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How To Better Balance Work and Home

You’re not alone in your quest for better balance in your life.

It’s a major concern among many of Harv’s students who struggle to bring harmony to their work-life equation.

World-class Trainer, Speaker and Author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, T. Harv Eker is no stranger to what living a life out of balance is like.

On his journey to freedom, wealth, and success he learned how to achieve and maintain better balance in both his personal and business life to an expert level.

He knows firsthand that people worry that the time they spend away from their family will take time away from their business-building endeavors.

In the same breath, if they plunge their energy into their business, they worry that it takes precious time away from their family.

And Harv’s message to you is that this unbalanced disharmony most people experience need not be your reality, and you’ll see why in this exploration of Harv’s teachings below.

Work and Family Balance as an Entrepreneur

Is it even remotely possible to achieve the highest levels of success while at the same time, maintaining happy and meaningful personal relationships?

With a resounding “Yes!” Harv insists it’s possible.

But he also emphasizes that it does require a considerable amount of balance.

The CHOICE to Balance Work and Family

According to Harv, most people are on this treadmill of working for money.

They hit the treadmill and the speed keeps accelerating.

Although they might not realize it, if they continue this way, Harv says athat they’ll become broken and broke at some point.

And what’s worse, he adds, is that they end up with nothing really to show for all their effort and time.

Why is this happening to so many people?

Well, Harv says the answer is simple.

The majority of people haven’t realized they are responsible for every single part of their lives.

See, the truth is that you create your life, Harv insists.

Not just your days, minutes or hours…

But every second.

Which means that if you’re struggling to keep up and desire better balance in your career and relationships, it’s all on YOU.

Everything in your life, within reason of course, is a choice, says Harv.

You must also understand that anything you don’t have in your life right now is your choice, he adds.

To get specific, if you’re constantly prioritizing work over relationships, and you’re wondering why you spend every Saturday night alone, or why your spouse feels neglected and is chronically upset with you, it becomes pretty obvious.

Harv says that it’s a choice you’ve made.

You’re the One in Control

One of the most valuable lessons that Harv learned, and would like to share with you, is that life does NOT happen TO you.

You happen to life!

Now, nobody’s blaming you for how your life’s turned out.

But Harv says that you must acknowledge that it is your creation.

That your relationships, or lack thereof, are your creation.

But here’s some great news…

You control your life’s steering wheel and you can choose to turn left, turn right, or turn around, says Harv.

If you feel there’s no space in your life for a relationship, but you’re also worrying about how you’ll make your bill payments if you cut back on work, Harv reckons that you have to reexamine.

Ultimately, doubt will always arise - but Harv urges you to doubt the doubt...

Having doubts is pretty normal when your higher consciousness starts speaking and you’re not in the habit of trusting it yet.

Most people aren’t well versed in it, says Harv, making the initial dialogue uncomfortable.

But remember that, when you choose to do things differently you can not only maintain great success but exceed all your own expectations.

You can be happy and balanced, Harv says.

You truly can have it all by simply setting your intention and designing your life around it, he adds.

Be clear about what you intend and take steps that support the outcome you desire, Harv urges.

If you’re of the belief that you must work and work and work simply to get by, what are you creating?

You’re creating a life that revolves solely around you always working.

practice & exercise

Practice Better Balance

To create better balance in every aspect of your life, Harv asserts that you must hold yourself accountable.

As an example, you and your spouse might agree that every Wednesday night from 6:00 p.m. is exclusively ‘date night’ and you both commit to it and consistently stick to the schedule.

Or you might choose to dedicate every Sunday from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. for adventures and outings with the kids or your significant other - and no cell phones are welcome here!

You get the gist of it.

Regardless of what your idea of better balance looks like, Harv insists that you must find it, own it, and create the moment.

If you find change difficult, picture this…

If you had to start over and create a masterpiece of your life, what would that look like?

3 Strategies for Better Balance

If you would like to improve your freedom, success, health, relationships, work, and personal life, Harv says that creating more balance is essential.

Here are 3 key points from Harv that you can start working on right now to create the habit of maintaining balance:

Strategy #01. Know How You Work Best

Although every situation that demands your attention might require a different version of you, Harv emphasizes that consistency is vital.

To get your own daily work done, or to better manage a project with a team, he suggests that a schedule might work great for you.

But to unleash your creative side, you might require a few hours, days, or weeks of solitude to start and finish your project.

Some people require a combination of these 2 styles but Harv says that what it comes down to is this…

You must know what works best for you and you must stick to that as much as possible.

Doing this will support you in being happier, more efficient, and more productive which translates to more freedom of your time to spend on other priorities.

Strategy #02. The Big Rocks Method 

Your Big Rocks will be anything that’s a priority such as family, friendships, partnerships, romantic relationships, health, personal projects, etc.

According to Harv, these items are MUSTS, non-negotiable, and aren’t going anywhere so they deserve quality time to be devoted to them.

But keep in mind that just because your Big Rocks are all equally important, doesn’t mean they require an equal amount of time.

The goal you’re setting here is to make sure you tend to ALL your Big Rocks regularly and that you’re fully present when you do so, says Harv.

Strategy #03. Set Boundaries & Maintain Flexibility

With strong boundaries in place, Harv says that you are clear about when you’re available, and when you aren’t.

During your block out time allocated to what you’re busy with, don’t allow distractions unless it’s from family, as they are a Big Rock and it’s worth your time, he adds.

By defining and sticking to your boundaries, Harv insists that you’ll focus better on the experience, task, or interaction which means quality time for that item.

And because life happens, you must learn to flow and be flexible around the requirements of young children or elderly parents in your care.

As an employee, you might have to work some overtime to complete a project, or if you have health issues, Harv suggests that you optimize the time you do feel up for relationships, work, or personal things.

Flexibility and balance can complement each other but Harv encourages you to make sure to go back to your Big Rocks and have your boundaries in place.

Balance is all about what you need to do when you need to do it. -T. Harv Eker

Conclusion: Better Balance in Business & Life

To live an exceptional life, you must make some exceptional choices.

After all, you can only give others what you have.

Let that sink in.

Clarity and planning can be your saving grace if you’d like better balance in your home life and with work, whether you’re employed, starting a business, or growing one.

With better balance, you will better be able to help other people, because you’re able to help yourself.

Do you know who you are, what you desire, how to get to where you’d like to be, and how to be the best?

Clarity and planning are much easier when you have the tools and support you require to implement the necessary measures for success effectively.

If a life of balance, wealth, and fulfillment appeals to you then own it.

Align yourself with excellence and empowerment…

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Frequently Asked Questions About Better Balance in Life

Has your Mind ever wondered…

Why is balance so important in life?

In order to achieve your goals without sacrificing what’s important and meaningful to you, you require balance.

Many people end up feeling regret because they missed out on an experience with their family, a milestone of a child, or a business opportunity of a lifetime.

But this doesn’t have to be your reality.

With better balance, you can improve every area of your life and do everything that has to be done.

How do I get more balance in my life?

Be clear on your goals.

Remember that YOU create your life, every moment of it so hold yourself accountable for what you create.

You’re the one in control, so be selective with your internal dialogue.

Identify and schedule your priorities so you can build everything else around it.

Nurture habits that support your priorities and goals.

Know yourself, have boundaries, be flexible, and plan ahead.

You are not just one thing… feed your body, mind, and spirit what it requires to bring the best out of you.

What areas of life need balance?

You can only change what’s reasonably in your control.

Your environment, attitude, thoughts, habits, and behaviors demand excellent management from you if you’d like favorable results.

If you find yourself in a place where you’re overwhelmed and taking strain, you can learn a lot from Harv as life was never meant to be an uphill battle.

You can get everything you desire out of life if you adopt the right mindset.

Do you have a millionaire mindset?

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