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How Living Your Purpose Can Make You Big Money

Purpose is your reason for being, which drives the pursuit of living your dream.

Find yours, and turn it into the life you don't want a vacation from.

While you're at it, make a mint! 

Dive in.

New York Times bestselling Author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, T Harv Eker, discovered that absent passion and purpose, he was unable to make any business succeed.  

The day he started doing what he (still) loves, was the first day on his 2 ½ year journey towards achieving consistent and sizable success and wealth, which continues to bear fruit to this day. 


Desire and purpose are not mutually exclusive.  

You can create exponential wealth by adding value to the lives of others simply by executing your unique, individual mission which sets into motion the cycle of living a purpose-driven life. 

This way your desire for wealth exists not for the sole sake of success, instead, your achievements have a reason.

Lead a Life Driven by Purpose

Your reason and driving force behind your accomplishments are second to none. 

This motivation for momentum is as important to you as anyone else’s is to them. 

Whether your efforts are working towards trying something new, buying something exclusive and expensive, or funding your children’s education, there are a million and-then-some reasons you desire to financial success.

There's also no ‘wrong’ reason to pursue your desire, as long as it’s rooted in your truth. 

Fulfilling your needs excites nobody, but going after what you want? 

And the fulfillment that is derived from living life with purpose and passion?

Oooh, now that ignites the being!  It has to move you!

It’s got to make you say, “If I could do this … oh my God!” That purpose of life is what you’re looking to attain.


Find a Purpose for Your Wealth

Possessing this purpose is the cardinal reason for having money. 

Every person who ever got rich did it for a reason - they needed to become wealthy. 

The majority of them don’t live happy lives because their need to become rich was based on proving they’re okay.  

Some of these people are just reacting to societal expectations or self-help advice.

Desire doesn’t drive them

Fear does.

So go after whatever you desire. 

Ultimately, we’re all aiming to achieve the same thing. 

What we’re actually looking for is the feeling we get from the objects of our wants.  

A new house provides comfort and a new car improves one’s image. 

Toys and travel gets us excited and kills boredom and launching a business can satisfy one’s need for recognition.   

This is potentially the answer to one’s life: having a purpose.


Find Happiness and Purpose Outside Your Wants

We must, however, choose our wants carefully.  

Often we want something, get it, and then discover we didn’t want it at all. 

Other times, boredom sets in rapidly and we want more until those wants pile up to the extent where we lose sight of the present and start living in the future because that’s where we believe our happiness will be.  

This is the desire trap.

Plainly, we shouldn’t want stuff that we think will bring us happiness. 

You must keep in mind that your happiness cannot be limited to the objects of your desire and you don’t have to get what you want first to be happy.

There are other ways to elicit the feelings we imagine our material wants will provide us with. 

Freely giving your time to a worthy cause, something important to you, can create feelings of connection and security in addition to making you feel good about helping others.

It also helps foster connections with likeminded people.

A little recognition won’t hurt either.

The more emphasis we place on the positive experiences we’d like in our lives, the easier it becomes to create more feel-good experiences.  

It also becomes simpler to produce the other ‘things’ we want.


Conclusion: A Million Reasons Why

There is no shame in wanting what you want, however, when your wants are out of alignment with what you’re passionate about, this imbalance will adversely impact your results in your pursuit of happiness.  

We chase feelings and forget that no “thing” can fulfill what is missing within us. 

“Feel-good” experiences are not limited to what we can do for ourselves.

Having reasons for doing what you do is key to success and to clarify what you truly want, you must control your own mind first.

Your meaning, your money, your wealth - it's up to you.


Frequently Asked Questions About Living Your Purpose

Has your Mind ever wondered...

Why is it important to find your purpose in life?

Because when you feel good about what you do, your life has meaning, you have a reason to get up in the morning, you will give everything you have to succeed at your life’s work.

Why is it so hard to find purpose in life?

When you know yourself and have programmed your blueprint to see opportunities instead of obstacles and limitations no longer stop you from venturing into experiences that could open doors for you, finding your purpose becomes easier.

People often fail to be grateful for what they have because their mindset is unwilling to see beyond what they have allowed themselves to recognize as blessings.

Why life has no meaning?

Nothing has meaning except for the meaning you give it.

What motivates you most is how you feel about something and when you can be honest about your feelings, the meaning will become clearer.