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Climbing The Impossible Hill & Overcoming Procrastination More Easily

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If you’re stressed out and feel emotionally bogged down, then you’ll benefit greatly from this millionaire wisdom on overcoming procrastination on your journey to success.

Here’s an ugly truth… everyone procrastinates.

Some people do it at work, others when it comes to picking up the phone and calling their siblings, and others procrastinate on filing their taxes or cleaning up the kitchen.

Procrastination is a familiar challenge for many. 

One that’s often mistaken for laziness or lack of motivation.

However, the truth is that it's more complex than that…

It's not that you’re unwilling to work or that you lack motivation. 

What Procrastination Really Is

Think about it…

If you had no will to work then procrastination wouldn’t be a problem. 

And if you had no motivation to do the work then you wouldn’t feel bad about not doing it.

Instead, procrastination is an emotional regulation problem. 

It’s your only tool for dealing with tasks that stir up negative feelings like stress, fear, overwhelm, frustration, anxiety, boredom, shame, and more.

How To Reframe Procrastination

Picture this…

Imagine the task you’re procrastinating on as a heavy backpack that you need to carry up a hill.

Procrastination is like sitting down, staring at the hill, feeling overwhelmed, scared, or bored.

The problem is not that you're too lazy to walk up the hill, nor that you lack the desire to reach the top.

The problem is the emotional weight of the backpack – the task – that brings up feelings like stress, fear, and frustration.

So, you sit down, not because you don't want to climb, but to temporarily escape these uncomfortable emotions.

In this scenario, the way to beat procrastination isn’t getting more “discipline” or more motivation. 

Because the heavy backpack will still be there dragging you down.

It's about developing new strategies to manage the emotional weight of your tasks.

Like finding the right way to carry your backpack or taking regular breaks during your climb, you need tools to handle the feelings that make you want to sit down and delay the task.

Practical Tools For Overcoming Procrastination

  1. Break Tasks into Smaller Steps:
    Just like adjusting the load in your backpack, break down your tasks into smaller, more manageable steps.

  2. Set Realistic Goals:
    Don’t aim to climb the hill in one go.
    Set achievable checkpoints along the way.

  3. Understand Your Emotions:
    Acknowledge the feelings that lead to procrastination.
    Understanding why you feel overwhelmed or stressed can help you address these emotions more effectively.

  4. Create a Supportive Environment:
    Just as a friend can make the climb easier, surround yourself with supportive people who can encourage you and help you stay on track.

  5. Practice Mindfulness and Stress-Relief Techniques:
    Learn ways to manage your stress and emotions, like deep breathing or meditation, to make your 'climb' less daunting.

The best way to get started? Quit talking and start doing. –Walt Disney

Remember, it's not about forcing yourself up the hill with your heavy backpack…

It's about finding better ways to handle the weight, making the journey more doable and less overwhelming.

By managing your emotions and stress, you can start moving up the hill, one step at a time.

Conclusion: Overcoming Procrastination Smartly

The concept of procrastination is grossly misunderstood by most people, adding more weight to an already overburdened emotional state.

If you procrastinate, you don’t have to wear the badge of laziness or unwillingness.

Instead, it helps to understand the underlying emotional complexities behind the reason for your hesitation.

Rather than harshly focusing on seeking deeper discipline and motivation, shift your focus to practicing more practical and emotionally intelligent strategies to create a more supportive environment for an easier journey.

It’s about working smarter, not harder and you do this through using compassionate ways to manage your emotional landscape and thus, create a more fulfilling experience by choice. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Overcoming Procrastination

Has your Mind ever wondered…

How does your body trigger a procrastination response?

Dopamine is released when your brain likes something, for instance when you’re feeling, experiencing or participating in something good.

When your brain feels good or likes something, you’re very likely to continue doing whatever releases this chemical.

So when you’re procrastinating, the reward is in NOT doing a specific thing because this feels better to your brain than doing that specific thing does.

What is the root of procrastination?

If you’re serious about overcoming procrastination, you’ll want to address the root of it which, in essence comes down to an emotional state of fear in various forms.

By staying fixated on unsupportive or negative thought habits, you keep yourself in a perpetual cycle of stress. 

This habit of rumination on feelings can become crippling, and can lead to procrastion.

How do I rewire my brain to stop procrastinating?

Because you are your habits, it helps to train your brain to think in ways that support you.

Here are 5 things you can practice that can be very effective habits to cultivate to help you on your journey to overcoming procrastination:

  • Start by breaking tasks into smaller and more manageable steps to lighten the burden.
  • Make sure to set realistic goals and remember to celebrate the achievement of each goal.
  • Understand the emotional reasons behind your hesitance to take action so you can address the root cause.
  • Create an environment that supports your goals by including supportive people who encourage and help you stay on track into your circle.
  • Practice compassion towards yourself so you can manage the root cause of your reason for procrastination through deep breathing or meditation as this may help reduce the stress, fear and emotional load.

On your journey to overcoming procrastination, you’ll do yourself a service when you learn how to stop being afraid to say no to things that stress you out and yes to things that lighten the load.

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Avatar for Dinoraht

Procrastinacion [Translated from Spanish: Procrastination]

Ease of Use
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Creo que el miedo es creado por uno mismo, no existe, debemos enfocarnos en vivir el presente, hacer las cosas con amor para lograr la satisfacción de nuestro ser, en donde estemos, trabajando, en el hogar entre otros

[Translated from Spanish: I believe that fear is created by oneself, it does not exist, we must focus on living in the present, doing things with love to achieve the satisfaction of our being, wherever we are, working, at home, among others.]

Avatar for Angela Morton
Angela Morton

Getting to the root of it

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Clarity of Instructions

I now have valid reasons and not just excuses. I love that the article provides actionable steps for overcoming procrastination.

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thanks - very inciteful

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Arati Dikey

Feel empowered to address Procrastination

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Clarity of Instructions

Liked the idea to break down the tasks. to overcome procrastination

happy to know its not lack of motivation or laziness

Avatar for Noris

Procrastinacion no es flojera [Translated from Spanish: Procrastination is not laziness]

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Clarity of Instructions

Gracias. Buen artículo.

[Translated from Spanish: Thank you. Good article.]

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Thank you

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Clarity of Instructions


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Stefanie Jones

Not lazy!!!

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This information was clear and direct. I learned so much that I never knew before. I live the explanations about how the actual brain works and why we do and think the things we do. Great information! Thank you!

Avatar for Elijam

Procrastination is an emotional regulation Problelm

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Clarity of Instructions

I thought that being procrastinates is like you're lazy. While reading this article it helps me to realized that procrastination is such a state of emotion, and not because we don't want to do sth.

Thank you!

Avatar for Olesya

Procrastination and laziness are two different things

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Clarity of Instructions

Really loved to learn that procrastination and laziness are two different states, thank you

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Tarinyo Prefegha


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How true it is, that the use of words and communicating our thoughts to another is not easy. The inner game is uppermost at play if we have to achieve success in life. Therefore, I guess, firstly we must always ask ourselves do we understand what we intend to communicate to someone else. The next point would be choosing simple words that relate the thought we want to transfer. If I did not ask the question about the difference between procrastination and laziness there is no way I could have understood this indept explanation of the word procrastination. This is what I'm feeling. Thanks

Avatar for Yemi

Great article

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Clarity of Instructions

Clear, practical, good tips, easy to follow.


Avatar for Ravi Dhanraj Chavan
Ravi Dhanraj Chavan

Procrastination is universal

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Awesome, really felt connected, solution is also great will apply the above knowledge about procrastination.

Avatar for Jose

Rumbo al exito [Translated from Spanish: On way to success]

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Clarity of Instructions

Cada dia estoy trabajando en mi tengo un coasch personal y me a servido de micho por que me trabajan mente, cuerpo y espiruto y estoy trabajando cada dia en mi para Pasar al siguiente divel.

Y con el apollo de ustedes lo consiguire y poniendo lo mejor de mi el libro que estoy lellendo es brutal.

Tambien estoy escribiendo un libro con mi familia, y estamos trabajando en ese proyecto cada dia.

[Translated from Spanish: Every day I am working on myself, I have a personal coach and it has served me well because they work on my mind, body and spirit and I am working on myself every day to move on to the next level.

And with your support I will achieve it and putting my best effort into the book I am reading is brutal.

I am also writing a book with my family, and we are working on that project every day.]

Avatar for Ximwna rojas
Ximwna rojas

La procastinación mal entendida [Translated from Spanish: Procrastination misunderstood]

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Clarity of Instructions

De verdad esta mál interpretada la palabra, emocionalmente es lo verdadero

[Translated from Spanish: The word is really misinterpreted, emotionally it is true]

Avatar for Galina


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Avatar for Marty Ries
Marty Ries

Get it done

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I appreciate the way you break the information down, it allow us to over come our fear of procrastination. When you really look at life common sense plays a huge factor. Thank you

Avatar for Aisha purity
Aisha purity

Procrastination is a habit that unessessarily delays anyone to perform any task

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Clarity of Instructions

Everyone should take time and focus on what he or she planned to at a set period of time

Avatar for Yuri

Dividir en tareas pequeñas para que la carga sea liviana [Translated from Spanish: Divide into small tasks so that the load is light]

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Clarity of Instructions

Muy bueno

[Translated from Spanish: Very good]

Avatar for Nyssa

Procrastination is crippling.

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This article clearly helps to overcome the main forces that drive procrastination.

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