it took him only 2 ½ years to go from broke, to multi-millionaire.   

What can we learn about the art of networking and how strong bonds foster wealth?


The juice is worth the squeeze when you put the required effort into making meaningful connections.  

Avoid the word “but” in a conversation, if you’re serious about creating affinity and common ground while you network and build relationships.  

Commit to Connect With People Around You

So you landed the meeting date and time, made sure you got there early, and pulled out all the stops to make that first impression count.  

The venue’s an “after-work” favorite of yours so feel in your element.

You’re hoping your well-rehearsed intro leads to lightness and some humor but you’re nervous about how to keep the conversation going.  

Ultimately, your hope is simply that you like who you’re meeting, and that they like you back.

Sounds a bit like a first date, doesn’t it?   

If this was about dating advice, Harv might be sharing different insights, however, let’s stick with how we can leave a winning first impression with potential clients and business partners, shall we?


Networking relies on human connection.  

To set the groundwork for making a meaningful first impression and receive what we’re looking for, what can we do?:

Make a Great First Impression

1. Most global top marketers seldom discuss the product!

Through talking, they get you to like them so that the sale is an easy decision for you.


2. Create Affinity...

One critical aspect, essential for making business and personal connections,  is to create warmth, closeness, and likability.

People generally act based on emotion (something to remember when marketing!), and then they justify their decisions with logic.

As you can gather, people prefer giving opportunities to people they like.

Don’t confuse it with flirtation and boot-licking.  

Fake affinity is as smelly as it is obvious, and you gain nothing.  

True affinity conveys that you genuinely intend on making a real and honest connection with someone.


3. Find something in common...

We do this constantly without thinking of it.. ‘I am like you’ relays the same message as ‘I like you’.  

Capitalize on this by expressing your intent for mutual benefit early and regularly.  

It’s as basic as revealing something like, “I want to make sure this works for you.”


4. Consider how disabling the word “but” becomes in a conversation

Remember what it felt like when you were trying to communicate your point of view to someone, and their response was, “Yeah, but …”?  

Didn’t it feel like it nullified your entire perspective?  That bites.  Avoid “buts”.

Whether you aim to convince your family to yield to your preferences or negotiate a sale in your favor, these tips work really well.


There is, however, another level to this - a spiritual warrior component.  

Your intent must be genuine care for the fulfillment of the other person’s requirements.  

Focus on confidently creating a win-win.  

Feeling Zen yet?


Conclusion:  Pick the fruits of your true agenda

People connect with likable, relatable humans and networking is all about building relationships.  

Those built on trust, integrity, and value last, the others don’t.  

There is no “but” in the world that breeds credence, so get rid of it and don't have anything to “but” about.  

If your product or service offering truly does add value, these phrases will help you build tremendous confidence in reaching out.  

Stay humble and seek to reach a genuinely mutual benefit.  


Frequently Asked Questions About Meaningful Connections

Has your Mind ever wondered...

What is a meaningful connection?

Meaningful connections are mutually beneficial where the relationship benefits both parties who are usually brought together by a common goal.

A meaningful relationship eases anxiety and is built on trust and integrity, essential components in successful networking. 

Why are meaningful connections important?

Creating a safe space to share vulnerability and offer mutual support, value is exchanged promoting a feeling of worth through unconditional social interaction and purposeful engagement. 

How do you make meaningful connections?

Say what you mean, mean what you say, be sincere and supportively engaging while bringing true mutual value to the table.

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