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Finding Your Daily Spark: The Treasure Hunt of Life

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In the treasure hunt for your daily dose of excitement and satisfaction, there’s one thing clouding your judgment if your days are still boring and underwhelming…

How many times did you wake up feeling excited about your day this past month?

If you’re like most people, only once or twice (if there even was a day you woke up all excited and motivated).

The problem is, when you ask people if they’d like to wake up excited about their day they’ll say yes…

But they think the problem is they have nothing to be excited about. 


The good news is that it's possible to turn things around and start each day motivated and ready to tackle the day.

You only find what you are looking for, really, if the truth be known. -Mary Leakey

What Are You Looking For?

Think about it like this…

Imagine you're a treasure hunter, embarking on a quest for hidden gems…

Each day is a new opportunity to uncover something valuable.

However, without a keen eye and a sense of purpose, you might stroll right past a treasure without even realizing it.

But when you have intention and focus, every glint in the dirt becomes a potential discovery… sparking a thrill of excitement.

This treasure hunt is a lot like your daily life…

To wake up excited, you need to approach each day with the same intentionality as the treasure hunter.

It's not about lying to yourself and saying you feel excited when you’re not…

It’s about actively seeking out the 'gems' in your everyday routine, whether it's in your job, your relationships, or your personal growth.

It’s about changing the way you approach what you do so that you truly feel excited about it.

But how?

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. -Wayne Dyer

Planning Your Treasure Hunt

Here are a few tips:

  1. Set Clear Objectives:
    Just as a treasure hunter needs a map, outline what you want to find joy in.
    It could be achieving a work goal, deepening a friendship, or learning a new skill.

  2. Look for the Good:
    Keep your eyes open for things that make you happy.
    This might mean noticing the progress you're making in a project or appreciating a quiet moment with a loved one.

  3. Shift Your Perspective:
    If something feels dull, try to see it in a new light.
    What can you change about your approach to make it more exciting?
    Can you turn it into a challenge?
    Can you take ownership so that you feel proud about the end result?

  4. Celebrate Every Win:
    No matter how small, each achievement is a piece of treasure.
    Acknowledge and savor these moments.

  5. Plan for Joy:
    Intentionally include activities in your day that you know will bring you happiness, like a hobby, exercise, or quality time with family and friends.

I think it is possible for ordinary people to choose to be extraordinary. -Elon Musk

Life is an adventure, and every day is a chance to discover something wonderful…

By adopting the mindset of a treasure hunter, you can transform your routine into a thrilling journey, filled with excitement and surprises.

So, set out on your quest with intention, and let the thrill of the hunt bring joy to your every day.

Conclusion: The Treasure Hunt is a Way of Life

Intend to find the gift in adversity, and to live in integrity.

Intend to experience fulfillment even in moments where nothing goes your way because if you don’t get your desired outcome, at the very least you’ve learned something valuable.

Intend to live the life you’ve always only ever dreamed about by setting goals and taking steps to achieve them.

Intend to bring out the best in yourself and others by acknowledging that the present moment is a gift and can be crafted into a masterpiece based on the perspective you hold.

Intend for your joy, your love, and your worth to be unconditional.

If you’re unhappy right now, do you intend on staying that way, or will you choose to prioritize happiness to enliven your life’s journey?

Forget about distractions and instant gratification or moments of glory that are fleeting…

People crave connection, a sense of purpose, and the freedom to express their innermost selves.

Know yourself, know what fuels your bliss and actively look for it in what you’re doing.

Choose to get excited about endeavoring something new or venturing into the unknown - you’ll find the treasures that are hidden in your adventure when you start hunting for them. 

Notice the difference it makes to your own life and the lives of others when you start thinking, talking, and behaving in ways that empower you to be the best version of yourself.

And breathe life into your life by intending to make the world a better place for having you in it.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Life’s Treasure Hunt

Has your Mind ever wondered…

Why choose a treasure hunt?

Life is not meant to be a punishment to be endured, but an experience to be savored and something to be excited about.

When life becomes boring, we’ve simply lost touch with our adventure, or even with ourselves, but it need not stay that way.

In the same way that a treasure-hunting game requires you to solve riddles, adopting the treasure-hunter mentality can help sharpen your problem-solving skills by enhancing your ability to think critically.

And that is essentially what life is all about - having fun on your adventure and unearthing life’s treasures.

Why is it called a treasure?

‘Tresor’ in Old French is believed to be the origin of the English ‘Treasure’, and both these words are understood as “something of great worth”.

Discovering something in your life that is of great worth to you, leads to a sense of unbridled fulfillment, joy, or excitement.

And you can experience that sense of exciting happiness daily when you choose to actively seek treasures in your experiences.

As much as life itself is a treasure, consider the hidden gems within your life that you often overlook.

Start with you.

Realize that you are a treasure and your life is a gift.

How to make a treasure map?

When you’re hunting for the most precious things in your life, you have to know what makes you happy first.

So set clear targets for what you intend to achieve.

It could be to crush a goal at work, to deepen a friendship, or to learn a new skill.

With this kind of clarity, your next step would be to deliberately seek out the things that bring you joy in every situation you’re in.

This might mean actively noticing the progress you're making in a project or appreciating a quiet moment with a loved one.

While you’re practicing mastering the art of this kind of awareness, you may find there are still some moments of boredom that need to be seen from a different perspective.

When this happens, consider what you can do to make the moment more exciting or challenging.

Consider how you can make it your mission to produce an end result you can feel proud of.

The more you practice this, the better you’ll become at it and every step of forward momentum deserves to be celebrated for the treasure it is.

To continue this momentum, remember to prioritize your happiness daily by intentionally including activities in your day that you know will bring you happiness, like a hobby, exercise, or quality time with family and friends.

You can schedule these on your Big Rocks calendar to ensure that your joys receive the focused attention they (and you) deserve.

Because, just like living a meaningful life, happiness is a choice too.

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WONDERFUL!!! This made my day.

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This is indeed an amazing writeup. It's very encouraging and helpful. I got to learn a lot and I will just start implementing them, hoping to become better version of myself. Thank you so much.

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[Translated from Spanish: I LOVED IT SUPER MOTIVATING]

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Cet article est très intéressant et très motivant. Ce sont des genres d'articles qui peuvent transformer très rapidement l'homme et le mettre sur orbite. Infiniment merci à vous pour votre contribution à l'épanouissement humain. [Translated from French: This article is very interesting and very motivating. These are the kinds of items that can transform humans very quickly and put them into orbit. Thank you very much for your contribution to human development.]

Ease of Use
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Clarity of Instructions

De ces genres d'articles nous en avons toujours besoin pour nous réveiller et continuer la lutte. Personne n'a le droit de baisser les bras après avoir lu un tel article. Merci beaucoup

[Translated from French: We always need these kinds of articles to wake up and continue the fight. No one has the right to give up after reading such an article. Thank you so much]

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Ndayizeye liben

Making a good plan

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I just want know how to make a clear treasure plan to succeed

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Lorna Chesney

This made certain things clearer for me...

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A lovely idea of the treasure hunt of life and finding your daily spark. And that we need a keen eye and a sense of purpose or we might miss the treasure by walking past it unnoticed. So well expressed that 'when you have intention and focus every glint in the mud becomes a potential discovery.. sparking a thrill of excitement'. This has made the importance and power of intention much clearer. That we must have the same intention as the treasure hunter to experience excitement.

And when you're hunting for precious things you need to know what makes you happy. Yes, all this is worth really thinking about.

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Beauty Ebifemi

Treasure hunt: Finding the gift even in adversity.

Ease of Use
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Clarity of Instructions

Treasure hunt is mind enlarging. The key to being intentional and focus is something to pick home with. Shifting perspective that may be encountered in hunting for treasure is worth adopting and looking for the good during treasure hunting is exciting.

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Kaluram Prajapat

Good !

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Very good - happy

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la búsqueda del tesoro de la vida [Translated from Spanish: life's treasure hunt]

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Una lectura muy interesante y llena de mucha sabiduría, hay que hacer un trabajo interno para cambiar lo externo, siempre feliz leyendo artículos tan interesantes de personas con resultados y excepcionales, mucho que seguir aprehendiendo y mucho que aplicar cada día . Me encanta! Muchas gracias! :I

[Translated from Spanish: A very interesting read and full of a lot of wisdom, you have to do internal work to change the external, always happy reading such interesting articles from people with exceptional results, a lot to continue learning and a lot to apply every day. I love it! Thank you so much! :YO]

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Nguettia Kouassi

Hyper intéressant [Translated from French: Super interesting]

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J'ajoute sa dans ma bibliothèque, et la réviser régulièrement sa va beaucoup m'aider au quotidien. Merci

[Translated from French: I'm adding it to my library, and reviewing it regularly will help me a lot on a daily basis. THANKS]

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