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2 Steps on How to Be Happy Again Even When Things Are Still Tough

Life happens to all of us and learning how to be happy again after it feels like this world has dragged you through the wringer is the first step to creating lasting unconditional happiness for yourself.

Happiness, fulfillment, and how these are achieved, are generally misrepresented and therefore very much misunderstood.

The secret rests within your mentality, and one of the benefits of a millionaire mindset is that one chooses to prioritize happiness.

Deliberate action generates the experiences we most desire, provided that we keep our focus on it.

Looking at the success of Multi-Millionaire, Wealth Strategist, and Author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, T. Harv Eker, one cannot help but be inspired to model what he does.  

There is much he had to learn while on his journey to bliss and wealth, of which we explore 2 steps that he teaches his students.


Did you know that you can maintain happiness while flourishing in a crisis?


The #1 Secret to Happiness

It takes practice to learn how best to respond during tough times, however, once you’ve learned how to manage your own mindset, nothing external will be in control of your happiness, Harv insists

Self-mastery, he says, is the essential key to unlocking the world of bliss you've been yearning for.


Well, how do you find this happiness amid the chaos?  

It’s simple according to Harv: quiet your mind | be present  

Being present means the fear of “what if” doesn’t overrule you.  

Fears exist when our focus is invested too deeply in the future.

You might be thinking...

“What if my 401K doesn’t rebound?”

“What if I get sick?”

“What if my business doesn’t survive?”

Sure any of that could happen, but Harv argues that an equal chance exists that none of them will. 


Then why surrender control to what hasn’t happened yet?  

Fear exists only in the future – so Harv urges you to focus on the present where there’s no fear.

Granted, the “present” isn’t always starry skies but even so, whether you’re isolated or feeling lost, you’ll be happier when you’re focusing on the good happening around you right here, right now. 

As an example, if you’re stuck at home for whatever reason, be grateful you get to spend more time with loved ones.

Focus your efforts on learning a new skill or take a break to recharge.  

Why bother wasting time & energy on a “maybe” when all you have to do is notice the joy where you are in the present?


Put happiness at the top of your priority list.

2 Steps To Being Happy No Matter What

Here's what Harv suggests:

1. Practice Being Happy

Are you wondering how you can focus on ‘the present’ during great, and not-so-great times?

The candid answer, Harv suggests, is to practice being happy.

With an emphasis on “practice” as every powerful skill needs it.

What you practice matures into habits, and these habits perpetuate unless you consciously change them. 

We seldom realize that we’re constantly practicing things through our habits.


If you keep practicing this thought, “I’ll be happy when [fill in the blank] happens”, what habit are you reinforcing? 

Harv asserts that you will always delay your happiness up to when [fill in the blank] happens.

Not because a great life will always elude you, but because you have mastered being unhappy. 

Unhappiness has become your habit!

This is why Step 2 is to learn to be happy no matter what…


If you want to be happy, then you have to practice happiness as a daily habit.

2. Prioritize Happiness

You must prioritize being happy, regardless of life’s challenges.

Whether you fail or succeed, lose or win, experience setbacks, or soar, make your happiness a priority, says Harv.

Whether everything’s in line with your dreams, or if you’re still bushwhacking to reach your next clearing, your happiness must come first.


How will you be training your mind to maintain focus on each present moment, to achieve the result of happiness?  

Within who or what currently in your life, are you able to find and share simple uncomplicated happiness?  


Conclusion:  Prioritize Happiness Now & the Next Moment will be even Happier

Your mindset creates patterns and habits and is largely based on the principles you exercise.  

There’s not much ado about your former programming but Here, Now, you can choose to learn how to transform your mindset from miserable to magnificent.  

Start practicing presence and gratitude and never stop learning as your habits are constantly reinforced by what you think and do.  

Create alignment and empower yourself to achieve the happiness you so richly deserve.

Use your time constructively now which in turn, will generate an inevitably happy future.

You know it's a life worth living when you can still be truly happy even on your darkest days.

This is why the mastery of self is the key to owning your happiness.

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Frequently Asked Questions About How to Be Happy Again

Has your Mind ever wondered...

How do I become happy again?

Practice happiness as a daily habit and make happiness a priority by being fully present and genuinely aware of your blessings to be grateful for - don’t take anything for granted.

How do I get my lost happiness back?

By habitually choosing to be happy no matter what, and surrounding yourself with happy and successful people in an environment that nurtures happiness, meaningfulness, and belonging, it is entirely possible to be happier than you’ve ever been. 

Can you get happy again?

You can and you will, if you so desire and make a conscious decision, focus on and commit to prioritizing your happiness because happiness is a choice, not an external blessing to be bestowed on  you by something or someone else.

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