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While Your Brain's Wired for Survival, Happiness Is a Choice

Who doesn’t want happiness?

All of us do, yet few of us will find true happiness in life.


According to hugely successful Author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, Harv Eker, it’s because our brains are wired for survival, not happiness, therefore, happiness is a choice.

So, there’s hope.

Each of us can learn to overcome our instinctive way of thinking and find happiness.

Read on to learn how.

Why Your Brain Is Not Wired For Happiness

There is no shortage of studies and books on helping people be more happy and find more satisfaction in their life.

Why then aren’t we happier?

Our minds are conditioned for self-preservation.

Because of that, we tend to gravitate towards looking for what might go wrong. 

As Harv points out, this conditioning is great for things like preventing us from stepping off the curb into the middle of traffic or spending our money ear-marked for the mortgage on a new big-screen TV, but it can also stand in the way between us and true happiness.

How do you evolve from this natural thinking of surviving towards one of thriving?

Can you move from a natural bias that gravitates towards negativity to one that is focused on happiness?

You can.

The solution may sound almost too simple, but it’s highly effective.

It’s a choice.
You have to change your natural mental bodyguard to stand down.

Learning to be happy is about making a choice to be happy.

Happiness is a Choice

Starting a business can be a scary proposition that causes our brains to set off all kinds of alarms focused on all the things that could go wrong.

You have to make the decision to recognize that fear, and choose to change your focus.

It is up to you to choose happiness.

You can start to do this by practicing each day focusing on the good, no matter what life might look like right now.

The more you train your mind to look at the glass as half full, the less you will focus on what might be missing.

No amount of money or material possessions will change our lives to one of happiness.

It’s a choice we make daily, despite what may be happening around us. 

The more often you choose to be happy, the happier you will be.

It is as simple as that.

Habitual Happiness

You know us humans are creatures of habit, right? 

So if you’re in the habit of, say washing your hands before every meal, you do this without really thinking about the action. 

It has become part of your subconscious conditioning. 

You learned it from someone or somewhere and it really doesn’t matter where, but you believed in the value of continuing this activity so much that it has become a part of how you live your daily life. 

It benefits you somehow.

At first you had to think about it, remind yourself in that moment to wash your hands until the repetition became automatic.  

See how you can apply this principle of habit to other areas of your life:

First it seemed like a great idea or it was something you simply had to try.

Then you had to think about it and remind yourself to continue doing it because your survival or desired consequence depended on it.

After that, it became second nature and therefore, through your own conviction, manifested as an automated response.

Could it be that our thoughts are responsible for creating our habits?

Absolutely yes! 

And when are you able to take action to achieve your finest outcome?

Only NOW.

One of the greatest disappointments people face is placing a condition on their happiness. 

“I’ll be happy once I graduate” or “I’ll be happy when I get married (or divorced)” and “I’ll be happy after I get that apology”... It’s absurd!

You cannot go back and change what happened so don’t expect an apology before being happy!

You can’t afford to postpone your happiness based on the outcome of something or someone else because this means that you are simply unwilling to be grateful for what you have right here, right now! 

Nobody’s tomorrow is promised.

What’s done is gone and what’s coming is determined solely by what you choose to do in this present moment. 

So where is happiness then?

In the NOW. 
And what is the key?

Deliberate Action in the Present Moment!

‘Practice makes permanent’ is a statement that Harv lives daily, not only in business, but in the full spectrum of his life experience. 

Therefore his advice is to prioritize happiness and practice it daily. 

This will transform your immediate moments and generate a happier tomorrow.

Conclusion: Enjoy the Here, the Now, the Process, the Journey

There will be moments of perfection in our lives.

Moments where we would not want to change a single thing.

Realize that it’s unrealistic to ask that out of life or expect it all the time, nobody can always be happy.

But it is within the grasp of each of us to control or practice being whatever we want to be right now and happiness by choice is a great place to start.


Frequently Asked Questions About How Happiness is a Choice

Has your Mind ever wondered...

What is the true meaning of happiness?

Although relative, subjective and often understood to be as a result of a predetermined condition, happiness is the feelings of fulfillment, contentment and balance one achieves by choosing to not allow fluctuating emotions to have an effect on your mood. 

What are the 3 keys to happiness?

Choose to be happy no matter what, prioritize happiness as if your life depended on it and actively participate in activities that generate happiness.

What creates true happiness?

Your will and desire, acted upon when you realize that your happiness is your own responsibility and a choice. 

By prioritizing happiness, you deliberately create the habit of true happiness as what we do repeatedly, we become great at.

Why is happiness so important?

Happiness opens the floodgates to allow more of what we observe, to flow our way.