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The 3 Habits of Incredibly Happy People

Have you ever met someone who seems to always be happy in just about any circumstance?

It’s no accident that they have achieved that level of happiness and it doesn’t come from what they have.

They know that happiness is a choice.

In his bestselling book, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, T. Harv Eker touches on the 3 habits he has seen over the years in incredibly happy people.

According to him, these 3 habits set people apart who are happy because of what they have and those who could lose it all tomorrow and still be truly happy.

What is Happiness?

When you ask most people about happiness their mind immediately goes to things that make them feel good: quality time with someone they care about, a relaxing vacation, or buying that sportscar they always wanted. 

These things only provide temporary satisfaction in our lives and not lasting happiness.

True happiness is not determined by what does or does not happen to us.

True happiness… lasting happiness, starts on the inside.

Bottom line: If you cannot tap into happiness on the inside, you will never feel satisfied with material possessions or any achievements in life.

Instead, let’s make happiness your top priority.

From there we can let the rest of your life flow.

So how can you start tapping into true happiness today? 

According to Harv, these 3 habits are the key.

3 Habits You Want to Adopt if You Want to be Incredibly Happy Too

1. Incredibly Happy People Create Their Own Happiness

Happy people don't wait for someone or something outside of themselves to make them happy, but rather they have made it a habit to be intrinsically motivated by the activities that they do, and thus happiness follows.

When you focus on happiness, instead of just waiting to be happy, happiness will come.

Being happy is more than just a good state of mind; it is also an active process that can be achieved by everyone.

Incredibly happy people are consciously aware of their thoughts and their actions, and they choose to do things that make them happy rather than those which would only give them temporary pleasure.

2. Incredibly Happy People Value Self-Care

Taking the time to do something nice for yourself is essential in living a happy life.

Taking care of yourself will replenish your energy and allow you to be happier during each day, improving not only how you feel but also how those around you feel as well.

Incredibly happy people make it a habit to treat themselves every single day .

In other words, they find ways to be kind and generous toward themselves.

There are lots of different ways that you can focus on self-care, and what works for one person may not work for another one.

You need to learn what works best for you. 

Lots of successful people frequent spas to detox in a hot sauna or perhaps indulge in a relaxing massage. Others adhere to a regular exercise routine.

Some enjoy going to see a movie, heading out for a hike, traveling, journaling, or reading a book.

All of these are great ways to give your mind and body a chance to slow down, recharge, and refocus on the things in your life that are most important.

3. Incredibly Happy People Practice Gratitude

All of us experience life’s highs and lows.

During all of those times, there is something powerful about being grateful, no matter where we find ourselves in life.

There is always something to appreciate and be grateful for.

Incredibly happy people focus on the positive in every situation.

It is a decision they make.

When the waiter gets your order wrong at the restaurant, it would be easy to get very upset about it and let it affect the rest of your night.

Instead of getting upset, the truly happy person takes a moment to be grateful that they can afford to go out to eat at all.

A daily gratitude journal can be a great way to get you in the habit of being thankful for what you have. Each morning, list 5 things that you are grateful for.

Bonus: Incredibly Happy People Surround Themselves With Other Incredibly Happy People

Surrounding yourself with others who are happy and positive will not only affect you in a very positive way but it will also reinforce your own happiness.

People naturally become influenced by those they surround themselves with, and if you want to be happy then you should surround yourself with other happy people.

Being happy can help you to achieve more, but first you must view happiness as a daily mindset, rather than a destination you are trying to get to.

Happiness is a choice, not an outcome.

Surrounding yourself with positive and successful people will help you become a positive and more successful person too.

Don’t Wait. Start Your Road to Happiness Today

A happy life is not a coincidence, and it doesn't magically appear out of nowhere.

It takes intentional planning in order to achieve true happiness.

You ARE your habits, your money habits, your success habits, your nagging habits, your lazy habits - all of them! 

If you'd like to improve your whole life and start working towards ultimate freedom, see the wonders that adopting millionaire money habits will do for your home and business life.

Your current situation is evidence of this.

Do you have a millionaire mindset that prioritizes happiness?


Frequently Asked Questions About Incredibly Happy People

Has your Mind ever wondered...

How can I be incredibly happy?

Be present in every moment, don’t cling to the past and don’t try to change anyone.

Intend for yourself to be happy in every circumstance and prioritize being happy irrespective of challenges and setbacks.

Practice gratitude and value self care because if you don’t take yourself for granted, nobody else will either.

Who are the happiest individuals?

Those who live with purpose, compassion, gratitude and unattached to the opinions of others.

What are habits of happy people?

Incredibly happy people choose and prioritize happiness, they intend to be happy no matter what and create their own happiness, value self care and practice gratitude.

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