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5 Essential Steps to Changing Your Financial Future

While you may have assumed that you make it big simply by being born into wealth, being lucky or having some special skill, the reality is that just about anyone could be wealthy with the right attitude.

If you plan on developing a wealth mindset, you must embrace the reality that you have to be financially free before you can be rich - your financial future depends on both.

Of course, just wanting to be rich won’t actually get you rich – with the right mindset, solid planning, excellent organization, good support and a great deal of commitment however, you could start to grow your wealth, even if you had very little to start with.

Taking the First Steps Towards Reaching Your Goals

If you are ready to stop being poor or middle-class and start living the good life, T. Have Eker, Author of The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind suggests, these steps so you may achieve your future financial goals.

These offer all the tools you need to start actually working towards achieving your goals rather than daydreaming about ‘someday’.

1. Mindset

The very first and most important step is to understand that to create wealth in your life, you need to start by creating wealth in your mind.

Imagine what your life could be like out of that ‘survival’ state, and create a state of abundance in your mind.

Whether it is having enough to get you through life, or having a luxury lifestyle, you need to start believing that you deserve to succeed.

Start building those thoughts, and then start taking the steps to make them a reality.

A wealth mindset is your strongest asset.

2. Planning

Of course, just imagining all of that is not enough.

You need to have a plan in order to achieve your goals.

You need a one year plan, a 3 year plan and even a longer-term plan, with clear targets along the way that you can reach on your way to success.

Seminars, business training and other research is a good way to help you start planning, with ideas on building finances through starting your own business, investing or even purchasing property – all of these could be a way to grow your wealth.

Learn from those who have made their fortune through hard work and determination, and start seeing how you can use their story to make your own success.

3. Organization

Even once you have begun to get somewhere, you still need to be extremely organized.

Wealthy folk are never careless about money, and they know that every cent should be accounted for at all times.

Create a chart or document that shows you exactly where your money goes each month.

This will help you determine which expenses to cut and which to keep.

You will also have a better idea of your income and debts, to help you start reaching your financial goals in an organized way.

4. Support

You will probably not get where you want to be without some help.

The wealthy employ a team of people for support, from lawyers to wealth coaches, accountants, tax experts and fund managers, all of whom are able to assist in attaining and growing your wealth.

This will leave you free to focus on making your fortune, along with the added bonus of professional advice when you need it the most.

Trying to do everything yourself will lead to frustration, bad time management and lack of expert advice, which could set you back on your financial goals significantly.

5. Dedication

The final quality that you need to develop is dedication.

You need to be fully committed to your goals, while being patient about how long it takes you to reach them.

Success doesn’t happen overnight, and it takes a lot of hard work, time and energy, but with dedication, you could work towards reaching your financial dreams and reaping the rewards.

Having dedication will give you the motivation you need to soldier on, even throughout the tough times.

These steps are not the be all and end all when it comes to winning the money game, but they are a good starting point to give you the basic skills needed to start reaching your financial goals.


Frequently Asked Questions About Your Financial Future

Has your Mind ever wondered...

How do I want my financial future to look?

When you understand that you must be financially free before you can become rich, your financial future is already looking better than that of most for the simple fact that your mentality and mindset are the foundation of your decisions.

You want your financial future to be simple and abundant. 

And only you can make it happen.

How do you build a financial future?

With 5 simple steps: cultivate a millionaire mindset, plan your finance with excellent money management skills, organize your income on paper so you know where your money goes, have a support structure in place to aid impeccable management of your time and money and finally, dedicate your efforts to building wealth by practicing habits of excellence.

What are future financial goals?

Whether short term or long term, they can be categorized into wants and needs, and must absolutely be on a schedule or plan for budgeting purposes.

Without recording your plans and allocating your earnings monthly (or at whichever interval your income becomes available), you have no objectives or targets to aim at.

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