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How to Power Up Your Mind and Stay Motivated!

If you could figure out the ultimate motivation for the rest of your life, would you waste any time in starting your millionaire journey if you knew for sure what to do to stay motivated?

When Wealth Strategist and Author of the bestselling Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, T. Harv Eker, discovered that the only way to be free and successful is to do what you love, his world experienced a complete 180.

What motivated his shift in mindset?

What did he do to power up his mind and how does he stay motivated to this day?

Are you willing to learn how to stay driven, and how to stay determined?

Let’s see what Harv says!

Conditioning, Conditioning, Conditioning

According to Harv, this phrase of 'Conditioning Conditioning Conditioning' doesn’t apply solely as the 'athlete’s mantra'.

Becoming extremely successful means you have to train for the ultimate endurance race…

Your main event…

The distance of your life.

In the same way, you won’t sprint the whole marathon, you won’t excel at life without knowing how to stay motivated, Harv says.

Here is the training he insists you need to stay motivated over the distance, free yourself from the prison of fear, and experience long-term success in your ultimate race.

How to Stay Motivated: Finding Your Power Up Juice

There will be moments when you don’t perform at your peak - it’s a given.

There will, however, always be something that fuels your motivation.

And what you fill your tank with, says Harv, determines whether you will go the distance or not.

Anger as Your Motivator

You can choose what you use as fuel for your motivation, and whether you like it or not, Harv mentions that your options are limited.

Since fuel is converted to energy, you must decide whether you will use a positive source of fuel or a tank filled with negative juice.

Both flavors can be incredibly effective and help you cover vast distances.

But there is only one that will take you to the finish line.

Only one source of power that will manifest the success you intend.

And only one kind of juice that will help keep you intact for the distance.

Running on negative fuel could make you a pretty sum, however, it will not sustain you or your wealth over the long haul.

The reason for this, Harv explains, is that angry energy will only get you to a point and that fear-based angry energy, whether based on rebelling against someone or something, will inevitably run out.

When your success originates from anger, with rage as your fuel, you will not keep what you’ve built for very long.

You will end up broke and angry, says Harv.

To put it bluntly, choosing anger is the wrong kind of fuel and the wrong motivation.

Fear as Your Motivator

Far too many people are so fearful that they will never be enough, or never have enough and this insecurity removes their focus from other vital areas of their life.

This insecurity erodes your mental, emotional, and physical condition to the degree that you experience no fulfillment, no joy, and no meaning.

As a consequence, Harv wans that you share that toxic energy with others, infecting the world with blind greed.

Although fear can be quite useful when your motivation needs a kick-start to get your mind into gear, it is important to understand that fear will not help you to stay motivated.

How you do anything is how you do everything! -T. Harv Eker

You will run out of steam.

When your actions are based on imaginary pain - the pain based on unsupportive and unrealistic conditioning that fuels negative emotions and motivations - the fear becomes an obstacle to your happiness.

This obstacle, Harv asserts, is absolutely not an efficient source of fuel.

Purpose and Joy as Your Motivators

Now how about using purpose and joy as motivators by doing what you love doing?

Not only are they sustainable, says Harv, but they also passionately inspire you to not only value yourself but also contribute to things well beyond yourself, increasing the ripple effect of your impact.

How does that make you feel?

How will that make others feel - and it is vital at this juncture to remind you that you only get your money from other people…

Therefore, how they feel when they’re dealing with you is a big frickin’ deal!

If your source of fuel is not purpose and is not joy, you will not succeed, Harv insists.

You might not fail today or tomorrow, but you will never go the distance if your source of fuel is not derived from purpose and joy.

Sure you may experience success when using fear and anger as motivators, but what do these fuel sources create?

They create stress.

And what you practice, you become great at and you make a habit of.

practice & exercise

Do you want the habit of stress to be the foundation of your short-lived moments of victory?

Or do you want to really live, really succeed with sustained freedom and sustained wealth that both continue to grow proportionately to your spiritual, mental, and emotional growth?

You will never experience any kind of freedom or stay motivated for as long as you’re unhappy.

Using the habit of unhappiness and dissatisfaction will only fuel your journey for a downward spiral, and NOT for the ultimate victory of long-term wealth with ease!

You will never have enough money to stop being angry.

You will never have enough money to stop being afraid.

So change your fuel source!

You want money and happiness, right?

Well, the only way for that to happen, says Harv, is when you’re running on juice that supports the ultimate victory of making and keeping your money.

Because if you’re running on fuel that cannot sustain the race you will crash and burn, he warns.

Your money will only grow to the extent that you do. -T. Harv Eker

What a waste to have to start over every time because you filled your tank with the wrong fuel!

If you really want to make money, then Harv suggests that you use motivators supportive of it.

There will always be obligations, family, more material things, and toys to distract your focus from your main event.

But you must focus on the motivations that touch the essence and core of your highest joys in life.

The choice is yours.

How you do anything is how you do everything!

Conclusion: Stay Motivated in Ways that Support Your Success

If you’ve learned anything today, let it be this:

The only fuel that will work in the human tank is that which makes you feel great!

You create longevity through the health you nurture, and you can apply this to every aspect of your life.

Because you are your habits, so create the habit of wealth by using happiness, joy, passion, and purpose as a base for the success you wish to experience.

If you choose not to, you won’t be free because you won’t be happy because you’ve made it a habit to use sources as fuel that don’t support the creation and sustainability of wealth and freedom!

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Frequently Asked Questions About How to Power Up Your Mind & Stay Motivated

Has your Mind ever wondered...

How do I train my mind to stay motivated?

Create the habit of joy and happiness while living a life of purpose and passion daily.

Your habits originate from your thoughts, and if you want a different life, you must start thinking and acting differently to achieve the success you desire.

How can I increase my motivation power?

Choose to use joy and purpose as your motivation.

Fuel your life with meaning and the money will follow the frequency of your thought patterns.

How do I inspire my mind?

Understand that you alone create your life and every moment in it.

Own it.

And start thinking in ways that support the life you desire.

Frequently Asked Questions About Motivation for the Rest of Your Life

Has your Mind ever wondered...

What is the best motivation for life?

Choose purpose and joy to motivate your decisions and actions.

Be realistic about where you are, mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually, and take ownership of the life you’ve created for yourself.

Then, start thinking in ways that support your ultimate life.

How do I stop being miserable for the rest of my life?

You have a choice to make.

Hold on to fear and anger and keep getting the same unsatisfying results…

Or take responsibility for the choices you made, let it be where it belongs (in the past), and start making choices that support your best life.

How do I regain motivation for life?

Understand that you cannot change the past, but you sure as heck don’t need to live there or remain a prisoner of your mind.

Choose to think differently and in ways that express your joy and your purpose.

The ripple effect will surprise you!

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