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How To Be Financially Free, Spiritual & Really Rich

Is spiritual fulfillment a result of financial freedom and success?

Wealth Strategist and Author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, T. Harv Eker, values freedom above most things, and has made it his mission to teach people that the virtues of freedom, the spirit and wealth can thrive together.

Let’s begin with the very first element of real enlightenment: it’s all the same sacred thing! 

There’s no duality.

Everything’s one.

And although it is all one singular thing, it takes on different appearances and energies.

Furthermore, if all of it is oneness and everything’s part of this oneness, then material wealth, financial freedom and success, must also be part of the same oneness, unless…

We give success a different meaning, something other than a physical expression or representation of this all inclusive oneness.

Separation is merely an illusion. 

Spirituality, or generosity, or kindness cannot be separated from relationships, money or material success, or from freedom or anything else really, until we choose to separate them. 

As they exist, they are all one thing.

Connecting Happiness with Success

Does success result in happiness in any way?

Sure, but not in the purest form of happiness.

When you’re unsuccessful, of course it leads to some ill feelings.

And with how much ease do you happily live your purpose and mission every day, when you’re unsuccessful? 

It’s not so easy, is it?

Harv believes that true happiness comes through connection.

When you connect to your higher self, you also connect to the knowledge that your happiness manifests itself despite outcomes of failure or success, comfort or the lack thereof.

Through regular consistent practice of connecting with your higher sense, you set yourself up for success to be derived from your inner peace and happiness.

You start training yourself to not expect it in any other order, so instead of waiting for success before being happy, you’ll be happy all the way on your journey to success.

The ultimate situation to create in your life would be where you’re financially free, living your purpose, getting rich doing so and then using your wealth to help others.

Can anyone ask for more?

If you’re spending 8-10 hours a day in a business that helps people solve problems, and what you do here daily is your life’s true purpose and mission, what a frickin’ blessing!

Once you no longer have to separate your daily conduct from your mission, you’ve found your Holy Grail.

Happiness is what leads to success.

Success brings forth the money that enables you to help other people as well as yourself.

If you’re successful for these reasons, and you maintain focus on these reasons, you’ve created a beautiful life.

And when you’re financially free to choose what you do with your time, your beautiful life becomes even more fulfilling.

Why It’s Possible to Be Free, Spiritual and Really Rich

Harv takes profound pleasure in expressing his unique gift to the world.

In showing people through motivation, cajoling, persuasion and virtually dragging people if he has to, that it’s possible to be free, kind, loving, generous and spiritual and very rich - by living it.

Once you believe this, your life changes. 

You are by nature a heart-based human. 

You desire to be free, kind, loving, generous, and also to be rich.

So be a good person, wherever you are, particularly in your business.

And be a kind person, everywhere and yes, also in your business. 

Especially, be a generous person, with whatever you do and of course, practice generosity in your business.

Deliberately intend on being loving overall, and apply this in your business. 

This means loving everyone from your customers and clients, to the people you work with and your employees.

Wealth is an outcome, a result of among other things, being a truly good person.

If you think you’ll be rich while being a jerk, you might have short term success but I’ll tell you now it won’t last long.

Because having a poor attitude and being a jerk is a fear based mentality that does not support happiness, wealth and abundance. 

You won’t have a truly rich life, and you won’t be truly free when your heart’s dark.

Be nice. 

Be spiritual. 

How To Be Financially Free First

More money will only make you more of who you already are.

And if you’d like to make more money and keep it, being a good person is key, however, so is planning.

Many people mistake ‘being rich’ for being ‘financially free’.

What most people don't know is that you don’t have to be rich to be financially free.

They live under the assumption that if they work hard and get rich, then they’re free.

In the end, they might end up rich, but enslaved, because working 10-12 hour days to provide for the lifestyle they’ve created will be the ball and chain keeping them imprisoned.

So am I saying that if you work honorably, operate with generosity in your business, treat people well, and the money’s rolling in, you’re still not financially free?


The strategy for financial freedom is not the same one you’d use to become rich.

Sure you can get rich doing what you love, but one secret is to set your business up in such a way that it can run profitably in your absence.

This will provide you with one aspect of freedom that deep down, you desire more than anything… 

The freedom of time.

Of course this is not the only end game.

You deserve financial freedom, but how do you arrive at that?

What must you do to have the freedom to choose if, when and whether you work or not?

Harv insists on excellent money management.

By managing your money very well, using key strategies and cultivating habits that support  your goals you can achieve and sustain financial freedom and long-term wealth.

One of these strategies is to invest in passive income of which the return is used to cover your necessary expenses.

Use the financial freedom formula to determine what the return on your passive income investment should be for you to consider yourself financially free:

Financial Freedom = Passive Income > Expenses

  • List your expenses - the necessities - such as  mortgage, rent, food, utilities, insurance, debt/loans, all medical expenses, kids care, pet care, phones, car payments and running costs etc
  • Now add them up

There you have your financial freedom number.

Your income must be higher than your financial freedom number.

Conclusion: Be the Best You for the Best Results

Anything worth having demands sacrifice.

If being financially free demands the sacrifice of poor habits…

And if living a meaningful life of purpose demands the sacrifice of a poor attitude…

And if being successful in business demands the sacrifice of slavery… 

Who wouldn’t happily sacrifice what’s holding them back to start truly living?

Intend on continual growth of your freedom, your heart and your mind and get happily rich in the process.

Apply the things you learn here.

Use the tools and follow the strategies provided in the classes and programs available to you so you can get rich. 

That’s what Harv did.

Do you have a better idea?


Frequently Asked Questions About How to Be Financially Free

Has your Mind ever wondered…

What is the first rule of money?

If you’d like to be financially successful, learn how to be financially free before becoming rich.

Being rich does not mean you’ll be free, and the strategy for financial freedom is different to the strategy for getting rich.

What are the 4 rules of being financially literate?

Know the difference between being financially free and financially rich.

Don’t make debt to get out of debt. 

Understand the difference between your ‘needs’ and your ‘wants’ and stick to your budget.

Manage your money with excellence by allocating your income to your different jar accounts.

Your Financial Freedom Jar Account is your ticket to freedom and true wealth.

What rich people do that poor people don’t?

Rich people manage their money very well.

Most rich people also understand that they have to be financially free before becoming financially rich.

How do you master money?

To master money, you must master yourself, your thoughts and your habits.

Once you control how you feel and think about money, and you control how you respond to life with the deliberate intention of making yours a great one, you’re winning the game of life and money.

Master money with excellent millionaire money habits.

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