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4 'Stupid Simple' Steps to Improve Your Marketing & Sales Success

Whether you’re aiming to climb the corporate ladder or improve your own business, marketing plays a huge role in how far ahead you get.

Bestselling Author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, T. Harv Eker, has helped himself, and countless businesses and people generate ridiculous wealth over the years with the same marketing strategies he has used for his own sales success.

In the same way that your sales success will be reliant on your marketing prowess, it’s important to understand the steps and principles to apply to where it’s relevant.

With your business, marketing includes things like promos, press releases, ad campaigns, and interactive innovations that grab the attention of your ideal customers to prompt them to make purchases.

However, if you’re an employee, Harv says it is an informal sort of marketing directed at other people who will determine your promotion and salary.

Regardless of the situation you’re in, you can follow the same steps in both scenarios to make your marketing endeavor easier, surprisingly productive, and ultimately successful.

Let’s see what Harv recommends for you...

Step #01: Learn from Others

Because marketing is a skill that can be learned, Harv insists that is exactly the first thing you must do…


Identify people who have managed to successfully market services or products and do what they do through modeling or emulation.

Marketing Your Business

Pay close attention to marketing trends in your industry, Harv adds.

Some things will resonate with you and others won’t.

If the same marketing tactics are being repeated, it means they’re effective.

Harv suggests that when a successful company or person has written material on marketing, read it, and if they’re offering classes, take it.

For example, learn here about 8 effective marketing tools that will show you how to achieve sales success and maximize your marketing without breaking the bank.

Marketing Yourself as an Employee

Pay attention to the people getting promoted, Harv urges.

Which projects are they involved with?

Why do they stand out?

How would you construe their work habits?

Ask if they would join you for a meal one day.

Explain to them that you intend on advancing your career as well and that you’d appreciate their advice.

Harv asserts that you make it clear to them that you’re seeking mentoring, and not the lowdown on how to take over their job.

A good rule of thumb is that if a marketing tactic is repeated, it works. -T. Harv Eker

Step #02: Know What It Is You're Selling

Bear in mind that you’re providing a solution to a problem, you’re not selling a service or a product, says Harv.

To use a mobile phone as an example, what you’re selling is an easy way to connect with others, you’re not selling a ‘mobile phone’.

So whether you’re an employee or a business owner, your sale is in essence a skill, a service, or a product that fills a need which in turn helps others.

Remember that you’re not selling a product or service, you’re selling a solution to a problem. -T. Harv Eker

Step #03: Be a Problem Solving Expert

Harv insists that, whichever problem you solve for others, make sure you’re excellent at it to improve your sales success.

In addition, you have to get the word out to people about how awesome you are.

It’s a certainty, says Harv, that when people believe you’re amazing, they’ll recommend you to everyone around them and word-of-mouth marketing is extremely powerful.

Marketing Your Business

Over and above solving problems really well, you must have first-class customer service too, he adds.

This applies to any and all interactions between you, your company representatives, and customers or clients.

If your business is set up for online reviews, Harve urges you to make sure you reply to your reviewers, address whatever issues arise, and amplify your 5-star ratings!

During this process, share your success stories, and ask satisfied customers to provide testimonials you can post on your marketing material and website.

Actively seek other ways to exhibit your problem-solving skills, such as videos or blogs, suggests Harv.

Maintain this consistently and the day will come when you will be talking about the scores of people whose lives improved because you helped them.

Marketing Yourself as an Employee

Do your job really well and then, go some more miles above and beyond to exceed expectations.

According to Harv, the more competence you display, the more people will realize what your capabilities are, which leads to increased responsibilities and higher rates of pay.

Remember to give yourself credit where it’s due because your successes mean nothing if your manager isn’t aware of what you’ve achieved.

And, Harv adds, don’t forget to make mention of the help, support, and mentorship you received from colleagues along the way - it is important to be a team player too.

Whatever problem you’re solving, you’d better be freakin’ great at solving it if you want to be successful. -T. Harv Eker

Step #04: KISS (Keep It Stupid Simple)

Instead of worrying about the sharpest-looking website, flawless copy, and most intelligent promos, Harv suggests that you rather focus on ensuring that people understand precisely how your solution helps them.

Marketing Your Business

“If you’re sick of not having enough money, then I can tell you how I became financially free and help you get there, too.”

“If… then…” 

Harv says that this is one of the greatest ways to define the problem and express your solution - it’s also the headliner for your business

Marketing Yourself as an Employee

Whether you’re reviewing past successes or pitching a new plan for a current issue, Harv insists that you must be as clear as possible about the problem, as well as your solution.

It’s vital to keep in mind your audience.

Your management and leadership team should understand the details you present, but others may not so Harv urges you to adjust your introduction as needed.

Your New Marketing and Sales Success Strategy

Here’s something that Harv drives very hard with his students…

Practice makes permanent and how you do anything is how you do everything.

That’s why he recommends using these 4 tips in your marketing strategy:

#01. Learn from others

#02. Know what it is you’re selling

#03. Be a problem solving expert

#04. KISS

When you’re marketing yourself, your business, a product, a service, or a skill, HOW you say it is as crucial to your sales success as WHAT you say, according to Harv.


Conclusion: Make Sales Success a Habit

You are what you do.

Remember there is always more to learn, so learn from the best, and don’t be afraid to ask for mentoring from people who have admirable habits and success.

Consistency is key and when you have a formula that works, reproduce it in other areas too.

Provide real value with the solutions you offer to problems.

Continue improving on areas of relevance and maintain excellence in your relations.

Focus on nurturing the habit of solving problems and avoid overcomplicating your solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Sales Success

Has your Mind ever wondered...

How can I be successful in sales and marketing?

Whether you’re marketing to customers or clients, or pitching your skills for promotion at work, by following these 4 simple steps, you can hugely increase your sales success.

#01. Learn from others

#02. Know what it is you’re selling

#03. Be a problem solving expert

#04. KISS

What makes sales success?

For consistent sales success, you must be consistent in your approach, development, value proposition, and promotion of said value.

What are selling skills?

Skills that provide you with the upper hand to gain advantage in opportunities.

Whether you’re marketing yourself at work or a product to people, the key is to have an unmistakable solution to problems and to make that solution known in the simplest and most expert way possible.

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