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How To Embrace Change On Your Road to Success

One of the many factors that differentiate the rich from the rest is the concept of change.

Wealth Strategist and Author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, T. Harv Eker learned how to embrace change and become the best version of himself while doing what he loves, to achieve multi millionaire status in under 3 years.

If you'd like to do the same, getting out of your comfort zone would be a great start.

As the old saying goes ‘better the devil you know’.

Many of us struggle with change, as it forces us to move out of our comfort zones.

But staying in that comfort zone often ends up being the biggest obstacle that is standing in your way of success.

Doing the same thing over and over again will not give us different results, and wealthy people understand that embracing change is one of the most important aspects of growing and keeping wealth.

Why Do People Resist Change?

The ego or protective mind’s primary role is survival, which means that it will always choose safety over anything unproven.

The mind prefers that things stay the same, and makes us believe that if we go with what we know, we won’t get hurt.

The irony is that this way of thinking is not true at all and actually goes against the laws of nature.

If we continue to stay in our habits, the chance of becoming wealthy and successful is slim.

This boils down to the realization that if the success you were seeking was where you have been looking, you would have already found it by now.

Doing more of the same, but harder and longer is not the way to reach your goals.

To really succeed, you need to learn how to embrace change rather than fight it.

How to Change Your Thoughts, For Good

Your thoughts affect your actions.

The first step in learning how to change is therefore learning how to change your thoughts.

Start considering the way that you talk to yourself, and examine your thoughts on success, money, and wealth.

In this way, you can start to consciously change thoughts that are based on fear, limitation, and other negative patterns.

As your thoughts expand into goals and actions, intentionally thinking about wealth, abundance and success can even allow you to attract these things into your life.

As the famous saying goes; “What you focus on you move towards…”

You will also come to learn that change is a natural thing. We can’t change the weather or other people, but we can change ourselves.

Changing your thinking is the best way to identify opportunities and be more adaptable too.

Both these qualities are crucial in developing the attitude, skills, and understanding you need to succeed.

Right now, make a list of the areas in your life that require change.

Don’t only include areas in your job, but also include your environment and even personal changes that you need.

Once you have made this list, you can start implementing the changes to see what a difference those changes can make in your life.

And if you'd like to get really excited, consider the benefits of a Millionaire Mindset and start thinking like a millionaire.

Conclusion: You Already Know What Must Happen

Deep within you, there is a sense, an intuition that your world can be so much more than what you're experiencing right now.

Adopt the habit of getting excited about your life again, and learn how to embrace change to level up.

You create every situation in your life.

Own it and take action to design your success!


Frequently Asked Questions About How to Embrace Change

Has your Mind ever wondered...

What does it mean to embrace change?

Allow the fear to excite you and get out of your comfort zone.

Be willing to take risks and look forward to the growth that learning from your ‘mistakes’ offer.

Believe that, should the outcome of your endeavor not be as you had planned, the consequence still serves you and apply flexibility to allow yourself to flow in favor. 

How do you embrace and adapt to change?

Build the habit of looking forward to learning and growing beyond your comfort zone and present knowledge.

View every curveball as an opportunity to learn, grow, expand and experiment for improvement in your field. 

How do you embrace change rather than fear it?

Understand that fear of fear is the enemy.  Learn to relate to what you think you fear, differently. Start transforming your perceived fears, in your mind, into opportunities for growth and potential success.