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Unlock Your Hidden Talents By Doing What You Love

Does the prospect of developing your hidden talents and getting rich from them appeal to you?

The title of the book ‘Life Was Never Meant To Be A Struggle’ written by Stuart Wilde truly says it all, doesn't it?

Sadly most people barely consider that this message could be their reality. 

Instead, they continue struggling and force themselves to stay in limiting circumstances that bring them no happiness, or they choose situations that don’t make use of their hidden talents.

Around 80% of people hate, or at the very least don’t enjoy their career or job.

So if you’re one of the 4 out of 5 in the world feeling unmotivated, or frustrated…

And if you’re not doing the work you love doing, then explore with us what multimillionaire and author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, T. Harv Eker to suggests for you as an alternative perspective on how to best spend your time and get rich.

After all, he discovered the secrets to lasting happiness, fulfillment, success, and wealth while in the trenches and his struggle to get to the top ended when he started using what he’d learned.

Rich people ask… “Why can’t you have a career you love AND make money?” and that’s exactly what Harv did - he chose BOTH!

How Your Hidden Talents Can Generate Income

Millionaires agree with Stuart Wilde and endorse the phrase that life should not be a struggle.

However, most people don’t embrace those words and this is evident in the way they live and work, says Harv.

So many individuals are suffering through their work and often through their whole lives.

They’re doing what they’re doing because they believe they should, or think they have to do so.

Way back, the type of work people did was less based on choice and more based on necessity. 

However, some radical changes have led to so many more opportunities and options available to us today.

Even so, that can be somebody’s work struggle…

According to Harv, we’re not doing what we love because we don’t have clarity about what we desire.

Why Many Hidden Talents Remain Hidden

If you’re looking for answers, Harv suggests that you start looking at your own natural hidden talents.

These are gifts from spirit, gifts from the universe, or whatever you’d like to call your source of creation.

Your natural hidden talents are things you do well effortlessly, and skills you have that you didn’t have to learn how to do.

It’s basically expertise you were born with.

And above all, you like doing these things!

The reason more people don’t pursue their own hidden talents is obvious, says Harv…


Fearing change, fearing rejection, fearing failure, fearing the unknown, fearing disapproval, fearing looking like a fool and even fearing success.

People often mask this fear as an obligation to an idea, to other people, and even an obligation to the frickin’ mortgage.

Harv would have you ask yourself, if having a mortgage is obstructing your life, which one would you rather release?

Although the answer should be an easy one, guess what most people tend to release...

Their life!

They make a choice between their life or their mortgage, he says.

He also adds that whatever you’re feeling ‘obligated’ to, you must understand that ‘obligation’ is only the fear that something terrible will happen if you don’t do “this”.

But in truth, if you continue thinking, being, and acting this way, Harv warns that you’ll have no energy and passion to succeed.

The resentment you feel will drain you and stop you from doing things you can joyfully look forward to doing.

How You Can Escape This Struggle

Harv firmly believes that life was never meant to be a struggle.

Even though he acknowledges that it’s quite the challenge to detach yourself from nasty old habits that simply don’t serve your life, your happiness, your success, or your wealth right now.

Growth is tough, but it gets easier once you embrace who you truly are.

We are all part of the same sacred source of limitless power - creators of all our own experiences.

People with a stronger connection to spirit tend to find life is easier for them.

They live in authenticity and know who they truly are instead of playing a predetermined role that is dictated by culture, religion, or society.

As a consequence, Harv states that all other areas of life open up for them in terms of finances, work, relationships, etc.

You Can Have Money And Happiness

Harv would argue that it isn't only possible to have both, but it is absolutely necessary if you’d like to create your best life.

Millionaires, he says, channel their talents, enthusiasm, and skills towards the things they love.

3 Steps to Discover Your Hidden Talents, Passion and Purpose

Once you start unearthing your hidden talents by doing the things you love doing, you can look forward to a life you love living every day.

And the challenges you face will seem much easier to overcome because you will spend the time and energy required to master the things that are important to you.

This is where you start to experience fulfillment and meaningful purpose, according to Harv.

Step #01: Follow Your Passion to Unleash Your Potential

Many parents and teachers and pretty well the rest of the world think it’s impossible to get rich by following your passion.

Harv is living proof that this statement is false.

After building several companies and chasing money earlier in his career he was left unfulfilled and broke.

Only once he followed his passion into the industry of fitness did he discover more fulfillment and energy than he ever had while just chasing the money.

So how will you find your passion?

Your passion isn’t something you have to go looking for because it’s already within you, says Harv.

Look at your hidden talents, the things you’re already naturally good at and enjoy doing.

To create some clarity on what you’re most passionate about, Harv suggests that ask yourself these questions:

  • What work do I love doing so much that I would do it for free?
  • What would get me excited to jump out of bed each morning?
  • When am I being my most creative and energized self at work?

Most people simply settle for a 9-5 J.O.B. they care nothing about, living paycheck to paycheck to continue feeding the mediocrity and false sense of security of living in the middle class.

Life is too short to sit at a job or run a business that you hate or makes you feel dead inside. -T. Harv Eker

Create or find a career that enlivens you with excitement for being alive, says Harv, because...

The only way to be the best in what you do is to be doing what you love.

So you must unleash your hidden talents and your passion to live your life’s purpose.

If you love what you do, you’ll never have to work a day in your life. - Confucius

Step #02: Clarify Your Unique Purpose

Everything and everyone on Earth, including YOU, has a great purpose.

Do you know who you’d like to become?

Harv reveals that you’ll have to ask yourself some tough questions, but it will be worth it.

You can have all the passion in the world, but if you don’t direct it somewhere it will get you nowhere. -T. Harv Eker

Your unique purpose is HOW you show what you’re passionate about to others and this is how you will impact the world.

Consider your purpose to be your life’s guiding force, Harv says.

With your passion and a clear purpose, you’ll be enabled to tap into much more resources and energy than you imagined possible.

Step #03: Clarify Your Great Vision for Profit

Now, Harv recommends that you blend together your passion and purpose so you can get rich doing what you love.

He believes that everybody should build extreme wealth in their lives.

Because the more money you earn, the more you’re able to help others.

For this to happen, you have to adjust your financial thermostat so you can make more money than you believed possible, he adds.

And how will you create this career or business that will fulfill you and make you rich?

By creating a vision to communicate to the rest of the world, according to Harv.

You may find that following your passion can be harder than dying a slow undeserving death at an unsatisfying, boring 9-5 J.O.B. 

But while it might be more demanding, your energy and vision will draw you toward your goals.

You wouldn’t have to push yourself to get things done because you’re loving what you’re doing.

Your vision should blend your natural hidden talents with helping as many people as possible. -T. Harv Eker

If it’s your goal to earn one billion dollars, then Harv implores you to find a way that you can help one billion people. 

There are endless ways to make money doing what you love and to make a favorable impact on others.

Conclusion: Let Your Hidden Talents Make You Rich

Whether you have all the building blocks required to get started, some of them, or none at all, you should at the very least know that it is possible.

And once you realize it's possible FOR YOU, you may feel inspired to bring out the best in yourself by breathing life into your hidden talents and sharpening them to serve you and those around you.

Harv did it, and so can you.

Start by connecting with the innermost parts of you that bring you joy, that you have a knack for, and what people notice about you that makes you different from others.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Hidden Talents

Has your Mind ever wondered…

How do I know my hidden talents?

It’s already inside of you.

Consider what you’re passionate about and what gets you all excited about life.

What are the things you enjoy doing and are naturally good at without having received any training for it?

Contemplate the things about you that make you proud of who you are and how others can benefit from it.

Growth is tough, but it gets easier once you embrace who you truly are.

We are all part of the same sacred source of limitless power - creators of all our own experiences.

People with a stronger connection to spirit tend to find life is easier for them.

They live in authenticity and know who they truly are instead of playing a predetermined role that is dictated by culture, religion, or society.

As a consequence, all other areas of life open up for them in terms of finances, work, relationships, etc.

What is my special gift?

Hidden deep within you is something most people might not understand, or sometimes even feel jealous of because being great at that very thing is something they find difficult.

Your special gift is something that comes to you with ease and brings you joy.

When you’re having a good time, being relaxed whether between others or alone, you’re much more open to being your true authentic self and that is when your gift shines through.

Consider what others often associate with you when they speak about how you’re able to do something virtually effortlessly, or how great you are at something.

That should give you a clue.

And follow the 3 steps in this post to start unearthing your hidden talents so you can use them to make this world a better place. 

Why is hidden talent important?

Without being the truest version of yourself, you’re not living a life of fulfillment and purpose.

And that’s okay if you don’t wish to achieve anything beyond what you already have, and if you have no desire to build wealth or leave a legacy, or even leave a positive impact on the world for that matter.

Your hidden talent is part of your spirit, your authentic self, and is a gift to the world.

It can lead you to your ultimate life and mountains of wealth if you’re willing to embrace your hidden talent and help others with it.

So if you’d like to truly LIVE and contribute to the world in a meaningful way, then living a life of purpose by nurturing your hidden talents and embracing your passion so you can help other people and get rich in doing so, is the way to go.

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