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Where's Your Passion When You're Searching for a Way Out?

You might still be stuck, earning a limited income, your passion buried under a mountain of duties, with no true wealth in sight.

Only you can change it. 

Learn why you won't look for an exit when you're following your passion.

Start getting into the fast lane now.

Esteemed Wealth Strategist and Author of bestselling Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, T. Harv Eker, has turned what he loves into a multi-million dollar brand. 

He is living proof that one step in the right direction is worth 100 years of thinking about it.  

He found his exit from earning a living and gracefully started making a killing by taking ownership of his mind, and responsibility for his choices.

While he’s super-rich, he is also humble, fulfilled, happy, and successful in all areas of his life.

Why is this?

He learned that the only way to succeed and build a wealthy empire, is to follow his passion and maintain the habits that keep him in the fast lane.

Let’s take a look at Harv’s perspective on living your passion and staying on track to create the life you desire the most.


Here’s an analogy from one of Harv’s courses:

Imagine being on an expressway, or a freeway searching for a particular exit.

You think it’s close, but you’re uncertain.

Which lane are you in? 

In the passing or slow lane?

Since you don’t want to miss the exit,  you’ll be in the slow lane, keeping an eye out because you’re not sure exactly when it’s coming up, yes?

However, when you aren’t searching for the exit, you’d certainly be cruising in the fast lane, true?

In parallel to being in a job or business you’re not passionate about, disinterested in, or are not suited to, you’re probably just there to earn a living.

And do you know what happens when you’re trapped in a job that doesn’t make your nostrils flare with excitement and delight?

Subconsciously you’ll start thinking,
“How do I get out of here? What else could I do? This isn’t fulfilling. I’m not happy.”

Which lane are you driving in here - going fast or going slow?

The slow lane obviously!

And what’s the natural consequence? 

You won’t perform optimally.

Although you assume you’ll make more money by going after the money, you really won’t because you won’t be performing at your peak.

You’ll be driving in the slow lane. 

It’s that simple, says Harv.


It’s far wiser to spend your time doing something you're truly passionate about and that interests you. 

Harv urges you to involve yourself in what makes great use of your time, talents, and strengths.

At least this way you’ll be wheeling it in the fast lane instead of being uncertain and getting stuck in the slow lane.

Don’t Focus On The Vehicle You Think Would Make You Rich — Focus On The Vehicle That Would Make You Happy & Fulfilled! -T. Harv Eker

Remember Harv’s success story? 

He’s earned the right to teach about acquiring wealth after being broke for so long!  

When he eventually analyzed the principles that kept him broke and compared them to the principles that made him rich, he found the overshadowing principle was that he was too focused on the vehicle that he thought would get him rich.

Twelve times, he tried it, and it didn’t work once for him.  

This he finally recognized when one of his best friends sent him a product and said: “You be the distributor out of Florida, and I’ll just take the West Coast. I’m killing it. I am making about $20,000 a month right now, and I just started!”

And what were Harv’s thoughts?  “Oh my god. Are you kidding? I’m not even making $20,000 in two years! This is fantastic.”

This was the friend who called him daily to find out how he was doing and provided some business tips.

Three months later, Harv’s friend was making a handsome $30,000 each month, while Harv was making nada, zilch, sweet nothing.

He couldn’t get an account, make a sale or do anything…

It was unbelievable.

His best friend was doing so well with it.

While looking in the mirror, and for the first time ever, he uttered something that came directly from Spirit:  “Harv, what if it’s not the vehicle? What if it’s you? ”

It was at this moment Harv decided that he would pursue the same wealth he’d been going for all along, only in an area he would happily work in for free.

Everything worked out beautifully. 

This is the power of following your passion.

To Be Successful, Find An Area That Is Aligned With Your Heart, Passion, Gifts & Strengths -T. Harv Eker

In essence, you need only do well in areas that are in harmony with your passion, spirit, heart, strengths, and gifts if you desire true success, says Harv.

Choosing a vehicle only because you believe it could make you rich - and not because it’s your true calling - will leave you subconsciously searching for a way out. 

Your performance will always be poor and you’ll be chronically unhappy unless you find an exit.


Conclusion: Living Your Passion and Purpose is Life in the Fast Lane

It is said that the two most important days of a person’s life are the day you are born, and the day you discover why.

If you’re feeling trapped, frustrated, and unfulfilled at your workplace, you know something has to change, now.  

After all, what’s the point of having all that talent and suppressing it to make someone else rich?

Learn how living a life of purpose and passion buys your ticket to freedom.

It’s never too late to start over, but take the first step, you must.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Your Passion

Has your Mind ever wondered...

What is your passion?

That which inspires you and motivates you into taking action.

Something you enjoy doing in your spare time, that you would do for free, for extended periods of time that doesn’t feel like a sacrifice.

Often an endeavor very unique to you, which can represent an individual or group mission.

What is my life's purpose?

When your life is centered around your motivation and reason for breathing, making decisions becomes easier based on your inner compass guiding you toward a satisfying, meaningful and fulfilling existence.

Why finding your passion is important?

To live in a state of being that is based on what you love, enjoy and value, is far better than being in a state about the situation you’re in.  

Your passion is a tool that powers your unique contribution to humanity and your life experience from which everyone draws benefit and inspiration.

Leading by example in this state paves the way for future generations.

How do I find my passion?

Get out of your shell if you’re not sure yet, so you may get to know yourself, your values, likes, dislikes and who you are in relation to the abundance of opportunities for adventure that life has to offer. 

Acknowledge your achievements and qualities of excellence.

Involve yourself in what makes great use of your time, talents, and strengths.

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