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Diving Into Action: The True Path To Genuine Self-Mastery

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Why did you start your journey on self-mastery, and why does it feel like you are being challenged more for wanting to feel, be, and do better?

It can be inspiring to learn new personal development strategies and theories…

Each new book, podcast, or video fills you with the potential to transform your life. 


If you've ever felt like, despite all this knowledge, you're not making the tangible progress you hoped for, you're not alone.

This gap between all the learning you do and the progress you make in life is common, but recognizing it is the first step toward real change.

The boundaries of your life are merely creations of the self. -Robin Sharma, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

Demystifying Mastery of Self

Now, imagine you're learning to swim…

You've read all the books and watched every tutorial video.

You understand the techniques and the theory behind each stroke.

This knowledge represents potential…

It's valuable and necessary, but it's only the beginning. 

Potential alone won't get you across the pool.

For that, you need to dive in and start swimming.

Well, this process of mastering swimming through doing is similar to how we develop self-mastery in life…

Knowledge alone is like standing at the edge of the pool, prepared but still dry.

It's only potential power. 

However, true power comes from taking action, especially when it's uncomfortable.

That’s what leads you to building self-confidence, self-esteem, discipline, and even clarity… since real clarity comes from doing, not thinking.

So, how do you do this? 

The True Path to Self-Mastery

Just follow these tips:

1 - Start Small: 

  • Just as a new swimmer might start in the shallow end, begin with small actions that challenge you but are manageable. 
  • If public speaking terrifies you, start by speaking up more in meetings or in small groups.

2 - Embrace Discomfort: 

  • The initial chill of stepping into the pool can be jarring, but it's essential for growth. 
  • Acknowledge that feeling uncomfortable is part of the learning process. 
  • Each small step outside your comfort zone builds your ability to handle bigger challenges.

3 - Build Consistency: 

  • Consistent practice in the water is how you improve your swimming skills. 
  • Similarly, regular, small actions towards your goals build habits and increase your confidence.

4 - Celebrate Progress: 

  • Recognize and celebrate each victory, no matter how small. 
  • Each time you face a fear or tackle a challenging task, you're moving closer to mastery.

5 - Reflect and Adjust: 

  • Just as swimmers adjust their strokes to be more efficient, reflect on your actions and their outcomes. 
  • Learn from what works and what doesn't, and adjust your approach accordingly.

Rule your mind or it will rule you. -Buddha

Mastering yourself isn't about accumulating knowledge but about putting that knowledge into action.

Like diving into a pool and learning to swim through experience, true self-mastery comes from doing, particularly from doing things that challenge us.

And by taking tiny steps into the waters of discomfort, we not only enhance our skills but also our self-confidence, self-esteem, and clarity.

So, don't just stand at the edge of the pool – jump in!

The water might be cold at first, but it's the only way to really learn how to swim.

Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes -Carl Jung

Conclusion: Winning at Self-Mastery

There is no growth without challenge, and it may feel that the better you intend to do, the more difficulty you face.

What drives any human being to do anything?

Is it the pursuit of happiness, or freedom?

Is it the desire to achieve success, or any specific objective?

Is it the need to provide security or comfort, or simply to worry less about survival?

Is it the dream of making this world a better place, or figuring out how and through what means you can make a lasting and lucrative impact?

Whatever it may be for you, first you must understand your reason for doing anything you’re doing.

And if you’re not getting the results you’d like, something has to change.

That change comes from being aware of what’s really going on, understanding that there’s work to be done to bring about different results, and ultimately reprogramming your thoughts so that you may nurture habits that support, empower, and enable you to be who you must be to achieve your desired outcomes through the actions you take.

That change, the key, the secret is YOU.

It sounds simple, yet it takes consistent work.

Change demands meaningful action.

And, perhaps you’re already on this journey of transformation, but you’re not feeling that you’ve arrived yet…

Here’s a little secret for you, that you actually already know, but it helps to be reminded…

The evidence of self-mastery is not in reaching a last oasis or final destination.

Because, by being your highest potential self through spending your time on meaningful growth, and living with the mindset and ‘Modus Operandi’ of excellence, you are creating multiple stepping-stone destinations within yourself and others simply by being your true self, as everything is connected.

Every moment you do something that, in that brief glimpse of infinity, makes life clearer or easier, you are essentially arriving at a destination, even when it seems it’s not the ultimate climax of your life.

The final destination of who you are lives in the legacy you leave behind, and in the way people feel after they’ve engaged with you.

Your level of self-mastery is expressed in the moments and breaths in between the big achievements and the small tasks.

If you are spending your time on mastering yourself, and you take action on practicing how to live your best life and help others do the same, the only thing you can do is continue on this path as the longer you stay on the road your actions are paving brick by brick, the clearer your big picture becomes.

Self-mastery becomes evident in how you apply what you learn, your decision to adjust your approach, and when you celebrate any progress you’ve made toward achieving your goals.

Some people can live a lifetime not changing anything and that’s okay.

Others shapeshift continuously to facilitate their growth, and that’s okay.

You simply have to choose who you are and be that person completely.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Self-Mastery

Has your Mind ever wondered…

How do I start ‘self-mastering’?

Self-mastery, just like wealth and success, is an inside job and how you talk to yourself could mean the difference between having a millionaire mindset or having the adverse and extreme alternative.

Speak to yourself, in your inner dialogues however frequent they may be, in a way that you would like others to speak to you as this inner commentary is the part of you that gives your world and everything in it, its meaning and significance.

If you’re just starting out on this journey, learn to observe your thoughts without prejudice, and adjust your thinking when your thought patterns are not supportive or empowering of your objectives.

Self-awareness will lead to self-reflection, both of which are necessary for cultivating the mastery of self you desire and deserve.

What is true self-mastery?

In essence, you have truly mastered yourself when you know (and live, think, act, and behave in accordance with this knowledge) that you are solely responsible for your life.

By being in control of your thoughts, feelings, habits, actions, and the results you get, you realize that you are creating your reality.

When you’re able to control how you feel, don't become deterred by others, and respond (with compassion and reason) rather than react (with fear and emotion), that’s mastery.

Once you’re able to exercise restraint where your urges don’t control your actions, that too is mastery.

If your mind and body are in service to you, instead of being your master and driving your impulses, you’re experiencing mastery.

What is the key to self-mastery?

Knowing your truest nature is the key to self-mastery.

What are the 7 self-mastery skills?

To master yourself, you’re required to practice being self-aware, which is often the most challenging step to take but is necessary for growth.

You will also do well to create a form of self-discipline and focus that works for you, either through meditation or journaling, perhaps even something as useful as the Big Rocks method, just something that can strengthen those good and helpful habits that will help you move the needle.

Exercising emotional intelligence and thought habits that serve, empower, and support you is a must because if you are not controlling what goes on in your heart and mind, then someone else is…

You simply must have goals, and you can start with just one, but you’ve got to make sure you know what you’re working toward and why.

If you plan on making tangible progress, deadlines will help and to help you set and achieve goals, you’ll have to carefully manage your time and with that, your stress when in deep waters too.

Learn to focus on what you can control if you’d like to master yourself.

And if you’re looking for more guidance on achieving personal mastery, then learn how to develop a millionaire mindset.

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Avatar for Tàrinyo

Self Mastery

Ease of Use
Quality of Content
Clarity of Instructions

There is the key formula in play in all the write ups. Transmission of thought, easy understanding because of a specific pattern of building confidence, inspiring messages, and dealing with fear. Here it is:- Your thoughts, feelings, habits, actions form your character and necessitates the results achievable. See this pattern in your mind, become aware of your purpose and one is inspired to take action to become successful in the choices we make in life.

Bless you.

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Pwanmwakat Dakup

Focus on what you can control

Ease of Use
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Clarity of Instructions

This is the stage I am in presently in my life journey although it's not easy but with this article I have gotten more encouragement to keep pushing because it will work gradually.

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Plenty ideas to digest not only to read

Ease of Use
Quality of Content
Clarity of Instructions

Thank you for the article. I had to read it 3 times to get everything out of it.

The way of success from knowledge to action. Reaching real clarity by reaching small steps. Going on and on allows us to grow in our minds, our self confidence and our personality.

Avatar for Khisa Sichangi
Khisa Sichangi

A transformation is worth more than conformation

Ease of Use
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Clarity of Instructions

I'm really out of words in describing how meticulous this article has changed my perspectives on wealth and personal development. After reading it, I have realized that the enemy to my success lies within me {thoughts}

Thanks... with this, I'm certain that My life will change .

Avatar for Robert Henriquez
Robert Henriquez

Justo lo que necesitaba [Translated from Spanish: Just what I needed]

Ease of Use
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Clarity of Instructions

Muchas gracias. Necesitaba leer esto. Me he sentido estancado, no he dejado de aprender, leer, ver cursos, etc, pero no he tomado acción en lo que he aprendido. Gracias por compartir sus valiosos consejos.

[Translated from Spanish: Thank you so much. I needed to read this. I have felt stuck, I have not stopped learning, reading, watching courses, etc., but I have not taken action on what I have learned. Thank you for sharing your valuable advice.]

Avatar for NDASHI ERIC

Rule your mind or it will rule you

Ease of Use
Quality of Content
Clarity of Instructions

This is my 4 month that I committed to change

I commit myself to find my truest purpose and build a carrier that I truly love and which align with my purpose of existence

And I choose forex trading and I have been acquiring skills and building myself and everyday

I commit to change

I commit to be better

I commit to be a great impact in my community and to help thousands of people

But my thoughts sometimes and some how always makes me feel empty because the challenges keeps getting bigger and bigger every day and I feel like I am not making any change

It feels like I am not going any further but I keep challenging myself that I am enough and I can be who ever I want and I am a millionaire so getting this email really hits me hard and it's really keep me aware of my journey and purpose

I was never a reader but now I sleep with the millionaire mind book on my bed I am truly committed to make the change but the challenge always makes me feel nothing but emptiness and scarcity

Avatar for Christ NASSARA

Diving Into Action: The True Path To Genuine Self-Mastery

Ease of Use
Quality of Content
Clarity of Instructions

Thanks for this article, it's just what I needed to boost my energy and keep posing in my dynamic. Sometimes, when I'm in action, my brain sabotages me or I completely lose the initial motivation that pushed me into action, even though I'm aware of why I do everything I do. Thank you for this wonderful and inspiring article.

Avatar for Gabriel

Gracias [Translated from Spanish: Thank you]

Ease of Use
Quality of Content
Clarity of Instructions

Gracias. Es lo que necesitaba leer esta semana. Estoy leyendo el libro Secretos de una mente millonaria por tercera vez para lograr un cambio, estoy comprometido a ser una persona millonaria. Mis pensamientos han cambiado. Gracias

[Translated from Spanish: Thank you. This is what I needed to read this week. I am reading the book Secrets of a Millionaire Mind for the third time to make a change, I am committed to being a millionaire person. My thoughts have changed. Thank you]

Avatar for Jennie

Rule your mind or it will rule you by budha

Ease of Use
Quality of Content
Clarity of Instructions

I’ve really been struggling with lack of focus and mindfulness . And this article has really motivate me to want to continue to work and improve myself….

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