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How To Create A Happy Future Today And Always

Are you curious to know how to create a happy future and live a life with no regrets?

Do you have the tools to guarantee a happy today and an even happier tomorrow?

Have you discovered where your true happiness can be found?

And, would you like to learn how it can be accessed?

Trainer, Speaker, and Author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, T. Harv Eker spent many years broke and unhappy until he learned that happiness is one of the critical elements to success.

In his experience, there’s only one place you can really find happiness. 

And once you find it, you will know how to tap into it.

So let’s explore what Harv shares with his students on how to create a happy future and most importantly, how you can do it too…

Where is Happiness?

First, let’s settle on where your happiness CAN’T be found, according to Harv.

You won’t find it in a perfect relationship, a perfect state of health, or in something like the perfect job. 

You won’t find it in wealth, and you won’t find it in success. 

Nor will you find lasting happiness in great friendships or even in family connections.

You’ll never be happy If your happiness is based on these or any external circumstances, he says.

No outside situations or people can be responsible for your happiness as they are not guaranteed to last! 

If you’re only “happy” for being in the “perfect” relationship, should that relationship end, it means the end of your happiness too.

Because your happiness was never based on true joy to begin with, says Harv.

Happiness based on any relationship or situation, regardless of what it is, is therefore conditional, meaning it cannot stand alone.

Here’s what Harv has to say about how to access your unconditional happiness immediately and how to create happiness for all your days to come.

Don’t make the mistake of saying “I’ll really be happy when ‘this’ happens or when ‘that’ happens…”, because you are imposing conditions on your happiness.

No condition of ‘the kids moving out’, or ‘graduation’, or ‘getting that promotion’, or ‘getting married or even unmarried’ should be allowed to hold your happiness hostage.

Most people can relate to this, can you?

Here's Why Happiness is NOT in Tomorrow

Postponing happiness for another time, Harv says is like trying to nod your head in the future.

Go ahead, nod your head right now, and see what happens.

It’s easy, right?

You’re making the choice to nod your head, up and down as if you’re saying yes, and you’re taking deliberate action in doing this.

Now, nod your head up and down tomorrow.

Come on, just do it.

You can’t, can you?

And why is it impossible for you to nod your head tomorrow?

Because tomorrow doesn’t exist in the real world!

Tomorrow only exists in your imagination, in your head, Harv insists.

The only time that is actually really real in your entire life is right now.

Everything else is either imagination or a memory, both of which only exist in your mind.

And therefore, since NOW is the only time that is real, if you’re seeking to experience REAL happiness, Harv argues that you can only do so RIGHT NOW.

How many people are waiting for a time or condition in the future to be happy, or at least, happier than they are in this moment?

Our entire culture, says Harv, revolves around being happy with conditions and in the future!

When you pause and think about it, it’s crazy!

How can you be happy in the future when you couldn’t even nod your head in the future?

Why would you base your entire life of happiness on a future that only exists in your head?

If you desire happiness, Harv assures you that it can only be now.

And if you’d like to make sure you’re happy in the future too, instead of planning on being happier in the future than what you are now, don’t try working towards it.

To be happy, or even happier in the future than you are today, here’s the secret.

If you desire to be happy in the future, you have to be happy right now.

Because we are creatures of habit.

How to Create a Happy Future

No doubt you’ve heard the phrase ‘practice makes perfect’, but Harv will tell you it’s utter nonsense because practice does not make perfect.

Practice makes permanent, he asserts.

And the more unhappy you are now, the more that way of being continues to engrain within you, and the better you get at it.

Try as you might wish to be happy in the future, you won’t be able to.

Wondering why?

Because you won’t be any good at it, he says.

Contrarily, you’re an expert at being unhappy, so unhappy you will be forever.

And it doesn’t matter that later on you may have a lot more money, a nicer house or wonderful grandkids, or more free time to do whatever you choose.

Of course, your mind will have you believe that when all this great stuff happens, you’re going to change, but it’s a lie, according to Harv.

Because, he explains that you’re a creature of habit and your habit comes from repetition and so regardless of your future circumstances, your mind will make sure you are unhappy because you’re wired to be unhappy.

Remember, practice makes permanent and if you practice being unhappy now, you can bet your bottom dollar you’ll be unhappy later.

If you practice whining and complaining now, you can guarantee that you’ll be whining and complaining later.

If you practice negativity now, you can guarantee that you’ll be negative later, regardless of your circumstances and life.

Because it’s not about the circumstances, it’s about the way you think, and the way you think is habitual, says Harv.

If you desire to be happy later, he recommends that you practice happiness now.

Not only does happiness only exist in the NOW, but it better exist in the NOW if you would like to be happy in the future

This moment you’re living in right now is the only permanent real anything in your life.

And as you move forward with the passage of time, you’re still living in the here and now.

So this very moment, right now, is the only real place where you’ll find happiness… that is of course, if you are willing to make your happiness a priority.

Conclusion: Happiness Is An Inside Job

We work our fingers to the bone for the ultimate result of being happy, and this is a waste of time.

What gives purpose to our existence is the measure of time.

It determines the meaning, relevance, and validity of what we experience.

Without time, no deadline, no wedding date, no birthday would have any significance.

And your whole life is made up of how you spend your present moments.

Be in the habit of BEING happy in each one of them while you work on your best life of wealth and success.

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Frequently Asked Questions About How to Create a Happy Future

Has your Mind ever wondered…

What is the #1 key to happiness?

Being present, and appreciating what you have in front of you right now - in essence choosing happiness in every present moment is the primary key to happiness.

What kinds of people are the happiest?

People who live from within their true self and are not governed by their conditioned minds and those who are in the habit of practicing happiness daily definitely smile more than what they frown.

How do I feel happy in my life?

It’s simpler than most people have been taught to believe, as nothing can bring you true happiness other than what is within you.

Learn to prioritize happiness, because happiness is a choice.

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