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If you’ve never heard of the 6 Jars Money Management System before, then chances are you’re not building on your full wealth potential with your current income...

And you’re probably still broke (tongue-in-cheek).

Wealth Strategist and Author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, T. Harv Eker, teaches a highly effective method of money management designed to help you create your financial freedom.

This is the same money management system he started using to go from broke to millionaire in just 2.5 years and it will not disappoint!

He calls it the ‘JARS Money Management System’ and it’s one of the many strategies he uses to generate and keep his millions.

Let’s explore how Harv’s system works and as we analyze his infographic, consider the value of adopting this jars money management system to help you work toward your financial freedom.

How it works

Harv suggests that you split your income into 6 separate accounts.

Each different account receives a specific percentage at each interval and to be clear, you can use different bank accounts, or actual jars for cash if you wish.

Let’s see what percentage of your money goes into which jar, as we analyze Harv’s infographic below:


Courtesy infographic from Harv Eker International

Infographic Analysis - The JARS Money Management System Explained


JAR 1: Necessity Account (NEC - 55%)

This jar or account, says Harv, is exclusively for the management of your everyday bills and expenses.

You have this jar to ensure your basic needs are taken care of first.

It includes anything you require to live, such as a mortgage, rent, taxes, bills, utilities, clothing, food, etc.


JAR 2: Play Account (PLY - 10%)

PLAY money is yours to spend every month on things you wouldn't ordinarily buy - and you must spend it, Harv insists.

This jar's sole purpose is for you to cultivate the habit of valuing and nurturing yourself.

Whether you choose to indulge in a weekend getaway, treat yourself to a massage, or splurge at an exclusive restaurant, just go ahead and have fun!

Play is there to satisfy your heart's desires, says Harv.

You and your significant other can each have your own play money, without having to ask what anyone spends their play money on.


JAR 3: Financial Freedom Account (FFA - 10%)

Here's your proverbial golden goose, according to Harv.

This jar exists for the sake of your financial freedom.

The money going into your FFA jar is used for your investments and for building your streams of passive income.

Harv cautions that you never ever spend this money.

ONLY once you become financially free, will you spend any of this money.

And even then you'd only spend the returns you gained on your investments.

Never ever spend the capital.


JAR 4: Education Account (EDU - 10%)

The money you put in this jar is there for you to further your personal growth and education.

Investing in yourself is one of the best ways to use your money, asserts Harv.

Always remember that YOU are your #1 and most valuable asset.

Education money is for the purchase of courses, books, CDs, or any form of educational value to help you grow.


JAR 5: Long-Term Saving for Spending Account (LTSS - 10%)

For all those bigger and nice-to-have purchases, Harv recommends that you use this jar.

Spend this money on extravagances, vacations, digital equipment or installations, your children's education, or as a contingency fund etc.

Small monthly contributions go a really long way.

You might choose to have multiple LTSS jars.

If this is the case, Harv suggests that you split the 10% up between these jars in accordance with your priorities.


JAR 6: Give Account (GIV - 5%)

Here's where Harv says you put the money you give away.

Use it for causes close to your heart, for friends and family on special occasions, birthdays, and holidays.

You're welcome to give away your time instead of your money, he adds.

You could volunteer your time in your community on behalf of a charity you favor, house or pet sit for a friend or neighbor or support someone who really needs help.

So why would you choose to start using Harv’s 6 JARS Money Management System ASAP?

Reason #01 — Because you are your habits

Harv emphasizes that creating the habit is far more important than the amount you have to manage.

 Now, you might be thinking, “Yeah but, I don’t earn much money…” or “My expenses are just too high…”

The good news is that you don’t have to put $1,000 into your accounts each day.

And this is why Harv’s model works on percentages - so that, regardless of whether you earn $10,000 or $1 a week, you can still follow the JARS System and cultivate the HABIT of managing your money.

No, it’s not a mistake, if you’re earning a single dollar a week, you can do this money management system.

The habit of managing your money is much, much more important than the amount. -T. Harv Eker

Reason #02 — Because the quickest way to get rich is to manage your money well

So, it’s like this, according to Harv...

The way this universe works is that you will get more of what you manage, in this case, your money.

And you will not get more money if you mismanage it, he cautions.

The quickest way to do well with your money is to manage the money you do have, well.

Watch what happens in your life when you show the universe that you know how to manage $1.

Miracles, says Harv… they happen.

Decide right this moment: Are you willing to get 6 jars, and are you ready to start managing your money today?

Declare what you intend to do, to the universe, he adds.

Declare that you are willing to take your finances to a new level and turn it around completely.

And let us know how it’s going for you in the review section at the bottom of the page!

One of the keys to becoming truly financially free is to manage your money well, says Harv, but remember that there is much more to learn about money management than you might think!

The fastest way to do well with money is to manage your money well. -T. Harv Eker

What To Do If…

Remember Harv’s core message…

What's most important about using the 6 Jars Money Management System, is nurturing the habit of money management and since nothing is cast in stone, let's look at what Harv says can be done when life in all its splendor has already happened.

1 - Your necessities are more than 55% of your income

It’s very common when starting out and using the 6 JARS Money Management System for the first time that this will be the case, Harv says.

Understand that the specific percentages are recommendations to start with which would be your goal to get to, rather than a definitive rule.

The belief is that the habit of managing your money is more important than the amount of money you manage.

If you’re unable to follow the percentages exactly, then Harv suggests that you start with an amount you can effectively manage.

As an example, use the Jars to split $100 a month.

Then the following month, split $150 and the following month, do $200.

Harv mentions in his teachings that someone started with one single frickin’ dollar and today, she is a multimillionaire.

Hence the emphasis on the habit being more important than the amount!

2 - You have a truckload of debt to repay

You must still manage your income!

Use your LTSS Jar to pay off your debts, that’s Harv’s recommendation.

And always… yes ALWAYS pay the minimum, he adds.

Managing your money’s a habit… and going into debt is a habit too!

Understand that, if you pay all your debts before being in the habit of managing your money, Harv warns that chances are you’ll repeat the same debt pattern.

But once you create the habit of first managing your money and paying your debt while you manage your money, there’s a much bigger chance that you’ll stay away from making future debt.

Now can it get any better than that?!

3 - You’re earning a passive income

Harv urges you to put that money away!

If your goal is to expedite your financial freedom, then keep your FFA jar moneys in your FFA jar until you achieve your financial freedom number and can live completely off your passive income.

To calculate your financial freedom number, use this financial freedom formula:

Financial Freedom = Passive Income > Expenses

  • List your expenses - the necessities - such as a mortgage, rent, food, utilities, insurance, debt/loans, all medical expenses, kids care, pet care, phones, car payments, and running costs, etc
  • Now add them up

And there’s your financial freedom number, says Harv.

You’ll have to earn more than your financial freedom number to ensure your basic needs are met.

4 - You have credit cards

Harv reckons they’re great to have once you’re already in the habit of managing your money.

If you’ve been in credit card debt constantly you should not be using a credit card, he asserts.

If you’re paying your credit card balance each month, then your credit card’s a useful tool, especially when the rewards programs are good. 

Although, using this strategy is only useful if you’re making full payments on your credit card each month.

Harv suggests that you use one credit card for everything and each month, go through your statement and mark with a pen, which jar your transactions must be paid from.

As an example:

  • Water, sewer, gas (NEC)
  • Champagne for celebration (PLY)
  • Online Courses / Books (EDU)

Add up the charges per jar, and transfer the owed amounts from whichever jar account to the account your credit card is paid from.

What Harv’s Students Have to Say About This 6 JARS Money Management System

This jar system literally saved my life… I felt so in debt and wasn’t managing my money, I wanted to end my life. Setting up my jar system changed everything. A few months later I was able to buy an apartment! —Melanie Roberge

It’s so good that my hubby and I became financially free from scratch in just 4 years using this system… You really changed our [lives] for the best.  —Maria Laura Viquez

Been doing this for over 10 years with our kids and now as teenagers, they are very disciplined with money. They spend and save with thought and respect for this tool. So grateful for Harv for this gift! —Jennifer Pollock

Been using jars for over 5 years. Love them. Our net worth grows each year. So fun to count the FFA jar every New Year’s Day. —Tom Price

Man this makes it so easy. Takes minute instead of hours and gives me the feeling like wow I can still have some fun. Amazing. Thanks. —Steven Chambers

Just do it. The best money habit to have. Thanks again, Harv! —David Edward Albanez

I only wish I had been exposed to this in my 20’s. So now I get to share with my kids… The best part is that they have the opportunity to truly live debt free. — Rhonda

I went from zero (yes, zero) savings to R$50K today (Brazilian reais) by applying your jar model… From zero I learned: how to be free… how to handle my income; how to share my income with the world. —Marcos

Managing your money well is 1 of 8 elements essential to your financial freedom, says Harv.

And he insists that you must have them all in place to become financially free and the sooner, the better.

So if you’d like to become financially free sooner rather than later, start managing your money like a millionaire and cultivate the habit of excellent money management because…

You Are Your Habits! -T. Harv Eker

Conclusion: You Control the Pace on Your Road to Financial Freedom

If you don’t have what you want by now, there’s something you don’t know yet.

It really is that simple.

Now that you know there’s a simple and effective way to go from broke to rich, will you continue doing what you’ve been doing?

I doubt it!

Money management habits are something that most of the global population battles with, and truly, the struggle is simply because nobody was taught any better.

When you cultivate the habit of excellence in one area of your life, you will see the value it brings and you’ll also start managing other areas of your life with the same kind of millionaire mentality you’re going to start managing your money with.

You can only win by taking control back and practicing good habits!

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Frequently Asked Questions About the 6 JARS Money Management System

Has your Mind ever wondered...

What is the best way to manage your money?

By using the JAR system money management becomes elegantly effective and what’s more, you cultivate a habit of excellence that can be applied to various other fields of decision making.

The best way to manage your income is to split it into different accounts, or jars effectively.

What is the money jar system?

The money jar system, also called the 6 Jars Money Management System, is a money management tool designed to build on the good habit of managing money well.

The aim is to ensure financial freedom.

By splitting your income into 6 jars or 6 separate bank accounts, you allocate a certain percentage of your income to a particular jar or bank account.

What are the different jars system explained by T. Harv Eker to get financial freedom?

It is known as the 6 JARS money management system. 

You can use bank accounts or actual jars to split your income into percentages that you allocate to a specific jar or bank account.

Your 6 jars are first determined by understanding your wants vs your needs and second, are comprised of the following categories: necessities, long term savings for spending, play or personal entertainment, education, financial freedom investments and giving.

What is a JAR budget?

It is a money management system designed to help you nurture the habit of managing what you’d like to keep, generate financial freedom, and build true wealth.

Here is what it looks like:

  • 55% – Necessities (rent, food, electricity, bills)
  • 10% – Long-term savings for spending (big purchases, vacations, rainy day fund)
  • 10% – Play (spoiling yourself and friends or family members, leisurely expenses)
  • 10% – Education (coaching, mentoring, books, courses)
  • 10% – Financial Freedom (stocks, mutual funds, real estate)
  • 05% – Give (charitable donations)

If wealth, freedom, and success are part of your plan, start with nurturing millionaire money habits.

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