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Q&A: How To Be Successful In Business | 3 Things To NAIL

Today Harv answers the question about how to be successful in business by revealing the 3 most absolutely critical things you must get right to succeed in your business, along with 4 marketing steps in the right direction that will create repeat business for you.

Ready for the recipe to succeed?

Question from Reader:

“I just started a Kindle Publishing Business and I’m very excited to be here.

As there’s a lot of moving parts that I’m learning about right now, I’m a bit overwhelmed with all the aspects…

Creating great content, building email lists, creating backend, etc.

What are the top 3 things I need to absolutely nail before moving on to the next aspect of business?”

Harv's Answer:

Thank you for an excellent question!

I mean, everybody would love to know how to be successful in business and that’s exactly what we teach.

It’s very interesting that you’re asking about the ‘top 3 things’ before moving on to the next aspect.

So let’s talk a little about this.

In the “Million Dollar Business Secrets Program” we talk about the 3 areas of business.

And really, this program, when it was developed, started out at $3,000 but since we’ve managed to digitize it, we are able to give it to you for a fraction of that price.

Because we’d like for you to have it, and use it and do really well, that’s the goal here.

This program is essential for anyone, whether they have business experience or not, who wishes to know how to be successful in business, stay in business, and of course, build wealth in their business.

So, to focus on the 3 areas of business in this program, here they are…

The 3 major parts of business are MARKETING, OPERATIONS, and PRODUCTION, or your product.

When you’re in a ‘brick-and-mortar’ type of business where it’s very expensive to do the brick-and-mortar product…

You know, things like furniture, or lighting, or televisions, or pencils or whatever it is that’s expensive…

What I always recommend is that you START with the MARKETING, because that’s the most important part of all of it.

And I can tell you that 80% of success is marketing.

Online however, since your products cost you very little to nothing, you don’t really have high product costs.

If I had an online situation, here’s the first thing I would do…

I would have or create 2, not 1 but 2 items or 2 products.

Two products have to be created or made available.

And what are they?

A front end product, in other words, a very inexpensive product or service that you’re providing online.

And a back end product.


First of all, it shouldn’t take all that long to create.

Let’s say it’s information products…

And your main back end product is going to be a $50 item, which is where you’re going to be making a little bit of money.

And your front end product is going to be a $20 item.

So you have a $20 information piece, and you have a $50 information piece.

Got it?

Your prices might be different, but I’m explaining the principle to you here okay, since we’re sharing how to be successful in business, not mediocre…

So NUMBER ONE is to have 2 items, a front end and a back.

Then what you’re going to do is to create an irresistible offer.

Since your product doesn’t cost too much, you’re going to take the $20 item and sell it for $1.

Stupid… Ridiculous right?

“But Harv, it’s really worth $20…

It’s an hour long program where I did a talk and it’s fantastic and it’s worth more than $20, it’s worth $100 actually!”


We’re giving it away for $1.

Stupid offer… Irresistible!


And don’t give it away for free, that’s a different methodology…

You’ve got the $0 and the $1 but that’s not what we’re doing here today okay….

You’re looking for a ‘buyer’, because where’s our money going to be?

On the $1?


It’s going to be on the $50 item.

Do you understand?

This is to start with… $49.99 for a 4-CD set or whatever it is for you.

Then, the next thing on how to be successful in business and kill it is…

Once they buy that $1 item, you’re going to ‘upsell’ them, and this is in our “Wealthy Marketer Program” by the way…

So you’ll ‘upsell’ them to the $50 product immediately, or upsell them to the next product in line…

“We hope you enjoyed our amazing [whatever your front end product is].

Our next product is [whatever your back end product is] and it’s normally $500 but we’re giving it to you for $50…”

Do you understand what I’m doing here?

Listen, if you start with the Marketing, what are you going to market?

You’re going to have to market something…

Will it be a webinar, or are you going to do a page?

A page that gets people INTO WHAT?

It has to get people into SOMETHING.

And they better get into something.

Then they better buy something.

And then they better buy something else.

So here you are…

Step number one…

You’ve got 2 items, a front end and a back end.

Step number two…

You’re going to create an irresistible offer on the front end to get them in.

And then you’re going to show them the back end as a back end.

Step number three…

You’re going to do everything you have to do to drive traffic to that front end.

This is where building your email list, the catch page, joint ventures and everything you must do to drive traffic comes into play.

So, you’re going to start with 2 items that won’t take that long to create.

You’re going to create an irresistible offer on the front end.

You’re going to have a back end offer.

And now, you have your $50 sale…

The front end sale is just to get them into your circle of trust.

You make your money on the back end sale, the $50 one.

Now you have to drive traffic into that front piece.


What happens after that?

Now you have a lot of traffic, and you’re great at creating a system for traffic.

You go to step four…

NOW you develop a 3rd back end product, and this one’s $200.

You’re getting this, right?

So here you are…

You started with something you could sell which was really a $50 item, but you can’t sell that off the front end because it’s too high or too much or too hard to sell.

That’s why you created your CRAZY IRRESISTIBLE offer, by taking your $20 product and making it $1.

So you’re DRIVING crazy amounts of traffic to that front end deal.

Once you’ve created crazy amounts of traffic, and you have a system for creating traffic, now you can start EXPANDING your product line.

Do you see what we just did here?

You know what… It doesn’t matter if you’re online or offline.

And here’s one of the key ingredients you must be clear on when it comes to how to be successful in business…

The first thing you’ve got to do is solve a problem for somebody…

That’s a PRODUCT.

But if you solve a problem for somebody you’ve got to get paid for it.

And the only way you’ll get paid for it is if you start with something you don’t get paid much for.


So people can get in, right?

That’s your product.

Then you create a crazy irresistible offer for it.

Now you’re going to drive traffic to that offer.

Again and again and again and again and again and again, the same thing.

The main thing you’re going to make your money on is the $50 item.

Your “get ‘em in the door” item is your front end $20 thing that’s available for $1 now.

You’re making money on your back end $50 item.

Now you’re going to create a crazy-A$$ system that keeps on doing that $50 item again and again and again and again and again.

Then you’re going to expand your product line.

So you’ll have a $200 or a $500 or a $1,000 item etc. etc. etc.

Yes or yes?!

Now that you know more about how to be successful in business, what else might be standing in your way?

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Frequently Asked Questions About How to be Successful in Business

Has your Mind ever wondered…

What are 3 keys to being successful in business?

The 3 major parts of business are Marketing, Operations and Production, or your product.

You’ve got to be in a business situation that you find fulfilling and solve a problem for people.

You have to market your business in a way that causes your audience engagement to spiral upward.

Owning a systemized business is how you build true wealth.

How do I start a business if I have no money?

Start where you are with what you have.

T. Harv Eker shares effective real-world strategies on how to start a business with no money that worked for him when he went from being broke to being a millionaire in 2.5 years.

And if you’d like to know how to be successful in business, then learning from a mentor like Harv will get you there quicker.

What makes a business successful?

If you’re wondering how to be successful in business, you’ll learn about the 3 most critical things you absolutely have to nail to ‘get it right’.

There are many elements to Marketing, Operations, and Production, and tending to each critical aspect in the right order is crucial for long-term success.

What T. Harv Eker teaches is basically a roadmap to achieving your goal of business success, so follow his strategies and learn from someone who has failed enough times to know what it takes to be successful. 

Where can I learn how to be successful in business?

If you’re asking this question, chances are you already know what not to do, which means you have some experience and have learned some lessons, hopefully.

There’s no desire for complicated roadmaps and keeping the process simple is key.

If implementing proven strategies on how to be successful in business is important to you, then learning from someone who has succeeded before you is the fastest way to achieve your goal, and millionaire expert T. Harv Eker is a great example to model.