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3 Powerful Tips On How To Live In The Present

Developing the skill required to live in the present can be a challenge, especially when your habitual primary focus is on difficulties, problems, and what’s ‘wrong’ in your life.

Wealth Strategist, Trainer, and Author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, T. Harv Eker, wasn't happy with the results he was getting, all those years he spent going from rich to broke.

In fact, one of the reasons he wasn't achieving his desired result is because his focus was all over the place, and it took some time for him to fully understand the power of presence in the moment.

One of the biggest secrets to his consistent success is the clarity with which he considers and skillfully executes his vision and here, you can learn to do the same.

Let’s dive into Harv’s tips on how to live in the present moment, because this moment is really all that’s real…

Grounding yourself in each and every day’s good moments will fuel your happiness as well as your success, particularly when you set attainable goals you actually can achieve.

And of course when you commit to follow through on daily steps to achieve the goals you set.

Focus On Your Here and NOW

Where’s your focus?

If you’re focused on something somewhere in your past, and also if you’re laser-focused on looking forward into the future only, then you sure are missing out on all that’s happening right here, right now.

Here’s an excellent and relevant quote from a celebrity many people may be familiar with…

A lot of people can’t remember things because they weren’t actually there to begin with. -Actor: Jack Nicholson

Are you busy on your phone?

Are you busy on your phone?

Are you contemplating all the things that could and should be better in your life?

Are you angry or sad because of an event that's already happened?

Then you’re definitely not present in your own life, says Harv.

If you’re NOT living in the NOW, you’re not only missing your whole life, but you’ll also never truly be happy.

Living in the present helps you feel less stressed, more in control, and much happier.

When you focus on RIGHT NOW - rather than on chores, problems, obligations, and the traffic - Harv posits that you create the opportunity to focus on what makes you happy.

But you must take deliberate action to think about what it is that brings you happiness, as well as what’s presently happening in your life to maintain an optimistic outlook.

If you focus on what’s going wrong in your life, you will get more of what’s wrong in your life.
If you focus more on what’s going right in your life, you’ll get more of what’s right. -T. Harv Eker

How to Live in the Present

Whether you’re living in the imaginary future or find yourself stuck in the past, Harv insists that you’re still missing out on whatever wonderful experiences are happening in your life right now.

If you’d like to be truly happy, then you shouldn’t be concerned about tomorrow, or worry about yesterday, he adds.

Because if you’re not living in the present moment, you’re not truly living at all.

Here are 3 tips Harv suggests you consider if you’d like to live in the present:

#01. Appreciate ALL those Little Things

The following quote is often highly underrated...

Don’t sweat the small stuff. -Author: Richard Carlson.

But being happy requires more than simply avoiding everyday stress.

It’s vital to actively appreciate the small stuff.

Often, the everyday moments that make us smile are overlooked.

A casual remark from a colleague can leave one seething.

Some people still wallow in an unrequited love connection from the past.

But do we remember the beautiful compliment we received from a stranger?

Or when, out of the blue, a friend arrived with a gift in hand?

Or even the time when you cried with laughter?

These times, says Harv, are worth recollecting if we’d like to move forward in harmony and contentment.

#02. Redefine What Truly Makes You Happy

Do you know what makes you happy?

Is your happiness reliant on having, doing, or achieving particular things?

The reason most people are unhappy, according to Harv, is because their happiness is based on generating a higher income, or reaching their perceived ideal weight, or being in the perfect relationship.

But what happens when they don’t make all the money they ‘need’, or if they don’t lose all the weight they hope to, or if they never find their life companion?

Does this mean they will simply never be happy, ever?

On the other side of the spectrum, Harv points out that there are many people who live unhappily because they’re clinging to past resentments and pain.

Regardless of what hurt you in your history, carrying around the anger and sadness is not necessary and certainly does not serve you in the present moment.

Realize that someone caused you harm, but don’t allow it to stand in your way of happiness today.

Instead, Harv suggests that you find your happiness that lies in today - in the friends you have, in the weight you have lost, in the work you have.

Unconditional happiness is true happiness, he says.

If you can’t be happy where you are, you won’t be happy in the next place either. -T. Harv Eker

The simple pleasures in each moment amass and multiply when you combine them all.

#03. Set Your Goals

Every day’s a great day to go for your dreams.

But, Harv reminds you that you must set goals - small ones, big ones, long term, and short term goals, just set them - so you can actually make a plan and get there!

Don’t waste your precious days merely dreaming of tomorrow.

In the same breath, dwelling on what you’ve accomplished in the past is futile.

You’ve yet to achieve your peak and there’s certainly more you could attain by actively working toward your goals daily.

“Think Big. Start Small.” Right?

So start by taking one step toward your independence and having a business of your own.

Work on a plan for early retirement.

Focus on how to be financially free.

Fill your every day with joy.

Practice Living in the Present

Here’s how Harv reckons you could get started…

Create a list of 3 actions you can start taking today or that you can take tomorrow.

Remember that these small attainable actions are the most effective steps you can take towards one or more “big ticket” goals.

That business idea that’s been on your mind...

Go ahead and do some research on it.

Sign on to that workshop you’ve had your eye on.

Take a power walk.

Whatever you choose, commit to taking daily steps toward your goals.

When you appreciate the little things, redefine what it is that makes you happy, and set attainable goals, you’re ensuring your happiness in the present, as well as for the future.


Well, first off, because you’re creating the habit of appreciation and the habit of setting and achieving goals that fuel your happiness.

Secondly, you’ll be gaining confidence and strength of spirit, so you’ll know that once you’re committed to something, you WILL actually do it.

You’ll continue moving forward, toward your goals and will allow nothing to get in your way, Harv says.

But above all, you will not appreciate the really big stuff your success will bring if you are not grateful for the small stuff occurring in the present moment.

Conclusion: It’s NOW or Never Ever

Time is your most precious asset, and any moment not spent in happiness is a moment wasted.

And, the only real moment you have for real happiness is always ever only in the now, and this is why, when you live in the present, you deliberately build a beautiful tomorrow. 

If you’d like to ensure the longevity of your happiness, practice the power of gratitude as your go-to action when you find your mind slipping into an event from the past or anxiety over the future. 

Focus on who and what makes your life great right now, because what you focus on expands.

So create the habit of looking for what’s ‘right’, the habit of appreciation, and thus, the habit of happiness.

Your happiness is a natural state of being and you can tap into it so you can achieve everything you desire, and all that’s required is that you live in the present!

But to do this, you must eliminate the source of unhappiness and if you’re not living a happy life right now, there’s something you don’t know yet…

Your happiness is within you, and when you're unhappy, it's because you take yourself out of happiness.

So the secret is to connect to your inner happiness and stay connected as much as possible - yes this takes practice.

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Frequently Asked Questions About How to Live in the Present

Has your Mind ever wondered…

Is it possible to live in the present moment?

If you’ve ever looked at anyone who has achieved success and managed to stay successful, while being truly happy, then you’ll know the answer to that question is YES, absolutely!

The present is the only time that is real, and here and now is also your only opportunity to really express yourself meaningfully.

You can’t take back the past, you can’t nod your head in the future and your true power is NOW.

Why is it so hard for me to live in the present?

Your conditioned mind uses fear to control your thoughts, habits, and actions.

These fears are based on living in the past, or living in the future, and are a clear indication that you’re NOT living in the present.

How do I train myself to be present?

First, understand that you are your habits.

Nurture the habit of happiness and appreciation.

Both aspects require you to choose what you look for - something to be happy about and something to be grateful for.

You can be happy, no matter what happens in your life because happiness is a choice and that choice is always yours.

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