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Set And Achieve Goals With Great Results In 7 Steps

Most people know that having goals is easy, but to set and achieve goals effectively is an entirely different matter.

You may see this in your own life by looking at goals you or someone you know made for the New Year, of which most of those goals fizzled out shortly after the goal was set.

New York Times Bestselling Author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, T. Harv Eker, also had lofty goals and struggled for decades to accomplish them.

After modeling rich and successful people, he learned the most effective ways to not only set and achieve goals but keep his levels of success high no matter what.

Explore Harv’s suggestions on how to set and achieve goals with us and you might strike gold with a missing link in your strategy…

Now, Harv insists that, just because most goals dry up and disappear, doesn’t mean your life and business must follow the same statistical trend.

It’s entirely possible to set and achieve goals if you know WHY you desire to achieve them.

How to Set and Achieve Goals

If you go about it the right way, Harv says you’ll set and achieve goals and also get really great results.

By having the necessary skills, systems, and knowledge in place, designing your ultimate earth-bound experience becomes a simple way of life by choice and you can start living this ultimate life of yours sooner than you imagined.

Here are 7 steps Harv says you can use to set and achieve goals if you’d really like to start experiencing better results:


Courtesy infographic from Harv Eker International

Fun Facts About Goalsetting and Achievement

According to Harv, most people have a more or less image of their desired life, but it’s often not clear and most people are certainly not living their best life in reality.

It isn’t easy to set and achieve goals in the real world, but it’s absolutely doable if you know how to get started and choose to follow through, he adds.

Harv’s infographic shows that just over 40% of people generally never set any goals.

And as far as New Years Resolutions go, around 80% of those goals don’t live past the second week of February in the following year.

Harv also cites that the American Society of Training & Development (ASTD) conducted a study that revealed that you can improve your chances of completing a goal incrementally…

If you actually have a goal or an idea, well done as you now have a 10% better chance of achieving your goal.

If you make a conscious decision that you will do it, you hit the 25% mark on getting closer to achieving your target.

If you choose when you’ll start doing it, you boost your goal-achieving potential to 40%.

If you have a plan on how you’ll do it, your odds rise to 50% in favor of you achieving your goal. 

If you make a commitment to somebody that you’ll do it, you’re 65% there.

If you have a specific accountability appointment with the person you’ve committed to, then you are 95% closer to accomplishing what you set out to do.

All that’s left now, according to Harv’s infographic, is finishing what you started!

7 Steps for You to Set and Achieve Goals

Knowing some facts and figures is helpful.

But if you'd like a more effective method to help you set and achieve goals, you can follow the steps in the infographic or check out the infographic analysis on Harv’s 7 simple steps below…

Infographic Analysis

We get it, it might seem daunting or like a lot of work at first, especially if you’re someone who’s not in the habit of excellence, goal setting, and high performance but guess what…

Every person who is in the habit of performing well, setting goals, hitting their targets, and practicing excellence also had to learn those skills and start somewhere to get to where they are now, and guess what else…

They also never stopped learning along the way, so this is your chance to upskill with a secret weapon that can help you succeed for the rest of your life!

Let’s dive into Harv’s 7 Simple Steps as presented in his infographic:

#01. Ask Yourself... “WHAT do I desire to achieve?”

To get what you desire, Harv insists that you have to know what it is you desire first.

#02. Ask Yourself... “WHY do I desire to reach this goal?”

Your ‘WHY’ is the motivation that fuels your ‘WHAT’, according to Harv.

#03. Ask Yourself... “Why have I not ALREADY achieved my goal?”

Harv says that this answer will help you understand yourself better.

#04. Ask Yourself... “HOW can I achieve my goal?”

Your ‘HOW’ is your strategy to accomplish your ‘WHAT’.

A strategy is not an action, says Harv, but it is a concept of how you will achieve your goal.

#05. Ask Yourself... “What‘s the FIRST ACTION I can take to achieve my goal?”

It must be SIMPLE and DOABLE, otherwise, and Harv guarantees this, you will not do it.

He suggests that you set yourself up for an easy win by taking the first step.

#06. Make a commitment to COMPLETE your FIRST ACTION

If you’re truly committed to set and achieve goals, chances are really good that you will eventually achieve any goal you set, says Harv.

It all starts with you giving your word and committing to it, he adds.

#07. Create a REWARD for when you’ve completed your FIRST ACTION

Harv asserts that rewarding yourself is crucial to your success and motivation to continue the pursuit of your goals.

Conclusion: Be Part of the Minority Who Set and Achieve and Goals Effectively

You’ve learned that far too many people don’t have goals to begin with and that most people who have goals fail to achieve them for a variety of reasons.

If you’d like to be empowered to design your ultimate life, you can use Harv’s 7 steps to set and achieve goals consistently.

There’s nothing quite like a bit of clarity to kickstart a new adventure and building your dream life could be your first quest.

So if you're not sure where to start, you might wish to avoid the choice overload trap and make sure that you pick the right business model for YOU before launching your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions About How to Set and Achieve Goals

Has your Mind ever wondered…

Why is it important to set and achieve goals?

You’re a living breathing heart-based human and you deserve to be happy, free, and rich if you’re a good person.

If you’re not there yet, then setting goals and achieving them is vital to your success.

Harv will tell you that if you’re NOT busy learning and growing, you’re automatically busy dying.

So you can stay where you are, and keep getting the same results…

Or you can start making the necessary changes to achieve your highest potential.

If you don’t challenge yourself to set and achieve goals, you’ll never have higher results than what you have right now.

How do you set your goals in life?

Ask yourself what you wish to achieve and why.

Figure out why you haven’t achieved it yet and then consider how you’re going to achieve what you’re longing for.

Plan your first step towards what you’d like to achieve and commit to completing that action.

Make sure to celebrate your first step in the right direction toward setting and achieving your goal to stay motivated.

How can I achieve success in life?

If you have a desire to achieve success in life, you have to set yourself up for it.

You won’t achieve success if you’re still thinking in limiting unsupportive ways.

But you will achieve success in business and in life if you learn how to develop a millionaire mindset.

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