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Do You See Opportunities or Obstacles?

If you have begun to start learning the various steps that could take you from 'broke-and-beyond' to 'wealthy-like-the-Branson or Bill Gates', you should know by now that your choices change along with your thoughts.

Do you see opportunities in the face challenges or do you think about running in the opposite direction?

You may have already found yourself thinking in old patterns before you were able to stop yourself to exchange these for new patterns.

If you are starting to do this, then you will be able to notice when you come across what you perceive as obstacles… and change this thinking so that instead, you perceive opportunities.

It is important to know however that just reading and thinking about this concept isn’t enough – you also need to find ways to put these concepts into practice every single day.

This is the only way that you can change the way you think about money for good.

The good news is that as you discover more of the ‘secrets’ that most wealthy people have known all along, you will be well on your way to making this sort of thinking almost automatic rather than something you need to consciously adjust.

Focus on Opportunities Rather than Obstacles

World-renowned trainer and author of  Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, Harv Eker, points out that while it may seem obvious to seek out opportunities, in the constant battle to avoid obstacles, many people simply forget to look for opportunities.

Instead, they are too busy trying to stay clear of those obstacles. Ironically, as they are focusing on obstacles, this is what they end up seeing most of the time.

Looking for opportunities takes practice.

If you begin to focus on seeking opportunities, it should become a lot easier to learn how to turn obstacles into something far more rewarding.

This focus should also help you to find and take advantage of opportunities, which in turn can change the direction of your life forever.

But how do you know if you are honestly expecting to succeed?

The answer is simple – it will be clear in your actions as well as your thoughts.

Are you too busy focusing on the small details, or are you moving forward, sharing your goals, getting others involved, and making the most of your energy and creativity?

Most rich people expect to succeed and have faith in their ability to handle whatever obstacles are thrown their way.

They are able to find alternative routes to achieve their goals when times are tough.

They know that choices lead to opportunities that offer new ways to succeed.

This is why it is essential to be positive.

Expect obstacles, and then find ways to turn these into opportunities.

Focus on what you have at this point, rather than what you wish you had.

Choose to have the right attitude, and you can begin to learn how to develop a Millionaire Mindset, and the right actions too.

Conclusion: There is No Growth Without Challenge

When you learn from 'mistakes', you build valuable experience and get closer to achieving your goals.

Obstacles are everywhere and when you reframe them into opportunities, you get creative with events and emerge with solutions.

Your solutions could be a game-changer in the lives of many.

The alternative is to remain stagnate in your comfort zone and to keep reliving the same result of what you've always been getting through this decision.

But that is now why you're reading this.

That is now why you are here.

That does not have to be your destiny but the choice is 100% yours.


Frequently Asked Questions: Do You See Opportunities

Has your Mind ever wondered...

How do you see opportunity?

When you feel challenged or out of your comfort zone, there is an opportunity for learning, growth, connection and development. 

Adjust your mindset to interpret uncomfortable situations as cues to take a breath, evaluate, find the hidden gem and turn it into a goldmine. 

Why is it important to look for opportunities?

For the sake of progress in business, personal growth, innovation, advancements and networking.

How do you use opportunities?

By finding a common ground and mutual benefit in a circumstance and leveraging power, offering solutions, creating connections and building trust.

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