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4 Reasons Why Living Your Purpose Can Make You Wealthy

Whether we realize it or not, we all have a purpose in life, something we were placed here to do.

If you're not living your purpose right now, what are you going to do about it?

As Harv Eker, Author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind and SpeedWealth: How to Make a Million on Your Own, pointed out in a recent video, there are some people who realize and fully embrace their purpose.

They find ways to fulfill their life’s destiny with little to no effort. 

For the vast majority of souls, it can be quite a struggle to understand and figure out why they're here and what they’re supposed to be doing.

When you do discover your purpose and start living it in the most authentic expression of your reason for being, it will transform your life into the joyful successful experience you deserve.

In that same video, Harv shared the 4 reasons he believes that living your purpose can make you wealthy.

They are summarized below, but first, why does he say that your purpose matters?

What is Your Purpose and Why Does Living Your Purpose Matter?

According to Harv, Purpose is the answer to the question "Why am I here?"

Your purpose is what you were created for.

It's your vision of how you want to live your life and it includes all of the most meaningful elements of being human.

The thing about having a good, solid purpose in life is that it can create more than just happiness and fulfillment for you, says Harv.

When you're living a life of purpose, people who come into contact with you will be inspired to do better and more meaningful things for themselves as well.

Living a lie simply doesn’t feel good, nor is it a great use of your skills and time. 

It certainly does not restore balance to this world and does nothing for your bliss practice. 

The worst example you can give your children is to forget about your dreams and stay in the box someone else needs you to be in to serve their agenda, fulfill their dreams, facilitate their ambitions, and make them rich.

Harv encourages you to envision a life you don’t wish to take a vacation from, the kind of ‘job’ you would do for free, forever, every day, over and over. 

Can you see the lives you’d like to touch, the differences you’d like to make, and the people you’d like to uplift with your unique offering to the world?

Let’s dive into those 4 reasons why fulfillment of your mission brings wealth, according to Harv.

1 - Meaning

Many people wish that their life had more meaning. 

There are of course around 8 billion different definitions of a meaningful life.  

And for your life to have more meaning in it, aren’t you secretly yearning for your existence, every breath and experience to count for something…anything? 

Let's elaborate. 

For every action we take, Harv insists we have a reason. 

If your reason for being alive is to serve others, or to lead a country, or to win at parenting, you want to be the best at it, right? 

There needs to be a why behind what you are doing.

Your why, Harv says, is your purpose or your mission. 

What is your deepest burning desire?

When we are doing something but we don’t understand the reason for doing it, it becomes a meaningless exercise and usually results in benefit to only one person or a select group of people which mostly excludes like benefit to the self.  

We allocate our own meaning to anything based on how we feel about it.

How we feel, says Harv, is never a lie and a great indication of what action to take.

Listen to how you truly feel. 

2 - Fulfillment

Just like many people are looking for meaning in their lives, many are also seeking deeper fulfillment, Harv has noticed.

And according to him, the highest form of fulfillment comes from completing your mission.

Fulfilling your duty to yourself and to others will provide you with a sense of belonging through doing what you’re meant to be doing because the results of your actions are life-changing.

When you have the ability to favorably impact situations and people, and you action the solution to various problems simply by being who you are, what could be more fulfilling than that?

Remember Harv’s words… ‘how you do anything is how you do everything’ and know that fulfillment captures the essence of purpose.

3 - Satisfaction

Have you ever been in a position where someone provided a time, money, or life-saving solution and can you imagine how good it made them feel to be able to help you in a meaningful way?

How do you feel after a great meal or when you see the smile on someone’s face after your intervention solved their problems (and helped your bank balance)? 

The point Harv’s making by posing these considerations is that the feeling of satisfaction is a sensory experience that affects every cell in your body. 

Satisfaction is therefore as good for your own health as it is for your community at large. 

You will find no greater satisfaction than giving, and serving others.

When you are living your purpose, Harv asserts that you will find that giving comes naturally.

4 - Deservedness

Many people are held back because subconsciously they feel they do not deserve to be happy, wealthy, or in a loving relationship.

As a result, Harv mentions that they do not have those things.

He adds that they don’t have it because they do not feel good about receiving.

The best way to change and feel good about receiving is to feel good about giving.

When we live our purpose and serve and help other people, Harv says that we begin to feel like we deserve help and to receive.

Self-worth is absolutely a priority because how we treat ourselves is how we treat others and even more so, we teach others how to treat us by tolerating what they reflect back. 

Therefore, you have to come first because if you don’t you will come second or last to everyone around you.

The consequence of ensuring high-value self-worth is that it will reflect in everything you do. 

This includes how you manage your finances, Harv adds.

Conclusion: Start Living Your Purpose Today

How you feel about what you’re doing impacts your success greatly.

When your time is honored with activities that breathe life into your world, the natural result is wealth in every sense of the word.  

Not only are you generating more feel-good moments that increase your lust for life, but you’re also amping up your personal productivity which in turn, has a great impact on the results you desire especially in the realm of business!  

And what is the result of excellent business conduct? 

An excellent net worth and bank balance, courtesy of the fulfillment of a deep-seated sense of meaning and purpose in life. 

More than benefit to you, your customers, and your spouse, your children learn how to have it all by the example you provide. 

Everybody wins!   

When you live a life of purpose, everything changes for the better.

Following your purpose can lead to wealth and success both personally and professionally.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Living Your Purpose

Has your Mind ever wondered...

What does it mean to live your purpose?

Believing that you deserve to be happy and successful is a good enough reason for you to live your purpose.

For this, it makes sense to know what your purpose is.

Understand the meaning behind your presence, and you have found your reason for existence, your why, your mission and through taking action and expressing your value offer daily, you are living your purpose.

How do I know if I'm living for my purpose?

You feel happiness and fulfillment in the action you take, knowing you’re working towards the greater good for that which is close to your heart.

What is your purpose in life examples?

The aspects that you have the strongest sense about, where you believe that your involvement and participation are crucial for the betterment of the situation.

Something that cannot survive without you or that you cannot survive without.

Something that fulfills you and results in mutual benefit.

Something worth setting a goal for, that you are willing to work towards each day to achieve.

Some examples include building generational wealth, being an excellent example to your children, becoming a millionaire in less than 3 years, developing a successful mindset, giving back to the community, supporting animal shelters, raising successful children, inspiring others or career success.

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