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Riding Through Life: The Remarkable Power Of Your Self-Efficacy

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Self-efficacy is essential for progress and with life’s demands, it’s the bare minimum requirement for excellence.

Have you ever faced a challenge that seemed so daunting, you doubted whether you could overcome it?

This feeling is common, but the key to conquering such challenges lies in understanding and developing your self-efficacy.

What is that? 


Self-efficacy is your belief in your capabilities.

If self-efficacy is lacking, people tend to behave ineffectually, even though they know what to do. -Albert Bandura

The Concept

Imagine you're learning to ride a bike…

At first, the idea of balancing without support might fill you with anxiety.

You wobble, you might even fall a few times, and each drop could dent your confidence further.

If your belief in your ability to ride is low – your self-efficacy – you might start thinking, "I can't do this," and give up, avoiding the bike altogether.

This is what happens when we have low self-efficacy; we shy away from challenges, give up easily in the face of obstacles, and lose motivation.

Self-belief does not necessarily ensure success, but self-disbelief assuredly spawns failure. -Albert Bandura

However, every time you get back on that bike and pedal a little further, you build your self-confidence

You start to think, "Maybe I can do this." 

This growing belief in your ability to ride, no matter how many times you've fallen, is a boost to your self-efficacy.

High self-efficacy leads you to embrace challenges, persist against setbacks, and stay motivated through difficulties.

In order to succeed, people need a sense of self-efficacy, to struggle together with resilience to meet the inevitable obstacles and inequities of life. -Albert Bandura

The Consideration

Can you see why self-efficacy is so important?

Self-efficacy is essential because it determines how you approach new tasks and challenges. 

It influences:

A - Your Willingness to Start New Challenges:

  • Just like deciding to try riding a bike again after a fall, believing in your capabilities makes you more likely to start challenging projects.

B - Your Resilience to Setbacks:

  • High self-efficacy means you’re more likely to get up and try again, just like getting back on the bike after a fall.

C - Your Motivation Levels:

  • Strong self-efficacy keeps your motivation high, even when tasks become difficult.

If I have the belief that I can do it, I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it even if I may not have it at the beginning. -Mahatma Gandhi

The Correction

So, how do you build your self-efficacy?

Here are some practical ways to build it and strengthen it:

1 - Celebrate Small Wins:

  • Each successful bike ride, no matter how short, is a win. 
  • In life, celebrate small achievements to build your belief in your abilities.

2 - Learn from Mistakes:

  • Every fall from a bike is a learning opportunity. 
  • Similarly, analyze and learn from your setbacks to improve your skills and strategies.

3 - Visualize Success:

  • Just as visualizing yourself riding smoothly can help, picturing yourself succeeding in tasks can boost your confidence.

4 - Seek Encouragement:

  • Just like cheers from friends can encourage you while riding, positive feedback and support from others can enhance your self-efficacy in life’s challenges.

Even the self-assured will raise their perceived self-efficacy if models teach them better ways of doing things. -Albert Bandura

Developing your self-efficacy is like learning to ride a bike…

It requires practice, patience, and persistence.

By believing in your abilities and taking on challenges, you can enhance your self-efficacy, making it easier to maintain discipline and motivation throughout your life’s journey.

Just keep pedaling, no matter how many times you might wobble or fall, and you’ll find your path to success becomes much smoother.

A theory that denies that thoughts can regulate actions does not lend itself readily to the explanation of complex human behavior.  -Albert Bandura

Conclusion: You Are What You Believe

You can choose to believe you are capable of anything and in so doing, master what you must to achieve your goals.

Or you can choose to believe in limitations and that you are unable to create the life you truly desire.

The choice is always yours to make and if you actively seek change, you will find ways to make it happen.

Whether you enjoy books like ‘Mindset: The New Psychology of Success’ by renowned psychologist Carol Dweck, or prefer the theories presented by notable psychologists like Abraham Maslow (1908 - 1970) or Albert Bandura (1925 - 2021)...

You’ll discover a common thread based on awareness, belief and willingness to learn as central to transformation in the works of all personal development literature.

Dweck's influential theory distinguishes between two types of mindsets - fixed versus growth.

A fixed mindset believes in limitations and futility that nurtures stagnation.

A growth mindset believes in development through committed practice, and learning from failure, fostering a love for learning and resilience. 

Maslow's hierarchy of needs represents his theory of psychological health based on fulfilling natural human requirements in priority, resulting in self-actualization.

Bandura is credited for developing the theory of social learning and defined self-efficacy as a person’s belief in their own ability to control how they function, as well as the events that impact their lives.

People’s personal efficacy beliefs are, according to Bandura, developed by 4 primary influences which he lists as ‘mastery experiences, vicarious experiences, social persuasion, and emotional states’ all of which impact the individual’s performance and behaviors.

We were not born inferior and must learn to embrace mistakes as a pathway to excellence.

We simply learn behaviors and beliefs that are unsupportive of independence and limiting in nature as we grow.

Fortunately, we have a choice to transform our beliefs, our thoughts, and inevitably our results.

If freedom is important to you, consider making building your personal efficacy part of your daily practice so it may become your character.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Self-Efficacy

Has your Mind ever wondered…

What is the purpose of self-belief?

Your level of self-assurance can influence your mental and physical health, how you learn and what you achieve, your job and career satisfaction as well as the quality of your family relations.

Does self-efficacy influence behavior?

Self-belief impacts the effort you put into anything to continue on your journey toward your goal despite whatever might undermine your motivation to push forward and is therefore directly related to your behavior and the outcomes of your actions.

Does self-efficacy lead to success?

Because it pertains to the belief one has in their competencies and abilities, someone who experiences impostor syndrome for example, might have inaccurate judgments about their competencies, and that ultimately negatively impacts the actions they take toward their success. 

There is an abundance of psychological research that demonstrates how crucial one’s beliefs are for goal achievement.

Since success demands the best version of you, self-assurance can lead to success and for this reason, you are better off with a millionaire mindset than without one.

Do you have a millionaire mindset?

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Very nice words, thank you

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Very nice words, thank you

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Mariluz Castañeda

Insistir, persistir y nunca desistir [Translated from Spanish: Insist, persist and never give up]

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Me fascina que nos compartan la forma de ser perseverantes y saber cómo se puede lograr las metas, desde saber gatear, caminar y luego correr siempre con disciplina y sin desfallecer

Mil gracias


[Translated from Spanish: I am fascinated that they share with us the way to be perseverant and know how to achieve goals, from knowing how to crawl, walk and then always run with discipline and without giving up.

Thank you


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Nguettia Kouassi

Très pratique! [Translated from French: Very convenient!]

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Juste, pour vous dire merci!

C'est un excellent article.

[Translated from French: Just to say thank you!

This is an excellent article.]

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Una enseñanza más [Translated from Spanish: One more lesson]

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Hola, cada vez que leo estos artículos me deja una nueva enseñanza, y en realidad es lo que buscó . Somos conscientes que comenzar desde cero no es fácil, claramente nos caemos pero no siempre somos capaces de levantarse pero es ahí dónde radica lo importante de leer estos textos que de cierta manera te infunden una chispa para poder seguir, no es fácil pero tampoco imposible, si Dios conmigo quien contra mi , en conclusión debemos de hacerlo, debemos seguir

[Translated from Spanish: Hello, every time I read these articles it leaves me with a new lesson, and it is actually what you were looking for. We are aware that starting from scratch is not easy, clearly we fall but we are not always able to get up but that is where the important thing lies in reading these texts that in a certain way give you a spark to be able to continue, it is not easy but not impossible either, If God with me who against me, in conclusion we must do it, we must continue]

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Epifanios Pastou

Stabilizers are useless

Ease of Use
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Excellent article. We don't need any more stabilizers from others. You can live your life your own way. And living the life is exactly like riding a bicycle. Other's opinions are like stabilizers and keep you in a safe comfort zone because you follow their path. But if you change the path, throw away the stabilizers and succeed, fail, succeed every one's staring at the corner and waiting for you to fail (like fail in bicycle). But, you get up again and again like the ancient mythological bird "Phoenix"! A phoenix obtains new life by rising from the ashes of its predecessor. So, in conclusion there are two types of people. The first is the Chicken that follows a safe comfort zone and uses stabilizers [to stay where they are] and the other is the Phoenix that falls but can overcome the difficulties and achieve anything [dares to take risks to progress further]!

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Saddan Jose Peña mercedes

Exelente exposición [Translated from Spanish: Excellent exhibition]

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[Translated from Spanish: Excellent]

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Seguridad y... [Translated from Spanish: Security and...]

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Puedes elegir ser capaz o no

[Translated from Spanish: You can choose to be able or not]

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Great article for the Masses!!!

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I found the article very useful and informative, great for the family.

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Excellent read! A journey toward your true self!

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I had to come to know, we are "not" what people feed us. We are more but somehow we allow the naysayers to change our belief toward our self-actualization. More is "more" and Less is Less." Be you!!!!!!!! Become the best version of yourself and never look back.

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Full of motivation

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It always wakes me up when I take stock on the way to my goal . I love these articles about self confidence, motivations and how clearly and easily you explain It. Through that it is so easy to put it into life and enjoy the success that you can undoubtedly and very easily achieve by following the above tips. More than thank you .

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Erfan Radeh

Riding Through Life: The Remarkable Power of Your Self-Efficacy

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Your articles have the best content and titles and are very useful for learning, thank you very much. Excellent and excellent

Avatar for Vir

La autoeficacia es nuestra creencia en nuestras capacidades [Translated from Spanish: Self-efficacy is our belief in our abilities]

Ease of Use
Quality of Content
Clarity of Instructions

El concepto de autoeficacia, tal como lo presenta Alberto Bandura, es fundamental para entender cómo nuestras creencias influyen en nuestro comportamiento y para todo en la vida. La comparación con aprender a andar en bicicleta es particularmente efectiva para ilustrar cómo la confianza en uno mismo se construye a través de la práctica y la persistencia, incluso frente a las caídas y los fracasos, todos pasamos por ello.

Ofrece consejos como celebrar pequeñas victorias, (siempre tan importante), aprender de los errores, visualizar que queremos en nuestras vidas, buscar estímulo de los demás, todo es tan importante... Pasos realmente valiosos para aplicar en nuestro día a día, hay que trabajar mucho en el SER para ello, creo que es lo que más cuesta trabajo.

Grandes psicólogos como comentan en este artículo, Carol Dweck y Abraham Maslow, refuerzan la idea de que la creencia en nuestras capacidades que es tan importante para el crecimiento personal.

Me resulta un artículo inspirador, como tantos de los que compartís en estos espacios, tener siempre en cuenta que tenemos la opción, la responsabilidad de transformar nuestras creencias y, por ende, nuestros resultados…

Un artículo motivador y ¡Muy recomendable!


Un saludo.

[Translated from Spanish: The concept of self-efficacy, as presented by Alberto Bandura, is fundamental to understanding how our beliefs influence our behavior and everything in life. The comparison to learning to ride a bike is particularly effective in illustrating how self-confidence is built through practice and persistence, even in the face of falls and failures, we all go through it.

It offers advice such as celebrating small victories (always so important), learning from mistakes, visualizing what we want in our lives, seeking encouragement from others, everything is so important... Really valuable steps to apply in our daily lives, there are You have to work a lot on your BEING for it, I think it is what costs the most work.

Great psychologists, as discussed in this article, Carol Dweck and Abraham Maslow, reinforce the idea that belief in our abilities is so important for personal growth.

I find it an inspiring article, like so many of those you share in these spaces, to always keep in mind that we have the option, the responsibility to transform our beliefs and, therefore, our results...

A motivating article and highly recommended!

Thank you.

All the best.]

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