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How to Build Self Trust and Confidence & Get Really Rich!

People don’t have confidence because they don’t trust themselves. 

This is evident in all walks of life, at all levels of whichever hierarchy you look at.

There are some individuals who have self trust and confidence, and some who don’t.

But do you know why?


Trainer, Speaker and Bestselling Author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, T. Harv Eker has seen this in his students, and also in himself.

On his 2.5 year journey from broke to millionaire, he learned to cultivate self trust and confidence, and today, he teaches his students how to do the same.

Right here, right now, it’s your turn to learn how to go from debilitating doubt to soaring self trust and confidence for infinite success because…

If you don’t trust yourself, you don’t get rich. 

Learn to Build Self Trust and Confidence Fast

What would you fear, if you knew you could trust yourself?

I’ll tell you what you’ll fear…


However, 99% of the global population don’t trust themselves, and therefore have no confidence to take action when necessary.

What this state creates in their normal lives is stress and chaos as the effects of distrust seep into every crack in their foundation.

Where Harv’s Self Trust and Confidence Came From

Like with everything else, what generated Harv’s self trust and confidence was repetition.

Trust is a habit. 

Confidence is a habit.

Repeating actions that support your best life is a habit.

And where do habits originate from?

Your thoughts!

Here’s an example.

In the late ‘60s he owned the only kind of car he could afford.

It was a very used one.

On cold days, there was a 50/50 chance that his ramshackle would start.

Harv had to go outside early to try and get it started.

Then it was a game of wait-and-see.

And when it did start, it would stall for pretty much half the time he was driving it.

Because of the constant uncertainty, Harv was paralyzed with fear each time he got into his car.

“Is it going to start? Am I going to get to school?”

He simply didn’t know. 

His ever-present anxiety about whether or not the frickin’ car would fire up extended beyond the arrival at his destination.

He felt embarrassed by this uncertainty, even if it was in the past.

This made him feel more nervous about himself overall.

From his car issue, he didn’t know how to trust himself.

Does this sound familiar?

If you can relate this feeling to instances in your life, chances are you don’t yet know how to trust yourself.

How to Build Trust

Today, is it likely that Harv trusts that his car will start?

Yes he does, because it’s started consistently for a thousand consecutive times.

And he’s not had any issues with his car during all those times.

So, how can you learn to trust something?

If Harv’s example tells you anything, it is that you learn to trust results when they repeat again and again.

Now how will you learn to trust yourself?

By getting the same results again and again until you can say… “Of course I trust this result. I expect it. I trust that this situation is going to happen.”

Start small, with one minor victory.

Go for a smaller goal, just one tiny thing, that you can win at.

People learn to distrust themselves, usually because they’ve taken on too much.

How to Build Confidence

If you’d like to finally follow through on that New Year’s resolution of shedding some pounds to feel and look better, forget about the exercise and healthy eating plans you clamored for in the past, because if they didn’t work for you then, they won’t work for you now.

And while it’s been years since you’ve bothered paying attention to your health, try this one thing instead…

Create one new habit. 

How simple is it to create just one new habit by replacing just one meal?

Of course if you feel you’re ready to commit to more than one, awesome!

Whatever works, be it two meals or two days.

What is important is that you commit to, at the very least, one healthy meal.

What represents one healthy breakfast?

Is that hard?

You’re not considering lunch or supper, just breakfast - one meal.

You simply say, “Tomorrow for breakfast I’m having a healthy shake.” 

And then you do exactly that.

That’s what’s for breakfast. 

Have your lunch a few hours later and choose what you’ll have then.

Experiment with this for a week, and perhaps give yourself two days’ break from doing it — you might choose to, you might not. 

The point is a small win with as little pressure as possible at first.

These minor victories here matter more than your bigger picture ahead. 

Trust that you will get to that.

You started with only one healthy breakfast and you decided to set it up in a way where you could win.

When you’re winning, you’re gaining confidence.

As you gain confidence, you also gain trust.

With enough small wins under your belt, you’ll be taking on bigger goals soon.

Guaranteed, one day you’ll realize “Wow, I’ve been doing this for weeks, and it really wasn’t that hard. Now I’m ready for [fill in the blank]” whatever your next win is for you.

The Vast Radical Effects of Trust and Confidence

Regardless of the goal, the principle remains the same.

If you feel you can’t trust yourself in one aspect of your life, you’re unlikely to trust yourself in many other ways as well.

Where trust is lacking, it affects your life across all boundaries mentally conceived.

The content and substance simply changes.

This time it may be relevant to eating, another time it may relate to business and the next time it pertains to your relationships.

In the same way these problems are connected, so are the solutions.

If you can learn to trust yourself, many current issues in  your life would simply disappear.

Conclusion: Getting Really Rich Through Self Trust and Confidence

Now that you understand the correlation between self trust and confidence by means of addressing one single habit at a time - until it becomes second nature -  you might wonder how you get rich…

How you do anything is how you do everything.

The key rests in your energy.

Although your subconscious programming, childhood blueprint and traumatic life experiences may have shaped who you are today, you have a choice to make.

Stay where you are, continue doing what you’ve been doing and keep getting the same results, or replace the habits that don’t support your highest potential and experience success in every area of your life.

Once you make the decision to learn how to develop a millionaire mindset, you’ll understand that you were never meant to stay broke, unhappy and crippled with a limited belief system.

With a millionaire mindset, and by using language that supports your best life, you reinforce the supportive beliefs of self-worth, real value, self trust and confidence in your daily conduct.

While you replace any limiting beliefs, you spend more time focused on what brings you joy, what you’re passionate about, learning to master the skills required to build the life you desire and spending time with like-minded individuals. 

Your success relies on your willingness to do what truly is best for you, to take action where it’s required and to know what to say no to.

Applying millionaire mind principles to all levels of your life, means embracing the true you, and what follows that attitude is inevitable success.  


Frequently Asked Questions About Trust and Confidence

Has your Mind ever wondered…

Why is trust and confidence important?

The relationship you have with yourself is the relationship you will have with everyone and everything around you.

Building the habit of trusting yourself builds confidence because it reinforces desirable results over and over again.

From a business perspective, where there is integrity, there is trust as everyone from employees to customers witness favorable results consistently.

This breeds confidence for more business as a work ethic based on integrity, trust and confidence leaves a legacy of wealth.

Does confidence build trust?

It is self trust that builds confidence, and the confidence gained through minor victories reinforces self trust in turn.

How do you build self trust and confidence?

Start small by changing one habit, one small thing that is doable.

Do this consistently, purposefully and witness the result.