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Surrender to The Power Of Gratitude & Create An Amazing Life

“Be grateful” - A motto we hear all too often amongst fellow seekers in our community.

Wealth Strategist and Bestselling Author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, T. Harv Eker, incorporates the power of gratitude in his teachings and methodologies.

When he embarked on this journey, his goal was to bring wealth and spirituality together in harmony - and his efforts have been effective and life-changing for millions of people.

Let’s explore what Harv has to say about the power of gratitude and how it helps you build the life you truly desire.

Having learned how our inner world creates our outer world, is it any surprise that gratitude and appreciation are such powerful elements in the results we get?

Ultimately and according to Harv, all of us have a strong desire to grow net worth and financial success but also, experience spiritual harmony.

However, these quests can often distract us from what is right in front of our eyes, and from seeing everything we already have.

Through life’s ups and downs, Harv believes this next motto is a great reminder of the power of gratitude…

Wherever we are in life, there’s always something we can be grateful for.

How the Scarcity Model Diminishes the Power of Gratitude

Harv states that it’s very easy to express gratitude when it’s effortless, much like saying “thank you” or “please”.

And when all the bigger things are going great for us, taking a moment to be grateful is a breeze.

However, where’s that gratitude when things aren’t going according to our plans?

We’ve all been there, he adds.

When the mind focuses on all that’s wrong, all that’s lacking and all that’s too overwhelming to bear, how do we deal with that?

According to Harv, the tendency to overthink takes hold, and overcoming obstacles to success becomes even more difficult.

Although there is a place for this in that our natural responses kick in when our survival is at stake, when it becomes a habit, Harv says it becomes a problem.

And it’s here where the ‘pity party’ is the safe choice, but not the right choice.

In truth, appreciating what we do have, be it a little or a lot at any given point in time, takes much more courage, says Harv.

Surrendering to the scarcity model is much easier and it discourages us from taking action based on the feeling that there isn’t ‘enough’ anyway.

Our ego minds convince us that we won’t make an effort to get ‘more’ if we spend so much time being grateful and that ‘contentment’ will render us stuck, as opposed to happy, he adds.

Steering Clear of the Scarcity Model

What the scarcity model conveys, says Harv, is a message that the resources to meet the wants and needs of everyone are simply not enough.

What happens as a result is that you may feel as if you’re the one who’s getting shorthanded.

This isn’t always true though, he adds.

When you practice the power of gratitude, Harv asserts that you can prevent yourself from falling into this scarcity model trap.

And don’t think you’re tricking yourself into simply “settling” when you learn to appreciate what you have right now either, he warns.

Just because you choose to buy a cost-effective car due to practical common sense, doesn’t mean that in the near future, you won’t want a luxury car when you’re rich.

Choose to be grateful for the reliable transport you do own whether it’s bold and sporty or not.

Harv reminds you that scores of people in this world have nothing like it at all.

Your proactive mind will ceaselessly hunger for more, Harv says, much like a squirrel preparing for winter by hoarding nuts.

The scarcity model primes us for acquiescence, letting us overlook and diminish the blessings right before us.

To combat this, Harv insists that you must actively search for what’s right in your life, instead of finding all that’s wrong all the time.

By practicing this consistently and deliberately, he believes you’ll be reminded to show your appreciation to those closest to you from friends, family, and loved ones, to colleagues and employees.

This appreciation will even extend to strangers you previously took for granted, he adds.

Consider, for instance, the teachers and postal workers who add value to your life on a daily basis, enriching our larger communities.

Harv’s message is to remember to thank the Universe for your many blessings too - be rooted in gratitude and watch your blessings grow.


How the Power of Gratitude Affects Your Finances

Harv wants this to echo in your mind… Manage what you wish to keep.

We should all be grateful for what we have now, and manage the wealth we currently have, even if we think it’s insignificant.

You maximize the potential of what’s available to you when you actively appreciate what you already have, says Harv.

If you are unwilling to do that, why then should the Universe gift you with more to handle?

practice & exercise

Exercise: Practice The Power of Gratitude

Now it’s your turn to put into practice what you’ve learned here, as per Harv.

Declare your gratitude in 3 simple steps, to yourself, to the millionaire mind community, and ultimately, to the Universe:

Step 01: Think about everything you have to be grateful for.

To help you identify what those things are, ask yourself:

“Who and/or what have I not fully and completely acknowledged and appreciated?”

“Who and/or what do I tend to take for granted?

Step 02: Draft a list of the people and/or things in your life you’re truly grateful for.

Step 03: Express your appreciation for all that you have by telling and showing the people who mean the most to you...

If you’re still feeling unhappy or dissatisfied even after practicing the power of gratitude, how you answer these questions will show you where you need to take action:

Do you have all you desire in your life?

Are you striving to achieve greater success?

Do you make a habit of creating inner peace?

Are you taking excellent care of your health?

Do you have meaningful relationships?

Harv asserts that you can have all you want and all you deserve and one of the keys to having it all is awareness.

Conclusion: Know Where You Are and What You Have

Here’s Harv’s overarching message to you today…

When you practice appreciation as a habit and stay present, knowing every moment is temporary, you’ll find that you’re more inclined to create more moments of bliss.

Through the habitual practice of gratitude and appreciation, presence and awareness, taking action on solving problems becomes second nature.

The benefits of gratitude far outweigh the effort it takes for an attitude adjustment when you take into account that Thoughts lead to Feelings which lead to Actions that lead to Results.

Because how you do anything is how you do everything.

By practicing gratitude and appreciation, you draw an abundance of it nearer because what you focus on expands.

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Power of Gratitude

Has your Mind ever wondered…

What does the power of gratitude mean?

Whether you approach the power of gratitude from a mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual angle, the result remains a great feeling of worth, value, and harmony that comes with the acknowledgment of one’s blessings.

If you would like to improve your relationships, success, finances, and overall sense of well-being in all aspects of your life, showing appreciation for what you have right now is key.

What is the root of gratitude?

Derived from the Latin root word ‘gratus’, the word ‘gratitude’ means ‘welcome; pleasing; agreeable’

Is it any surprise how the power of gratitude has the side-effect of welcoming significant feel-good experiences into your life?

You can thank the universe for that!

What causes a lack of gratitude?

Not everyone was given a good example of kindness and gratitude - as a result, narcissistic traits such as arrogance, supremacy, and vanity to name a few, feed a void that these people believe can only be filled by behaviors matching their traits.

Fortunately, and like everything, this need not be a permanent state of mind and being - everything is transient.

The inability to recognize and acknowledge the blessings in your life can be transformed to be able to identify the things you take for granted.

For this, replacing the habit of ‘taking everything and everyone for granted’ with ‘appreciating what you have right now in this moment’ is very effective, if you’re willing to take responsibility for your life.

If you want to get rich and live a meaningful life of fulfillment, look at the benefits of a millionaire mindset and understand the concept of using this energy to your advantage fully.

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