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Is the Money Mentality of Your Friends Keeping You Poor?

If those in your circle are not successful, their money mentality may be keeping you broke.

Take it from the author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, T. Harv Eker, who spent many years mapping out the road to wealth before realizing that it was his mentality that required a shift.

After all, excellent money management skills is one of the benefits of a millionaire mindset, and one of many successful millionaire money habits that rich people have, as he learned on his journey.

One of the simplest and yet most often underestimated facts of living a life free of financial worry, according to Harv, is that you should watch how rich people achieve their success, and copy what they do.

It makes sense – by taking the same actions, and having the same mindset, there is a very good chance that you could get the same results.

To start watching, learning and observing, you first need to take a good look at your peer group, he adds.

Studies show that most people earn within 20% of the average income of their peers.

This means that if your peers are on the poorer side of the money scale, then chances are that you are there too, says Harv.

On the other hand, if you start making friends with those who are succeeding and thriving, Harv argues that your income could also soon be thriving.

How to Change Your Peer Group for Wealth and Success

Harv insists that the reality of the situation is that, to develop your ‘winner’ mindset, you need to choose who you spend your time with very carefully in order to change your wealth pattern.

According to him, wealthy people join country clubs not only to play golf, but mostly to hang out with others in their income sphere, to network and connect and share strategies to help their money grow even further.

As the saying goes, birds of a feather flock together.

This is especially true in the instance of the affluent, and this is one of the most basic ‘secrets’ you could ever learn when it comes to your potential new life, Harv says.

It also comes down to comfort…

Well-off folk feel the most comfortable around other people who are like them, because they feel worthy of being around these people.

They understand that those who have developed their wealth have a forward-thinking mindset that attracts them to one another.

Wealthy people also see their peers as a way of motivating themselves even further, says Harv.

They see their wealthy peers as role models to learn from, and partners that they can grow with and share insight.

They generally have the mindset of… if my peers can do it, there is no reason why I can’t do it either.

By surrounding themselves with people who challenge them, Harv believes they are able to grow, improve and become even wealthier.

If you think about it that way, success can easier be achieved and enjoyed simply by association.

Just imagine what else could be possible by changing your peer group!

Harv suggests that you change your money mentality to that of value instead of comfort or sub-ordinance and start reaching out to friends of money if you would like to experience more wealth in your life.

Conclusion: You Become Like Who and What You Surround Yourself With

If you and your friends are happy, successful, mutually supportive and inspiring, guiding each other to greatness, and your associations bring out the best in all of you, you have a great tribe.

However, if within your circle there is disunity, complaining, jealousy, no forward and upward movement and a communal suffering through life in the absence of motivation for achievement of any kind of dream or goal, it would serve you well to spend more time in environments that support growth and abundance.

What you focus on expands, and how you do anything is how you do everything.

For this reason, the more you flood your mind with language, activities, examples and subsequently, experiences that promote wellness, success and wealth creation, the greater your chances of fulfillment of your passions, dreams, goals and endeavors of success.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Money Mentality

Has your Mind ever wondered...

What is a good money mindset?

The kind of attitude and mentality that build your assets, wealth, bank balance and cash flow! The mindset that knows it’s net worth, plans it’s expenses, budgets and sticks to it.

The very mentality that realizes passive income streams are vital for wealth creation.

How do I find my money mindset?

Check your money blueprint by considering which limiting events negatively impacted your relationship with yourself and your money..

Who do you associate with and what levels of achievement make them proud?

Who’s example are you modeling when it comes to financial success?

Do you blame, maim and complain about your life, people, events and circumstances?

Your answers will illuminate where your mind’s at - if you’re unenthusiastic about your life, a change for the better is one decision away.

What is a poor money mindset?

When you’re unhappy, unsuccessful, unfulfilled and always broke, your blueprint could do with an upgrade!

Even a poor money mindset can be reprogrammed and despite your limiting beliefs, you can learn how to take back your life, master your fears and become financially free - and very very wealthy.

Adopt millionaire money habits and experience the difference a shift in habit can achieve.

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