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How To Be Free From Anger And Resentment In Life

Learning how to release anger is a crucial step for anyone on their personal development journey.

If you’re unable to release anger, you’re likely to hold on to resentment which generally prevents you from being successful and happy in your life.

Multimillionaire and Author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, T. Harv Eker, learned the hard way that, what was holding him back from wealth and success had nothing to do with anyone else.

He held on to anger and resentment from one particular incident for 3 decades, and once he learned the truth, he realized there was never really anything to be angry about.

Spending that amount of time broke, unsuccessful, and unhappy is no way for anyone to live.

This is one of the reasons he’s focused on staying present in the now and having as much clarity as possible in every situation.

If you’re struggling with issues of anger and resentment, or if you’re battling to let go of something that’s happened, you’ll be richer for reading what Harv has to say about anger and resentment, and how to free yourself from the burden.

Learn How to Release Anger and Resentment for Your Personal Development 

Of all the obstructive and negative emotions we’ve got to deal with, Harv believes that anger is the most fatalistic and debilitating on the list.

Anger and resentment could run and ultimately ruin lives, he says.

This is just one reason why it’s vital to turn your focus to learning how to release anger and resentment, rather than allowing it to imprison you for years.

Harv admits that he was angry at his father for a very long time.

When he was a kid, he had a coin collection he was really proud of and he kept those coins in his piggy bank.

He says that his dad knew exactly where he kept it and one day, his coins disappeared.

Harv's prized collection that, at least in his mind he worked so hard for, was just gone.

Eventually, his piggy bank reappeared, but when he angrily accused his father of stealing, his outrage prompted an equally angry reaction from his dad.

He says that he thought of it as simply another one of those things that ‘just happens’, and then you move on…

So throughout his adult years, he mentions that he never really re-examined that specific incident.

He didn’t bother considering his father’s side of the story either, he adds.

Harv’s perspective was… “I’m right and that’s that!”.

That’s all fine and dandy, except for one problem…

He alludes that he unconsciously decided that men were never to be trusted with anything, especially with money.

Essentially it was distrust, anger, and resentment holding him back, Harv confirms, and it was not his father.

Do you think that might have had a long-term impact on his happiness and success?

Don’t Let Your Past Determine Your Future! 

Harv warns that the majority of us allow our past circumstances to run our lives.

We adopt the role of the victim based on the idea that everything is the fault of our parents for how they chose to raise us.

“You want me to be a success?

I’ll be a failure just to show you what a lousy parent you were!”

From Harv’s experience, the most important thing in the world, to your conditioned mind, is to always be right.

When you’re angry, it usually isn’t about NOT getting what you desire, he says.

And you feel justified in your position in that moment.

Then you retaliate by not giving the person you’re angry with what they desire…

Meanwhile, you’re already going down the drain with or without them, right?

So 5 different cities, 12 different businesses, 14 different jobs, and 35 years later, Harv learned that his dad was actually showing off his prized collection of coins to his poker pals.

His father made every effort to make sure not to confuse Harv’s coin collection with the poker pot, adds Harv.

Which is why he stashed it away and forgot to return it to the place where Harv had kept it.

He wasn’t a thief…

He was being proud and protective, says Harv.

Harv says that only once he became aware of the reason why he wasn’t settled down, as a form of anger, rebellion, and retaliation, was he able to make better choices and build a life of lasting success.

Harv warns that when you hold on to anger and resentment, the only person you’re hurting is you.

You are the one feeling it, not the person you’re angry with. 

It becomes stuck in every cell of your body, nobody else’s.

It makes only you sick, not them.

What’s worse, says Harv, is that your anger could be a simple misunderstanding and therefore completely unwarranted.

You gain nothing by hanging on to anger and resentment.

Instead, Harv asserts, by releasing anger and resentment, you can channel your energy and focus on being successful and happy in your life.

Conclusion: Anger and Resentment are Not Worth It

If you look into your past for an emotional incident resulting in feelings of anger and resentment concerning money and another person, what comes to mind?

Are you willing to review that past situation from your current and possibly more mature perspective so that it no longer haunts you?

Seek to approach moments of anger with clarity and understanding rather than with judgment and rage.

You are responsible for your happiness, your success, and your energy.

And how you do anything is how you do everything.

So why program your subconscious with anger and resentment when you could be setting yourself up for happiness, success, and freedom instead?

You are accountable for the energy you generate within yourself and present to others.

If you’d like to make sure that energy serves you and everyone around you well, you have to be in the driver’s seat of your mind.

By empowering yourself to grow beyond misunderstandings and mysteries, you can create the amazing life you truly deserve without anger and resentment disabling you.

Because your inner world creates your outer world.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Anger and Resentment

Has your Mind ever wondered…

What causes anger and resentment?

You do.

We all experience moments of frustration, disappointment, and powerlessness in our lives, but when we become imprisoned by anger, it can be debilitating.

When someone ‘wrongs’ you in any way, it’s natural to feel a certain something towards that person and/or the situation.

Holding on to that ‘negative’ feeling leads to resentment and the energy around these feelings creates obstacles for no one other than yourself in your life.

How you choose to interact with the person or the situation is determined by your mindset and level of personal power.

How do I let go of resentment and anger?

Thoughts lead to feelings which lead to actions that produce results.

Use Harv's T > F > A = R equation when faced with challenging moments and realize that you can transform the situation from something distasteful into something meaningful and helpful.

Understand that when you hold on to anger, you’re only hurting yourself and wasting precious time and energy that could be better engaged in creating happiness, success, and wealth.

If someone gives you a gift, and you don’t TAKE the gift, is it yours or theirs?

You didn’t take it as your own, so you don’t own it.

You can do the same with anger and resentment or anything you have no desire to experience because you do have a choice.

Is resentment related to anger?

Yes, anger and resentment go hand in hand.

Anger, and holding on to it, can introduce a host of other adverse feelings which impact your self-perception, confidence, behavior, and performance in life and in business.

When you learn how to develop a millionaire mindset, you consciously make the decision to bring out the best in yourself and others in every situation by knowing how to live in the present where your true power lies.

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